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Truth and Consequences: Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values
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Truth and Consequences: Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  318 ratings  ·  46 reviews
Short, sharp, and oftentimes shocking, Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comments” have made his nightly MSNBC program, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, must-see viewing–and the fastest-growing news show on cable TV. In these segments, Olbermann calls out the perpetrators of mismanagement, brutality, cronyism, and the appalling lack of accountability at the highest levels of the B ...more
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published February 26th 2008 by Random House (first published December 26th 2007)
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Let me begin by saying that I practically, as far as pundits go, adore Keith. His insights are right-on, his anger is genuine, and his use of language goes above and beyond the norm. He's intelligent, belligerant, and he cares. About US, about the state of the nation, and about screaming when the emporer isn't wearing a goddamn thing.

That being said, I've seen many of these Special Comments on the television or on the YouTube; something is lost when you just read it. I would recommend this book
This is definitely one of the best books I have read this year. Yes, I know the year is barely getting started. It is a simple book: a compilation of Mr. Olbermann's "Special Commentaries" from his show Countdown. Yet, they reveal a thoughtful man who is at times moving and is clearly passionate. They guy pulls no punches when it comes to making people in the administration accountable. The nice thing about the book, in addition to the commentaries, are the little introductions he adds, which pl ...more
Books Ring Mah Bell
Apr 27, 2008 Books Ring Mah Bell rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Every American
I love you. Thank you for holding the president's feet to the fire... I apologize for the death threats you get from the sheeple too ignorant to see the many wrongdoings of the administration. I would give the audio version of this 5 stars or more, if read by you, as it would capture your passion, which I find delicious.

Jon Stewart,
I love you the most. Waiting for your call.

Readers of this review,
Go out and read this book! Some of the best of his "Special Comments" from his show are
Jan 25, 2008 Dan rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2008
So yes, it was strange reading these essays knowing they are from the mind who co-anchored the best years of Sportscenter (and hey, Dan Patrick gets a special thanks), but I had read and/or seen some of these on his show or online previous to this, so it wasn't such a huge shock. Olberman doesn't do his "Special Comments" on any kind of regular basis, just when something really ticks him off enough in politics that he feels compelled to. So spread out over a year, these can really get your ire g ...more
I had seen a few Special Comments, but to be honest, Keith Olbermann was nowhere near my radar until the Special Comment in which he utterly schooled Bush and Cheney after the Libby pardon.

Reading this book made me oddly happy. Olbermann, while full of logic and anger, can be pretty amazingly snarky. You can hear his voice very clearly throughout the entire book.

I am sad he lost his ESPN mobile phone, because that thing sounded sweet.
Alan Hoffman
Like another person said, I don't completely follow how far he goes with his rhetoric, but I'm usually with him about 90% of the way.

But he says something important in his introduction: " amid all the tumult and the threatening and name-calling, I have yet to see serious refutations of either the facts or the conclusions in these Comments."

I'll listen to a conservative commentator, if I believe he/she has a sober argument based on accurate information. But go to the Media Matters website. Sure
K.O. Power

First, I would like to point out that what you're getting in Truth and Consequences is basically the transcripts of Olbermann's Special Comments from his show, Countdown on MSNBC. The twenty-four Special Comments, from Sept. 2005 to Sept. 2007, constitute the bulk of the book. However, Olbermann opens each commentary with a brief introduction in which he provides some context and the impetus for creating the comment. For those of you who haven't had the privilege of experiencing a Keit
I confess, I more or less skimmed through this, rather than giving it a conscious read. I like Olberman and am glad that he's out there to balance the hyperbolizing of the O'Reillys and Hannitys of the world.

However, while he nails Bush, Cheney, et al on numerous points, he tends to go too far with constant allusions to Fascism, Nazi Germany, etc which really diminishes his argument.

