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Die Vintage-Prinzessin
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Die Vintage-Prinzessin

3.46 of 5 stars 3.46  ·  rating details  ·  1,176 ratings  ·  130 reviews
The daughter of a wealthy financier arrested by the SEC for fraud escapes Manhattan for New Orleans, where she tries to make it as a jazz singer.
Paperback, 349 pages
Published June 2011 by Goldmann (first published January 1st 2010)
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Natasha  A.
Wow, who knew Nicole Richie could write? My expectations were blown away by Priceless. The story is a tale of overcoming adversity, finding yourself, and becoming who you should be. You could definitely see Ms. Richie's life on the pages, her past has definitely shaped her writing, but then again, authors are told to write what you know right?
I was definitely a bit irritated by some of the characters and their superiority, their treatment of the common folks. But Charlotte overcomes that. She fi
Kasey DeVore
Definitely enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. It was a good, easy read and I enjoyed the fact that Ryan Seacrest's character's name was Peter Lakeshore.
You would think this is totally suckish 'cause this is a product of a reality star, but honestly it couldn't be less than. I absolutely loved it. Honestly.


I have absolutely no problem with Nicole Richie, actually. She's hilarious. When I was a wee child, I used to watch The Simple Life with my cousins, which probably wasn't the best decision for younger children, and I reblog Candidly Nicole gifs whenever they appear on my Tumblr dashboard. Hilarious chica, really.

But this book. THIS
After reading several literary fiction works I decided I needed a change of pace. While I'm a bit of a stranger to the chick-lit genre, I was surprised that Nicole Richie had written a book and decided to pick this book up on the notion that it would be a quick, entertaining read.

As expected, the story started out about a young New York socialite having returned home from a year abroad after her involvement in a scandal at Yale. Hoping to return to her usual routine of parties, clothes and gossi
Rhea Fuentes
Who knew Nicole Richie could write, huh? In fact, she had already written two books. Priceless is a follow up novel after her first one, "The Truth about Diamonds". So basically, this chick lit novel is about a rich and beautiful New York socialite, named Charlotte Williams whose life is always revolved around fashion, partying, gossips and of course, men.

Since her mother's death, Charlotte's father had been her only family left. She loved him deeply, but he just wasn't there much as his work h
Priceless basically tells the story of rich socialite, Charlotte Williams, and how her life is turned upside down when her father is arrested for fraud. With the family home seized, all bank accounts frozen and the paparazzi out to get her, Charlotte flees to stay with her old nanny, Miss Millie, in New Orleans. Charlotte quickly gets to know Miss Millie’s son, Jackson, and the quirky Kat Karraby and her life starts to change.

I found this book to be a nice easy read, if a little predictable in p
I happened to see this at the library and was intrigued by the pretty cover. I went into this book without expectations and was blown away. Nicole Richie weaves an amazing tale about love, loss, friendship, and passion in this novel. A young girl is faced with a father facing prison time for embezzling, going from uber-rich to poverty level overnight, gains a stalker, and flees from everything she's ever known to start again in a new city. She embraces a new culture in New Orleans, new people, a ...more
Beautiful story, it was a sad tale written with a great sense of humor loved it.
ah, what the hell...another starlet just living off her father's fame discovers she's an author and decides to write a book.

i stopped reading, horrible!
This is really what I would call a "beach read"--something very easy and entertaining. I was always trying to figure out who the various characters were, since it reminded me of a poorly written Jacky Collins novel. Spoiler Alert: She has a radio personality she names "Peter Lakeshore", who I am guessing is code for Ryan Seacrest. I would guess that some of this book relates to her own life as growing up in a privileged environment. I also imagine that Nicole had a ghost writer helping her, beca ...more
I felt interested with this book after reading the synopsis. I don't actually find it amazing. Don't get me wrong, this book is good. I rarely read books where the main character is famous so it was really interesting to see that point of view. But of course I find Charlotte kinda snobbish and annoying because she seems to be using her beauty to get out of everything. But as the story goes on, she seems to be getting a lot tougher and strong. Her love life tho is confusing as hell. This book i t ...more
Arlene Holt
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. My expectations were low, just because Nicole Richie doesn't strike me as very intellectual. Then again, I don't know her except through the media, which surprisingly is the whole point of the novel. Yes, the media have a way of turning everything around, but we knew that already. If you're looking for an easy read, this is it. The media part of the story is kind of cliche, but, there's a sweet love story in there that was unexpected. Nicole Richie did a ...more
Tyra Doll
"Don't judge the book by its cover,don't judge this book by its author"

