Kiss Me, Annabel
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Kiss Me, Annabel (Essex Sisters #2)

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The rules of marriage . . . according to Miss Annabel Essex

A husband must be:


Make that very rich. She's had enough of leaky roofs and thread-worn clothing.


London is the center of the civilized world, and Annabel has a passion for silk and hot water.


Good-looking would be nice, but not necessary. Same for intelligent.

Isn't she lucky? She's found just the...more
ebook, 400 pages
Published October 13th 2009 by HarperCollins e-books (first published November 29th 2005)
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I enjoyed this read, although there were more things that irritated than in the first one, even though I probably enjoyed the story more.

The sisters are great again. Real sisters, just like I enjoyed in the first one. Josie is incorrigible - I can't wait for her book, and Imogen is headed towards being a hardened, sad, raving bitch.

I also liked that Annabel's character nicely does a twist on the Beautiful Heroine gig. It's the cause of her insecurities - she's only valued for being beautiful, bu...more
I cannot rave enough about this book. It didn't make me cry, but it did make me laugh out loud and grin like a fool, which is just as good! Amongst my favorite things in this novel:

*Ewan (aka MacHottie) is, unlike so many heroes, fairly ignorant of women in the bedroom.

*Annabel starts by convincing herself she will NOT be a grouchy wife, and because of that willingness to be friendly succumbs quite easily to MacHottie's charms. They fall so gradually, and most of the time with such joy, that I w...more
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Lita Bouquard
Book 2 of the orphaned Essex sisters who only have a horse for a dowry, continues with the story of Annabel, the 2nd Scottish sister. Annabel is cover-girl gorgeous and brutally honest about her desire to wed a rich man. She has been the book-keeper for her father's home and stables since she was young. After so many years of penny pinching she desires wealth and has practiced the art of attracting men. Unfortunately her guardian Rafe, a duke is a bit overwhelmed with the sisters. Her sister Imo...more
I’m sorry…was this book supposed to be about Annabelle??? Because I heard more from that imprudent, senseless, childish, vain “Imogene” way more than the actual main character Annabelle. The description of this book was way off.
Eloisa James has the bizarre habit of introducing an outlandish amount of characters in her books. Its too the point you can’t keep up with everyone, especially if you’re listening to the audio version of the book. I like several characters within a book; it keeps the st...more
Trudy Miner
Annabel is the second of the Essex sisters. Forced at a young age to keep the estate accounts for their now-dead horse mad father, Annabel swears that she'll never be poor again and will only marry for money. When the Earl of Ardmore arrives in London from Scotland looking for a bride, everyone just knows that he is as poor as a church mouse, right? When a gossip rag printed a tall tale about Annabel and the Earl, they were forced to flee back to Scotland under the guise that they were married i...more
Annabel runs off with a Scottish Earl she thinks is penniless. Surprise! He's not! These books are written in a very lively and engaging manner and the author makes sure to give a nod to various fictional conventions. Youngest sister Josie is wont to say "if we were in a novel..." Harmless fluff reading.
I just love Eloisa James! She's the smartest romance writer around (her day job is as professor of Shakespeare at Fordham), and her books are filled with delicious research and delightful characters. Addictive for historical romance fans!
I liked it more than the previous, it was a tighter love story with interesting scenerios. I felt it dragged toward the end with the reappearance of Josie and Imogen and Griselda and Mayne.

I think of all the sisters intitally , Annabel was my favorite. Pragmatic, pretty, Annabel, who just wanted security. I like that she was paired with someone so 'brawny' and strong, who ultimately provided the security she needed in terms of financially stability rather than just being hale and healthy.

I enj...more
Ewan asking Annabel to marry him when he first meets her was a cute scene. I give major kudos to the author to be able to make Annabel likeable. Annabel is singularly driven to marry a rich man and could just be written off as a gold digger but the author gives background story here and there on how Annabel's father made her keep the accounts and how she had to scrimp and save to make sure the family had enough to eat and survive on. As the reader it was very easy to forgive Annabel's desire to...more
It might be more like 3.75 stars... so I'm rounding up.

