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I Love You, Beth Cooper
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I Love You, Beth Cooper

3.3 of 5 stars 3.30  ·  rating details  ·  6,025 ratings  ·  1,095 reviews
Denis Cooverman wanted to say something really important in his high school graduation speech. So, in front of his 512 classmates and their 3,000 relatives, he announced: "I love you, Beth Cooper."

It would have been such a sweet, romantic moment. Except that Beth, the head cheerleader, has only the vaguest idea who Denis is. And Denis, the captain of the debate team, is so
ebook, 304 pages
Published October 13th 2009 by HarperCollins e-books (first published January 1st 2007)
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The reason I don't read 'thrillers' or 'action' books is that I don't see them as being much different from their movie form. I don't feel like I get anything more out of the book than a movie version, and I'd rather save myself some hours and just watch a movie if that is the kind of entertainment I want.

This book falls into a newly created category derived from the above. If I want to see a whacky teen comedy, I'll watch the movie instead of reading the book. The book is pretty self-aware tha
It started off promising... really, it did. I'll admit it, I was a nerd in high school, so I can relate to Denis Cooverman a little bit. He uses his time at the podium during his high school graduation ceremony (valedictorian, of course) to criticize some of his classmates before professing his love for popular girl Beth Cooper.

The promising beginning didn't really go anywhere, unfortunately. Denis, who was repeatedly beaten up and made fun of during his school career, continues to be beaten up

I am ashamed to admit that I suggested that my book club read this book as "a fun, summer read," since we seemed to be reading a lot of depressing books lately. I assumed that it would be a high school dork story in the vein of Freaks and Geeks. Instead, it was one of the worst books I have ever read. Yes, I gave it ZERO stars. And Larry Doyle, if you are reading this review, please contact me so I can give you my address so you can write me a check fo
During his speech as high school valedictorian, Denis Coverman strays from his agreed upon script, taking a moment to get some things off his chest and call out certain members of the student body who have made his life miserable for the past four years. And he also takes a moment to let his secret crush, Beth Cooper, popular cheerleader, know that he loves her.

That's a hell of a hook and author Larry Doyle really makes work. The initial portions of the novel are laugh out loud funny, including
Jason Hough
Dec 04, 2013 Jason Hough rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jason by: Ken Bibb
This book is all about making you laugh. The story is shallow, as are most of the characters.
While there were probably more moments in this that made me laugh aloud than any book since Hitchhikers Guide, it completely lacked any of the emotional or philosophical satisfaction Hitchhikers brought.
And, in an odd way, it's almost too funny. It's like the author kept going back and trying to make sure every single sentence had a joke in it. In that sense, although there are plenty of extremely funny
May 04, 2008 Maggie rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who likes a funny book
Shelves: augie
When I read this book, I had no idea that the author, first-time novelist Larry Doyle, was an established television writer, with writing credits for "Daria," "Beavis and Butthead," and "The Simpsons," but I easily could have guessed. I Love You, Beth Cooper has the frantic pace and zany, unrealistic plot points that are necessary to keeping a television audience (especially the youthful ones of the aforementioned shows) interested for the whole half-hour. It is full to bursting with cliches of ...more
I wanted to read this book before seeing the movie and I'm glad I did (not because I've seen the movie yet and am making comparisons, but because I can't imagine the movie can translate half the humor of this book).

Denis Cooverman, aka "The Coove", aka "The Penis", decides that his valedictorian speech at his high school graduation is the perfect time to announce that he is in love with Beth Cooper, the head cheerleader, in addition to insulting several of his classmates. To his surprise, Beth a
Stopped reading this when I was already over halfway through, with less than 100 pages to go, something I Never do. I just kept thinking it'd get better, then I came on Goodreads to see numerous people had finished the book with similar hopes that were eventually dashed, and decided I'd sidestep the waste of my time. Incredibly tedious - 2-dimensional characterizations, deathly slow-moving plot (but with numerous unnecessarily over-the-top contrivances), highly annoying narrative style (one whic ...more
Rashmi Tiwari
So I saw this on my favorite sister-in-law's bookshelf and vaguely remembered a teen movie with the same name and so OF COURSE, had to borrow it. (This all happened last night at a Halloween party.)

This book could be SO much more. Really. I love YA. I love coming-of-age stories. I love anything that falls into the category of satire, PARTICULARLY when it skewers social systems. Like high school. I was totally prepped to love the ever-loving shit of out of this book. And yet.

And yet.