At first, I hesitated to read this,because I've read plenty of books about celebrities and the rich and famous and expect it would all be the same.Turns out that I am wrong.

(view spoiler)
YA Reads Book Reviews

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about celebrities becoming authors and using ghostwriters. Overall, I wasn’t too thrilled by the idea but when the chance came along to read Nicole Richie’s second novel, Priceless, I was quite prepared to say ‘hey, maybe I don’t like the idea of celebrities writing books, but this one was really good, so they’re not all a bad idea’. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Priceless centres on Charlotte Williams – a young New York socialite, as she deals with the ar
3.5 out of 5

When I was offered the chance to read Priceless, I accepted, but my expectations weren't really all that high. This is the first novel I've read from a celebrity (that's fiction anyways) and I thought that it wouldn't be good. But I was surprisingly, and pleasantly, wrong! Now, there's nothing extraordinary about the book. But it definitely kept my interest and I enjoyed it!
Reading the summary of the book, I just knew that I would hate Charlotte. And just the first couple of pages pr
Samantha Janning
Charlotte Williams is a typical New York socialite, enjoying the finer things in life and being the apple of her father’s eye. But when darling daddy is taken to federal prison on embezzlement charges, Charlotte’s charmed life is suddenly in ruins. Cheated investors are after her, and even her household staff was duped by her father and questioning her about their money. Charlotte flees New York and finds comfort in the only person that can provide it for her–Miss Millie, the woman who helped ra ...more
I did not absolutely love this book, BUT i will say it was veeery interesting, the whole stalker thing made it great!

Priceless is a story about a young woman (Charlotte) who is a little rich girl spoiled her whole life. She lost her mother when she was young and her father was always at work. Well, after returning from paris for a year she comes home to find her father has practically stolen all the money he's every "earned" and she is getting attacked for being the daughter of him even though s
Who knew Nicole Richie could write?! I'm actually really impressed.

Charlotte Williams has it all, she is glamorous, has all the latest fashion and her life revolves around clubbing with her friends who do nothing but live off of their families money and spend their time living life like a party. Charlotte is very SPOILT!

However, Charlotte's life comes crashing down around her when her dad is arrested on fraud charges leaving Charlotte alone and penniless. People begin blaming her for h
Rea Sinfield
With the weather as nice as it has been today what better way to spend the day than a glass of Pimms and a great book to read in the sun! Yes that is what I have spent my day doing. I decided to start Priceless by Nicole Richie. I have had this book on my side for just over a week and I was intrigued as to how good it would be but the cover wasn’t really enticing me to read it. I have been caught out this way before though and this is when it is always good to remember that age old saying “Never ...more
Cliché, But Somewhat Different

As I walked through the town of Hollywood, I wondered what really goes on in their celebrity lives. Were there riches real and were their lives like they said in T.V.? Or did they face the same challenges we face as non-rich super stars? Well that's what led to me to think about the book I'm reading about today, Priceless by Nicole Richie who is actually a super-star we see today. Writing about celebrities and the challenges they face a coincidence? I think not.

