Three Traders (Falls Chance Ranch #2)
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Three Traders (Falls Chance Ranch #2)

4.48 of 5 stars 4.48  ·  rating details  ·  286 ratings  ·  37 reviews
Free Online Fiction, 1st Edition, 517 pages
Published by Rolf and Ranger

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Emma Sea
My friend Eve asked, "So...there's nothing sexual in these books until a fade-to-black sex scene at around the 300,000 word mark (counting from book 1)? :/"

That is correct. And there you have the reason why this book shouldn't be attempted by anyone wanting excitement, naked men, or hot sex. This should have a reader advisory: Caution - Must love horses.

The series is definitely not about the sex. In book two there are three (maybe four) overtly sexual scenes total, all of which are described in...more
Danny Tyran
Someone told me that when she began to read this second book that she felt like she was reading the first book again. Maybe this is true for the first pages, but not after that. There are importants events in this second book. And there are fun things. Like when Flynn asked Dale to write a one hundred words text on how he felt about apples, I laughed a lot when I read what Dale wrote.
My only negative point is that the authors seem to see the spanking as a panacea to all problems, a kind of magic...more
♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
This Is A Serious Addiction Now

I'll start by saying this: Logically I should not love these books. Apparently, though, I don't give a damn about logic. Having devoured this book and the first one, Falls Chance Ranch, I have now read almost 1,000 pages about this group of men. Dale, Flynn, Riley, Jasper and Paul have burrowed their way into my heart.

So, why shouldn't I love these books? Well, they're repetitive. There are a lot of spankings and a lot of Dale's issues are explored again and again...more
First read February 4 - 9, 2012

Finished! These stories are addictive, really. Although this second book was more fairytale-like than the first one, it was delightful to follow Dale's struggles with his new life and how he had to work to settle in it. The writing style is very engaging and the authors manage to pull this reader fully into the life of these men. Thank god there are two more books.

EDA: Re-read April 17 - 26, 2013

Again - as good as the first time, only the fuss around the fax didn't...more
Cole Riann
Second Read - 5/19/13 - 5/22/13

Again, like my reread of the first book, I seemed to love this even more the second time around. I LOVE Dale. Well, I really love all of them! Esp. Riley :) And I have a soft spot for Tom and Jake :D Now on to a re-read of Mustang Hill.

First Read - 7/19/12 - 7/21/13

Review posted at The Armchair Reader.

**Spoilers for those who haven't read the first Falls Chance Ranch book**

We left the end of book one as Dale became an official part of the relationship between Ril...more
This story follows on from the previous book. Dale is working out his notice with ANZ, ready to make a commitment to the ranch and the other men. Things don't go as smoothly as he'd hoped though when he finds being back in the pressured world of business undoes some of the progress that he and Flynn have worked so hard for. Added to this is the discovery of a letter and plans for the mine which runs out from the abandoned town of Three Traders, which appeals to Dale's love of mysteries and Riley...more
CONFLICTED Is it possible to really like a book and simultaneously be creeped out by it? Why yes, it is possible.

This is the second book of four in the Falls Chance Ranch series. I was quite enchanted after the first book as it was totally unexpected, refreshing and unique. This installment picks up where the last left off, and Dale Aden has come to live with Flynn, Jasper, Paul and Riley in a 5-way committed relationship consisting of 3 tops and 2 brats. This is a story about Dale adjusting to...more
Apr 08, 2014 Simon rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Simon by: Con Riley
And the story continues. I'm surprised that there is only a synopsis for Book 1 in this series of four. I'm also amazed that the books are all free, the writing is fantastic, there is no descriptive sex and they are all 400 pages plus. I would gladly have paid good money to read these novels.
This second novel is reminiscent of the "Raiders of the lost arc" movies. There's lots of adventure and plot within.
Dale's character builds quietly, his strengths often recognised but not realised by the oth...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
ETA after second read: The very last chapter is really, really good, and so lovely. Overall, it's amazing how well both the main and secondary characters are created, they are alive. I love this family!

Original review:
This is the second book in the free online series Falls Chance Ranch by Rolf and Ranger. Like the first book, this one took a little bit of patience, as the writing is really slowly paced. This is definitely not the fast food of books, not the junk food either. Not only the five ma...more
Domestic discipline relationships, in real life, are not my thing. This book establishes a polyamorous domestic disciple relationship between 5 man. I think being between men allowed me to suspend judgement and appreciate the relationships between the characters in a way I wouldn't have been able to if one or more of the characters had been women. I work with teenagers, mostly girls, with learning disabilities, ADHD, Executive Functioning issues, etc. I have major perfectionist and control issue...more
Apr 27, 2013 carol rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Adults
Recommended to carol by: Mr Tyran
Oh, how I love this story, Three Traders. This is a continuation novel of the Falls Chance Ranch novel that precedes this one. Rolf, along with Ranger, have created characters with depth that you come to associate as real people with depth and their relationships that continue to develop from the first story. I generally read very sexually explicit books but these aren't. These have more implied than explicit sexuality, but regardless I love this and in the context of the ranch, the polyamorous...more
The second installment in the Falls Chance Ranch series ... a lovely continuation but I did get a smidge frustrated with Dale at times ... I must confess that despite my desire some days to have someone else be the grown-up for a few hours so I don't have to be responsible for everything, I can't comprehend how domestic discipline can work without degrading & demeaning the brat of the relationship ... despite my personal objections to domestic discipline, I still find these books compelling...more
Vivian Archer
An excellent follow on to Falls Chance Ranch. Relationships are developed and a whole cast of new characters wander through. Dale finds that there are no quick fixes and he finally frees that space within himself--Flynn is there to fill it. Paul and Riley also find their places along side Dale and Jasper, too. It is quiet, beautiful and a struggle at times.