It did not d
Well, I can guarantee that if you read this book you will
1. Laugh
2. Smile
3. Cringe

Larry Doyle writes and understands geekdom at it's finest. Denis "The Penis" Cooverman is the smart kid, the Valedictorian. He also is in love with a girl he's hardley talked to, Beth Cooper. She appears to be this All-American, cheerleader, happy, easy-going girl. "The Coove" decides to proclaim his love for her in his Graduation speech which turns into a wild night spent with Beth, her friends and his friend Rich
Glen Moss
I am the first to admit that I am a Simpsons junkie, so whenever I find out that a writer from the show writes a book, I usually go out and find it. That is the case with Larry Doyle's: I love You Beth Cooper. This does pain me to say it but the book starts with a train wreck and does not improve from there.

The basic story is this, one unpopular boy who pined after a girl for all his high school years decides to announce his love for her during his Valedictorian speech. This just opens the stor
Ben Babcock
I finished this book in three hours. From page one, Larry Doyle creates an eerily familiar depiction of high school, specifically that moment when you look back during your graduation and realize you're finally free and have your whole life ahead of you--and it's scary.

Doyle's wit sets us off on a one-night odyssey that originates from the single question, "What if, instead of delivering an average graduation speech, the valedictorian head of the debate team confesses his love for the head cheer
Mar 07, 2011 Tintin rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: no one
I have no doubt that Larry Doyle can be a humorous writer (how else could he have credits in Beavis and Butthead and The Simpsons?), but he has no business writing a novel and should have stuck to writing for the screen.

Maybe saying 'no business' is too harsh. Let me rephrase: he should have honed his novel-writing first and not just ported his script to the novel format, bugs and all.

It may not look it but my favorite genre is comedy and I Love You Beth Cooper being tagged as a romance-comedy (
Mar 10, 2009 Staci rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Teens
Shelves: 2009-reads
Honestly, reading this book is like jumping on a roller coaster, forgetting to buckle your seatbelt, and you didn't have enough time to pull the bar down. So now you're flying all over the place, screaming your damn head off, swooping over the hills, feeling like you're going to throw up, ducking your head so you don't get decapitated, and then finally you pull back into the station, look at your partner that rode next to you and say..."Dude, that was one freakin' awesome ride. Let's do it again ...more
Scott Benjamin
Sep 19, 2007 Scott Benjamin rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone
The beginning of this book has some of the funniest writing I have seen in a very long time. Although, as I noted to my friend, Amy, some of the humor might be lost on someone who was never an adolescent boy.

The middle does kind of drag on a bit, as the "main character constantly getting the crap kicked out of him" theme gets a bit overplayed. But it does end nicely.

I think every guy, at some point in high school, had a Beth Cooper. That's why it is so funny.

Mine was Christina Bianchi. But, inst
Devin Bruce
Dec 29, 2007 Devin Bruce rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: former high school nerds, current high school nerds, fans of The Simpsons
Shelves: library, fiction, humour
On the day of his high school graduation, debate captain Denis Cooverman makes his valedictorian speech. He stands up in front of the podium, and it starts off typical and boring enough. Until he says the following five words: "I love you, Beth Cooper." This declaration of love for the head cheerleader - as well as a few other choice statements - stuns the crowd, and sets into motion a series of events that turns Graduation Night into the craziest, most dangerous, and exhilirating night of Denis ...more
Rather than deliver the usual platitudes, dorky Denis decides to lay some honesty on his high school graduating class during his valedictorian speech. Among other things, this involves outing his best friend and declaring his love for head cheerleader Beth Cooper—who unfortunately has no idea who he is. What follows is pretty much a lesser Judd Apatow movie in book form. There is Zaniness. And Shenanigans. And—quite a few funny moments, too. I came to like this book more as it went along—toward ...more
It is not entirely my fault that I read a book as stupid as this one. I knew going in that it wasn't exactly going to be Ulysses, but given that it was so popular for more than a couple of years, when it turned out to be the book version of every raunchy teenage sex comedy ever, I was surprised. I mean, try to imagine the movie Porky's, but as a book. Seems unlikely, right? That's what I thought too, but sadly I was wrong.

So the plot, such as it is, is that Denis Cooverman, Nerd, gives the valed
Michelle Eriksson
April 2, 2014
By Michelle Eriksson

Do you love to have a good laugh? Well, I know I do! The book, I Love You, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle, made me smile and laugh.
What made me laugh the most is at the beginning of the book. The main character, Denis Cooverman, was going to make an inspirational speech, but really all he just said was. . . “I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER!”. I felt kind of embarrassed for him. But that definitely made me laugh a lot because usually graduation speeches are suppos
Jenny Rebecca
WHAT HAPPENED?!! I wanna know what happened at the end of the summer. Darn you Larry Doyle! This book was fun. More laughs, more good story. I want to know what happens next!
I found I Love You, Beth Cooper a disgusting portrayal of romance in the HS setting. According to reviews I read of this book, reviewers thought the book to be incredibly funny and a reminder of what love in HS was like and why kids can’t wait to get out of HS but how the experience is like indelible ink… you can’t leave HS memories behind. If my HS romances were like the one portrayed by Larry Doyle, I wouldn’t let my kids go through HS! I was disgusted with the immaturity and foul language bou ...more
Brandon Will
I don't know. I was a dorko too, I went to high school in America, and I wanted to like this book. Some people with good taste had recommended it to me -- and they weren't wrong. This book is incredibly funny. I guess my problem enjoying it was that that's just all there is. It feels exactly like a book written by a writer for the Simpsons. And I'm not trying to put down the Simpsons here either, but, the show did lose a lot of it's depth as it went on.