This is book #2 in the Essex sisters quartet. This time, beautiful, flirtatious Annabel is at the center of romance.

Again, James doesn't completely succomb to the romance novel formula, which is what makes her particular brain candy so darn addictive.

Annabel gets caught up in a scandal, which by today's standards would have been laughable, and is wisked away by fellow Scotsman, Ewan Ardmore. Now, Annabel had approached marriage with her eye...more
Lori McD
So much to love in this 2nd book in the Essex Sisters series... A hunky Highland Scott Lord as the Hero (Ewan) and a beautiful, determined-never-to-be-poor-again-as-God-as-my-witness Heroine (Annabel). Lots of kissing - long, slow, seductive kisses that take your breath away. (OK, so it was Annabele's breath that was taken away, but still!) And hey, even some faith thrown in - not the 'holier than thou' or stuffy faith, but faith that rings true and is part of the Hero, not just something he pre...more
buku ke 2 kakak beradik essex.
bercerita ttg annabel essex, putri no. 2.

Annabel, cantik & bercita2 menikah dengan pria bangsawan kaya raya.
bertahun2 mengurus pembukuan dirumah jg menghadapi kehidupan serba pas2an membuat annabel benci hidup miskin. ada 3 hal yg dibenci annabel : miskin, penggila kuda & pria scotlandia.

annabel sekarang mengikuti season di london dibawah bimbingan grisselda.
annabel sangat cantik tp hhhhhh kenapa sampai sekarang tidak ada calon yg tepat ya?? usianya sudah le...more
I ended up reading this one last because it wasn't available at the library when the others were, but in the end it was a good thing because it saved the best for last! This was by far my favorite of the series and I initially thought it wouldn't be because Annabel rubbed me the wrong way. But in this book, I felt like I got to know her better also it helped that I loved Ewan. He was a great hero, despite that whole sketchy incident when they both attempted to be poor for a few days and couldn't...more
Rose May
Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf (

Book 2 in the Essex Sister series

This book had a lot of interesting, unusual elements that I thought made it a very enjoyable read. First, Annabel Essex (our heroine) is not one of those spinsterish heroines waiting for true love, totally uninterested in money or wealth. Nor is she a missish young thing, with ideas of love at first sight in her head. No, Annabel wants to...more
Lorraine Lesar
Okay, where do I begin? I have just started reading Eloisa James books (see other reviews) and have to say, that compared to the others, this book was just average for me. Their was no witty dialogue that I have come to expect from Ms James and their were a lot of different characters, but their stories were not finished in this book and therefore I assume that they are to have their own stories?
But I felt disappointed and let down that their was no conclusion or a hint of further books at the e...more
Enjoyable story but a bit frustrating as well.

I really disliked Imogen in the first book and that didn't change in this one, or if it has, it's only gotten worse. The way she treated everyone was appalling and I especially felt for Mayne, who ended up getting the worst of it.

What surprised me was how quickly Annabel managed to annoy me. She was fine for most of the book, superficial and materialistic maybe, but tolerable. She stupidly believed and kept saying for years that she wanted a marriag...more
Brenda Margriet
Enjoyable as always. Second in the Essex sister series, but first I read. Annabel wants to marry rich, and is not shy about it. She grew up poor, and never wants to go there again. Ewan wants a wife, and came to London from Scotland to find one on the advice of a friend. He is looking at it as a business proposition.

Annabel and Ewan are definitely attracted to one another, but Annabel is sure he is poverty stricken so he is off her list. Ewan is more open to the idea, but not heartbroken when sh...more
Christine M
By far the least interesting and dullest of James novels. Oh there is a sweet romance at the center of it, but the conflict is a bit contrived.
Romance novels require friction and there is no true friction here.