I found myself frustrated trying to maneuver Flynn and failing, which you will understand is extraordinarily funny after reading. I kept wan...more
Optimist ♰King's Wench♰
Splendid! More & more stunned by this writer's ability to develop characters, describe scenery & create a story that is captivating in its simplicity. It's usage of psychology is probably part of what intrigues me & the complexities of each of the 5 main protagonists' characters. Dale, Flynn, Riley, Paul & Jas are all so different & yet so alike in that they love each other unconditionally & without reservation.

This book picks up shortly after Dale wraps up his business w...more
Josephine Myles
I adore this series. It's incredibly slow, there's loads of detail about life on a ranch, and there's no on page sex. However, it's still utterly riveting. Mind you, I love the Little House on the Prarie books and pretty much everything by Thomas Hardy, so perhaps you do have to be the kind of person who likes a lot of detail about rural life to appreciate these.

But it's not just the setting that's a winner. It's the characters. All five men are utterly compelling and totally lovable, and the au...more
so here i am, reading another DD (domestic discipline) fic, and struggling with it. in the best of all possible worlds, i would encounter this series and have it be slightly more polyamory-focussed, without a single paddle in sight. but this is not that world, and i rather have the series with spanking, than not have it at all. i am sure DD afficionados have even less quality choices than i do, and i don't begrudge them this. but i've never been more tempted to fan-fic a story by merely changing...more
Jeff Davault
I really lost time reading this book, accidentally staying up until 3a hoping to finish it, but, with two chapters left, decided to get some sleep since I had an early morning.

The first two books in this series make a gorgeous story arc, with the first doing a good job of setting up characters and expectations, while the second allowed those characters to blossom.

The writing and pace carried me away, relaxed then exciting, as if it were duplicating the ranch life it was depicting. While the cha...more
Great read!
I love the calm tone of these books and the personal development. The beginning was a bit on the heavy side with the spankings, I don't actually need a detailed description every time. I love the different interactions both between the 5 MCs but also between the rest of the family.
I am loving this series! I wasn't sure about the first book but now that I stuck with it, I am totally hooked on these characters. I can't seem to put it down. I do have two complaints though. One is that spanking seems to be the cure-all for everything. As a psychologist I can't really agree with that on so many levels. I get where they are coming from on a BDSM front, but honestly there has to be a bit more to the therapy sessions than just corporal punishment. However, Dale is such a great ne...more
I usually like some smut in my romance, but I am thoroughly enjoying this series which has absolutely none. It's all about the relationships between the characters, the discipline lifestyle, and love. Oh, and horses and ranching.
I have read Falls Chance Ranch and just finished Three Traders. I love this series!!!! The dynamics between the tops and brats is so good and not sure why but they have such a calming effect on you when you are reading.

Now I'm on to Mustang Hill, can't wait to read more of Flynn, Jasper, Paul, Riley and Dale!!!

Ms. K.
I loved it. Will definately come back and re-read the series. Setting/location is beautiful and mysterious. Characters are lovable, deep, sensitive, diverse, thought provoking and real. Relationship dynamics are very well laid out/developed. I admit it, I'm a sucker for the psychology behind, underlying and driving this series. But the romance is there too - in the characters and the landscape. Worth a look, and it's a free-read!
This series honestly takes my breath away. The guys in these books have their own special place in my heart. They are all so different, but their relationship takes my breath away.

Add to the characters that I expect to just walk off my reader and into my door, comes a setting of scenery and surroundings that are so vivid that I am wondering why I'm not smelling the horses and the hay myself.
This is a great second installment of the Falls Chance Ranch series. The great character development continues although I did get a bit tired of Dale's self-criticism. The storyline kept me engaged and I really like each of the MCs. Especially Riley - he's such a cutie.
I'm completely and totally addicted to the series. I have fallen completely in love with Flynn, Jasper, Paul, Riley and Dale. I can't wait to read more about them and continue to be amazed that they have been published!
07.06.14 - the five-star rating hasn't changed. I love the feeling of family in this book...this series!

07.01.13 - still a five-star read - thoughts to follow...
Chris Cox
This series continues to get better and better. Brilliant character arcs, especially when so many MCs are included in this volume
Enjoyed this one almost as much as first. Recommend to anyone who likes a nice long relaxing read.

reread July 2013
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