Katrina Spencer
This novel follows the tale of Charlotte Williams, a spoiled talented singer who comes back to her posh apartment in New York after being away in Paris. But suddenly her riches go to rags when her wealthy father is arrested on fraud charges. When the money dries up so do her superficial friends and she flees to start a new life with her old nanny Miss Millie in New Orleans. She begins her singing again and tries to hide her past from her new friend Kat Karaby. Things start to look like they are ...more
Yes, Nicole Richie wrote a novel! In fact, she's written two! I found this book on clearance and was more curious than anything else. The synopsis itself isn't anything too intriguing, especially coming from Richie: after her millionaire father is arrested for fraud, spoiled little rich girl Charlotte Williams must navigate the scandal without any of her financial assets to back her up. Between victims of the fraud harassing her, anonymous death threats, and her own supposed friends selling goss ...more
Jennifer Rayment

Review: Natasha lent me this one. When I made the face when she told me who wrote it, she said to trust her, she wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. Well, I have to tell you I was also pleasantly surprised. Nicole puts together a nice story about a young privileged girl who out of the blue has to grow up and learn to do things for herself. The story is well written and Charlotte develops nicely from a spoiled little rich thing to a likable and strong women. I'll be honest at tim
Okay, so when I picked this book up I thought that it wasn't going to be any good. To be honest I thought that Nicole Richie wouldn't be able to write - I hadn't heard much of her expect when she was with Paris Hilton. Boy was I wrong. Now I'm not someone who can admit to being wrong or enjoys being wrong and when it comes to books, i'm nearly always an open mind. So I really love the fact that I was wrong about this book.

Though this story line has been used before, it has been used in a way tha
Tara van Beurden
Hmm, definitely an improvement on the previous 'novel'. Richie actually managed to exclude herself from the plotline this time, whihch was nice, and though there was a definite 'feel sympathy for the poor little rich girl' vibe throughout, the characers were likeable enough and the plot actually had some depth to it. Richie's writing has improved, though she could do with a good thesaurus every now and then (its not so much repetitive as it is simplisitic, which probably makes sense really given ...more
Melinda Elizabeth
Well what can you expect? When you compare her efforts to say... Paris Hilton, the book is a masterpiece!! How much was written by Nicole? I'd take a stab and say most of it, as it has that obnoxious 11 year old quality about it. There was a lot of rhyming going in in this book and it really
bugged me. The standout rhyme was about charlottes undies that were both concealing and revealing, I wonder if the FBI dude also found them... Appealing? There was also quite a bit of wasted space in this bo
Well, that was a nice piece of fluff. If it is ever turned into a movie, I think it would air on Lifetime and star Jennifer Love Hewitt. No wait, that is really unfair to the book. I do think Lionel Richie should play the father, because that is all I could picture whenever she mentioned her dad.

I really liked Kat. I kinda wished Charlotte would fall of the face of the face, just so the book would be about Kat instead. I did not like Jackson! I suppose you're supposed to fall in love with the l
Kailey Null
Bought the book for one dollar at a thrift store. Honestly I only read it because the author. Did she really write this? I honestly didn't think she even had a brain due to her career with Paris Hilton on the simple life? Haha made me laugh. This book is obviously not the greatest.. But it's an easy read.
Surprisingly, I really like the book! The storyline was entertaining if you want a quick and simple novel to read. I imagined this is how made for tv movies come'll see what I mean when you read it, but in the same vein, it was written well enough to create such an image in my head that it played out so well. I'd read another of her books if I was in the mood for something entertaining rather than educational.
Michele Minor
This book gives a different point of view about a rich person getting in trouble for embezzling money from their investors, that of his daughter. When Charlotte Williams's father is sent to jail for an embezzling charge Charlotte Williams is left alone for the first time in her life. Her bank accounts are closed and she is forced out of her apartment plus her partying friends leave her in her time of need she goes to New Orleans in order to stay with an old nanny. While in New Orleans she meets ...more
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Nicole Camille Richie is an American celebutante, actress, author, and an aspiring singer. The adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, she is known for her role in the reality show The Simple Life and her turbulent personal life.

In 2005, Richie wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, The Truth About Diamonds, which was released by Bharell Jackson Publishing. The novel is loosely based on her life, but is
More about Nicole Richie...
The Truth About Diamonds Die Vintage-Prinzessin: Roman Sanningen om diamanter Untitled #2 Nicole Richie Style

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