After years of being her father's accountant, and penny pinching, Annabel, upon his untimely death is now in the lap of luxury under the reluctant guardianship of the Duke of Holbrook, who is a harmless and kind alcoholic. She fears poverty and wants to marry a rich man with a title, and h...more
Good book, better than what I expected it to be. Though I'd have like a little more of Tess and Fenton from the first in the series. They reminded me quite a bit of Lisa Kleypas' Hathaway's though I can't quite put my finger on which novel it was like. Maybe it's just the overall feeling of family which EJ does very well with as seen in the Bridgeton's series. But, Annabel's fine scotsman was revelation, but a little more restrained then I would have liked... hey what can I say hot Scotsman what...more
Robin (RBBR)
Book number two of the Essex Sisters Quartet is Annabel's story as indicated by the title. Annabel does not marry one of the Four suitors that appear in Book I, as a matter of fact I don't think the man she marries appears at all. In order to help her sister Imogen out of a jam she and Griselda (Mayne's sister and the Chaperone of the Sister's) go with Imogen to a hotel and Annabel is caught in what appears to be a rather compromising position. She later finds herself on the way to Scotland in a...more
3.5/5 stars.

Although it had been some time since I read the first book in the Essex sisters series, I was quickly able to fall into their world. Eloisa James has created four sisters with such distinct voices and personalities; I can't help but want to read about them and their journey towards becoming closer to one another and finding love. I can only hope that Imogen (who is the heroine of the next book) evolves since grief has made her nearly intolerable.

As for Annabel and Ewan -- these two m...more
Kay Bolton
Borrowed from the Local Library and original review from my blog (Post #133) in June 2011:

Book 2 in the Essex Girls Series

The sequel to Much Ado About You, which I really enjoyed was finally found lurking in a second-hand book shop in Bexhill of all places. Totally clean and new copy as well.

This time the story is about Annabel, who meets the Ewan, Earl of Ardmore at a ball. She is determined not to like the impoverished Scott, not to dance with him, and definitely not to marry him or fall in lo...more
Elis Madison
I think I should rate this whole series with one very solid “meh.” There are things I liked and things I wasn’t so nuts about, but I guess the main point is I had no trouble putting the books down when it was time to go to bed.

Basic story: The series is kind of a mini “Little Women,” following the events leading to the marriages of each of the four orphaned Essex sisters. Tessa (book 1) is the eldest, beautiful, but not as glaringly so as her younger sisters. This one’s about Annabel, whose blo...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I love the way Eloisa James writes. I love her sweeping images and elaborate descriptions. This book was no different.

Annabel Essex is determined to marry a rich man. After all, she grew up poor, and she intends to trade her beauty for a wealthy, titled man. But one night at a ball, she meets a handsome Scotsman who is titled but rumored to be broke. As such, Annabel wants nothing to do with the Earl of Ardmore, Ewan Poley. When a scandal erupts by mere accident, Annabel is forced to travel with...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was my first read of one of Eloisa James books. I was kind of disappointed. She’s such a known author in the historical romance genre and this story is just average. I felt the narrator was all over the place. I think it would work better if she focus mainly on Annabel and Ardmore. Also, the characters weren’t that interesting. I don’t know… I wasn’t able to care too much about them. Finally, I question the historical accuracy of the story. It seem that the author bend the social rules of t...more
I loved this book...I love this series...Purchased the book for 50 cents at the Library basement sell a couple of months ago. Just had a chance to get gather the other three books (1 I found at Goodwill and the other two at the "little bookstore" in town. This book literally fell apart in my hands. I was terrified at the end my kiddos were going to have the pages strung all over the house. So maybe part of my love for this book was the adventure of reading the book itself.

To the story:
I am so...more
Carrie Lim
What did I think? I think that this novel solidifies Eloisa James as my favorite author of romance.

Love this book just as much as the first, but in a different way entirely.

Not sure how to describe it...

Seamless blend of romance, humor, angst. Love Ewan and Annabel's impossibly cute attraction towards each other from the very start.

The scene of Annabel wanting to protect Ewan from the robbers was truly the best scene ever. Oh, Annabel, love her. It was a very telling scene.
END SPOI...more
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New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa's very first book that she "found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar"; later People Magazine raved that "romance writing does not get much better than this." Her novels have repeat...more
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