I found this book incredibly stereotypical
Denis Cooverman - class valedictorian, captain of the debate team and your all-around nerd is standing on stage, sweating profusely and giving his graduation speech when he decides to live on the edge and says:

"I love you, Beth Cooper."

Yep, in front of his 500+ classmates and their relatives.

Beth Cooper - head cheerleader, most popular and the hottest girl in school has only the vaguest idea of who Denis is. They’ve been in the same classes their whole lives but Denis has always sat behind her i
Larry Doyle knows he's funny and here his sense of humor is on full display. Denis Cooverman concludes his high school career as valedictorian, declaring his love for head cheerleader Beth Cooper during his graduation speech. The night following is full of fighting, partying, breaking and entering, larceny, and all other kinds of trouble teenagers could possibly get into in one crazy night, with Denis following along with any of Beth's scheming.

My husband attended Buffalo Grove High School and
Basic Overview
I Love You, Beth Cooper is the literary equivalent of watching a John Hughes movie or a classic John Cusack as a teenager-in-love movie (think Say Anything). The book chronicles one wacky night (graduation night, no less) in the life of Denis Cooverman, who gets the ball rolling when he declares his love for the uber-popular and out-of-his-league Beth Cooper during his valedictorian speech. And what kind of people are valedictorians? Nerds. The book offers the classic "nerd declare
Denis is the nerdiest of nerds, and Beth, the cheerleader and popular girl, is his unrequited love. During Denis’s graduation speech, he has the audacity to make this stunning confession, and over the course of the night, Denis and Beth, with friends along for the ride, traverse the night from one disaster to the next in a story that at times can be hilarious and entertaining, albeit that awkward, cringe worthy, can’t-watch-can’t-look-away kind of entertaining.

That being said, its awkward situa
This is a wacky, goofy book about a sweltering graduation and the long evening which follows. nerdy valedictorian who professes his love to a popular cheerleader (Beth Cooper) in his graduation speech. Well, what if the universe conspired to let these two get to know one another in the course of some strange, crazy events that transpire in the course of the night and pepper the entire books with movie quotes and some odd sort of scary looking sketches....voila! There you have it.

I think many years of my husband force-feeding me boy-ish, immature movies and humor has finally cracked me open. I found this book to be HILARIOUS! I'd laugh out loud if I was reading at home, and I'd chuckled like a crazy person if I was reading on the bus.

The plot of the story was nothing new: geeky boy had a crush on a queen-bee. If you'd seen John Hughes movies or other coming-of-age movies, you'd probably read the book. Still, it was a refreshing break from all the books I'd been reading.
Damian Rucci
Like my writing, I like to read horror, suspense and the like but I was in the school library when I spotted I Love You, Beth Cooper. The blurb seemed interesting, so I decided to give it a read. This novel is one of the funniest pieces of literature I have had the pleasure of reading. I could easily relate to the characters and setting, as I am in high school, and the stereotypes presented are amusing. Doyle dabs at various areas of adolescent life which are evident throughout the first read an ...more
I suppose a book I really hate gets one star while ones that are mediocre at best get two or three. This sounded like a funny, light hearted quick summer read, but I found myself bored from the beginning.Geeky Denis gives his speech at graduation and announces he loves the head cheerleader, Beth Cooper and his night goes downhill from there. Entertainment Weekly said it was reminiscent of John Hughs's 80's comedy classics, but I just didn't feel the same vibe as I would have from his great movie ...more
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Larry Doyle, a former writer for The Simpsons, works in showbiz and writes funny things for the New Yorker. He lives outside Baltimore with his wife, Becky, their three children, and one dog, until it dies, and then no more dogs, according to the wife.
More about Larry Doyle...
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“I'm sorry I'm so pathetic," he thought, and then realized he had also said it.

Beth laughed, so lightly and so kindly that Denis felt it in his chest, not his stomach.

Can I tell you a secret?"

Yes, tell me all your secrets Denis kept to himself.

Beth leaned in, whispered: "All boys are pathetic.”
“Denis could think of no logical reason why he should not attempt to mate with Beth Cooper.

There were no laws explicitly against it.

They were of the same species, and had complementary sex organs, most likely, based on extensive mental modeling Denis had done.”
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