Are we in the final chapter of the worst presidency of the past 100 years? Probably so. Can the demerits of this a
You caught him getting worked up once on MSNBC and got hooked, or someone forwarded you a rant on YouTube and you were mesmerized, glad to see someone speaking out for those holding the perspective he delineates. This is simply the written text of his televised Special Comments he gave periodically on his TV program Countdown Sept. 2005 through Sept. 2007.

If you love this guy, you'll appreciate having the written text, which gives the opportunity to reflect on his effective rhetorical strategies
I'm a fan of Keith Olbermann. I like his politics, certainly, but what I really like is his style: he writes well, he writes with passion and conviction, and he has a vocabulary to die for.

I am, as with many of the political books I've read and reviewed, the choir he's preaching to, and that does affect my enjoyment of the book. (However, if Ann Coulter, for instance, could write with half of Olbermann's talent, I might despise her a little less. Maybe.)

It made for a quick read, largely because
If you watched Countdown than you have heard it all before, but it was thought provoking to just be forced to reflect back on the political atmosphere of that time. The thesis is that the bush administration used the 'war on terror' as a political tool to maintain their own power and the power of the republican party by scaring and even 'terrorizing' the american people. The book is by no means a scholarly analysis of the topic, but its fun and interesting and well written.
Apr 05, 2008 Richard rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: a red neck in a blue state
I agree with Olbermann's politics and his disgust for the Iraq War, the Bush presidency and the man, but I just don't think these essays add much to the discussion and are going to be of much value to anyone a year or two from now - other than to a historian who might need documentation on how bitterly many of us feel about the current Clown-in-Chief.

Olbermann's September 4 2007 call for Bush to resign is a good example of his style and unrealistic (and therefore, pointless)demands:

"Mr. Bush, ou
Jun 26, 2008 James rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Every adult in the world
Incisive, articulate, and angry. Keith Olbermann is one of the best writers and speakers - one of the best communicators - in the world today, and this chronological collection of his on-air editorials addressing the actions of President Bush and his administration should be required reading for every citizen. In the book's beginning Olbermann describes an encounter with a couple of baseball fans who recognized him and at first greeted him in a friendly way, then, once they remembered that "He's ...more
If one knows who Olbermann is... and is also familiar with his Special Comments... that's all one would need know to either recommend or condemn this book. Me? I recommend it to any thinking person feeling adrift at sea thanks to the unscrupulous, nefarious regime under whose shadow we currently exist.

Essentially, this is a collect of a couple of dozen Special Comments from MSNBC's "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," each with a new introduction written for the book as a means of explaining some o
Emily Ann Meyer
Jan 13, 2008 Emily Ann Meyer rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Jonathan, Liberals, Politicos, Shelly
Shelves: policy, 2008
Great book! I adore Olbermann for his fluency in history and his complete dedication to smoke out hypocrisy among the ranks of the administration.

I particularly like that with regards to Iraq he actually blamed ALL the government and took the Democrats to task for failure on their promise to hold the Republican administration accountable.

Of course this reprints the infamous July 3, 2007 "Special Comment" where he turned 'sir' into a four-letter word. However, there were others included with wh
I always enjoy Keith Olbermann's 'Special Comments'. It is refreshing to hear a television commentator with an identifiable sense of decency and of outrage at the lies and corruption of the present administration.

Sadly, Truth and Consequences, a collection of those special comments, with brief introductions to each, makes for not very compelling reading. If you haven't seen most of the commentaries on TV or on YouTube, then there are probably a few of these special comments that you will be inte
A great book for Countdown junkies. I had seen all of these Special Comments on the show, but the book provided additional insight into how Mr. Olbermann composed them, as well as some little anecdotes that were just fun to read. I hadn't expected to love the book as much as I do, but it's been nice to have on hand, as I really look up to KO, and find that I get a lot more out of the Special Comments going over the text than I do just hearing his impassioned delivery. For new/uncertain fans and ...more
I have a mad crush on Keith Olbermann, but it doesn't stop me from saying that he uses his anger and disgust at this administration to make pointed, thoughtful, blustery commentaries about everything from Guiliani's 9/11 speak to Gonzalez's devastation of the Justice Dept and all the blunders by Bush and Cheney in between. There are also a few slams to the Dems. I love his off-the-cuff delivery and his passion. Makes me want to stand up and cheer. You can watch them online or watch his show, Cou ...more
Feb 10, 2008 Brian rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: those who wish they watched more MSNBC
Part of me feels stupid for laying down a $20 for a compilation of essays already on Keith's homepage, and part of me feels glad that when my grandkids come up to me and ask me about the president I always bitch about and if he really did suck that much, I'll be able to hand them or quote from this historical primer (of just '05 to '07) and let the whippersnappers hear the visceral and heartfelt frustration of those who lived in these times and cared about the country and the world instead of wh ...more
I really, really love Keith Olbermann. I have been watching Countdown nightly for the last four years. It's the only reason we have cable. I know he has put his big old foot in his mouth on more than one occasion, but I do not need my heroes to be cut from marble. Goofy and fallible is okay with me. He was saying this stuff long before anyone else on the TeeVee dared to, and I will never forget that.
Four stars instead of five purely because reading these just doesn't compare to seeing them in th
I could only read one Comment per day, so deep are their impact. But truly, the words really come alive when Mr. Olbermann reads them himself - his facial expression and the timbre of his voice completes the package.

The conception of these comments was a work of genius; Mr. Olbermann should be lauded for being the first mainstream journalist to cry out that the emperor wasn't wearing any clothes when the rest of the media was in Bush's pocket.
A great series of essay from Keith Olbermann's "Special Comments" section of his television show. They are refutations to the stupid, evil, sly, snide, horrible and utterly ridiculous actions, comments, statements and machinations of the Bush administration. Liberals will enjoy it; Conservatives will condemn it. But the truth contained within it will win out.
Seriously, if anyone has SOMETHING to recommend for the purpose of legitimately refuting the accusations he makes in this book, message me or something, because I'd love to read it.

Minus one star for the slightly repetitive format of the book, and for being a bit obnoxiously sarcastic at times.
Mar 10, 2008 Tommy rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone
Keith Olbermann could be the conscience of America. I love his biting wit and his no holds barred attitude. He gets to the heart of issues and rips hypocrites apart with surgical precision. He makes me proud to be an American and I hope he comes out with many more books.
I love Keith Olbermann. He is so honest and almost seems to want to start a fight. I'm glad someone is pointing out with such clarity the faults of the Bush adminstration because so many are still disillusioned. I hope he gets impeached!
I love Keith Olbermann! I read this book and it was a compilation of his special comments along with a description of what prompted each comment. I thought it was a quick yet excellent read if you are into politics or current events.
I have a real affection for liberal blowhards. This book is simple, if you have ever seen one of Olbermann's special comments and thought 'Right on!' then give it a try. If you don't like Olbermann then don't bother.
If you have been as outraged at this Bush administration as I have, then you must read this book. You should also have been watching Countdown! No one writes or delivers a measured, educated rant like Keith Olbermann.
This is pretty much all of his TV show rants put into writing. There are really no surprises here if you have seen many of his rants on TV, and unfortunately, much of the emotion is lost in the writing.
Tattered Cover Book Store
Oct 02, 2008 Tattered Cover Book Store added it
Recommended to Tattered Cover by: Jackie
Olbermann's special comments are sharp and biting with just enough passion and emotion to stir his listener's/reader's blood. A very smart man--a very good writer. Someone to pay attention to.

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Keith Olbermann is an American news anchor, commentator, and radio sportscaster. He currently hosts Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, an hour-long nightly newscast of five selected stories with commentary by Olbermann and guests. Starting with the 2007 NFL season, Olbermann also serves as co-host of NBC's Football Night in America with Bob Costas.
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