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Per la pace perpetua
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Per la pace perpetua (Textes Philosophiques #729)

3.6 of 5 stars 3.60  ·  rating details  ·  472 ratings  ·  44 reviews
Per la pace perpetua è un testo da leggere con cura. Non è una profezia nè una ricetta. Attraverso i secoli interrogando le generazioni. Oggi interroga noi, ponendoci domande scomode.
Mass Market Paperback, I classici del pensiero libero 17, 113 pages
Published January 2011 by RCS - Corriere della Sera (first published 1795)
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I'm only half way through, but a terribly interesting little book. Kant essentially treats nations as persons and then applies his categorical imperitive, particularly its second formation from the Groundwork - treat people as ends, never means - as the basis for creating perpetual peace.

Very interesting point he makes about democracies being despotic by definition - but I think this is avoided by the notion of separation of powers. All the same, he has me thinking about this. His point being t
Fady Fathy

الملحقين والتذييلين اصابوني بحالة انهطال صعبة جداً ، ممكن انا قررت اني اكروتهم ، بس قبل ما ابداً في الملحق الاول مليت الكتاب ورميته كتير قبل ما ارجعله تاني ، لغة الكتاب فلسفية صعبة عايزة تفكير كتير وممكن متفهمش برضو عادي نص الكتاب كده وجمله طويلة جداً وبتتوه وزاد الطينة بلة المترجم عثمان امين ترجمته هو الاخر ثقيله وتعبيراته واسلوبه ( كما اتضح من المقدمة ) صعبة ، كما زاد الطينة بلتين الاخطاء الاملائية في طبعة مكتبة الاسرة فمتبقاش عارف انت مش فاهم ولا في غلطة املائية
لكن اجمالاً فكرة الكتاب رائعة
Joe Iacovino
Surprisingly untouched by time. A good argument for small government but does ignore that local majorities can be dead wrong when it comes to their neighbors well-being. That aside, strong points and clear, rational thinking is prevalent. I experienced this on audiobook after Thoreau's "On Civil Disobedience" and the whole time I felt like this was what Thoreau was trying to be, but fell flat.

I especially enjoyed the idea of arguments being forced into the public eye as a test for their merit..
Gregory Ambrose
In Perpetual Peace, Kant offers a very practical means of establishing means of perpetual peace between nations, such as the abolishment of standing armies. Kant's style of writing is nothing short of Eloquent, and his logic is bulletproof. Unfortunately, he fails to account for the depravity of man, making his ideas less practical than they appear to be. Ironically, it is our need for peace that does not allow us to have it. Nevertheless, Kant's Perpetual Peace is an amazing piece of philosophy ...more
Bola Shokry
السلام الابدي أو حسب ترجمة أمين عثمان: مشروع السلام الدائم. كتاب صغير,موضوعه سياسي فلسفي, عن الخطوات اللازم اتباعها -حسب كانط- لتحقيق السلام الدائم بين الدول.
افكار الكتاب حلوة واسهل شوية من "نقد العقل العملي" بتاع كانط اللي حاولت اقراه ومفهمتش منه حاجة, لكنه مازال مش سهل ومحتاج تركيز وتأني عشان يتفهم, انا شخصيا مفهمتش اكتر من نصه.

أخر الكتاب فيه تذييل اول وتاني, عن الاتفاق والاختلاف بين الأخلاق والسياسة, والسياسة الاخلاقية والأخلاق السياسية. وطبعا كتب مكتبة الأسرة مليانة اخطاء إملائية بتصعب القرا
بالرغم من اختلافى مع اغلب المحتوى لكن الكتاب عظيم:

بالنسبة للوقت المكتوب فيه (القرن ال18), الكتاب عظيم و الافكار المطروحة فيه تعتبر بالنسبة لوقتها عبقرية. ده ممكن يفسر ازاى كان ليه أثر على ناس زى هيجل و انجلز. (و أثر عليهم طبعا بأفكار تانية بجانب اللى مطروحة فى الكتاب ده)

الكتاب بيتكلم عن مشروع او مبادىء عامة المفترض توجه الانسانية ناحية حالة من "السلام الحقيقى", المبادىء دى, اللى ناس كتير ممكن تعتبرها مثالية (و هو مدرك ده), هى مبادىء منطقية بالنسباله, و لازم تطبق, و هتاخد وقت على ما توصل بالانسان
Kan'ts views on what constitutes worldwide perpetual peace and what States need in order to achieve it. A short read that takes a lot of time to analyze. Kant tends to be idealistic at times, but manages to root his ideas in the principles of freedom (or liberty? I wouldn't know what's the better translation, read it in Spanish), dependence, and equality. The only form of government that could possibly lead to perpetual peace is a republic.

Kant believes that it is Nature's will that humanity co
Juan Pablo
Sobre la paz perpetua
"Esta inscripción satírica que un hostelero holandés había puesto en la muestra de su casa, debajo de una pintura que representaba un cementerio..." así, con un tono irónico, parte esta obra de Kant, que tiene un objetivo bastante ambicioso: plantear las condiciones necesarias para lograr la paz (a su juicio, decir "paz perpetua" es un pleonasmo: la paz siepre es perpetua, sino es sólo un armisticio).
Agunas consideraciones básicas están expuestas como "artículos preelimina
This is a surprisingly high rating that I am giving Kant considering I don't really like a lot of his other philosophy. A lot of his ideas are pretty interesting, but I think history kind of shows that some are wrong. Mainly that democratic republics would find it in the interest to not go to war. This, I think, has been shown to be false when examining the invasion of Iraq. It's not just the United States I am talking about, but all the countries that helped with the surge. Perhaps France, Ital ...more
M.p. Rommedahl
Kant essentially describes things like the Human Rights Declaration and the United Nations several hundred years before anyone else thought of them. Talk about being ahead of your time!
Some of his arguments are a little wonky by today's standards, but the ideas he throws around still shine as relevant and worthy of consideration as ever.
La libertà, considerata innata, inscindibilmente legata all’umanità dell’uomo, e inalienabile – proprio come entro le Dichiarazioni rivoluzionarie (americana e francese) dei diritti che precedono i singoli dettati costituzionali –, è definita qui «facoltà di non obbedire ad altra legge se non a quella a cui avrei potuto dare il mio consenso».

E' incredibile vedere come gli Stati siano andati nella direzione auspicata nel 1795 da Kant. Siamo ancora molto lontani dalla pace perpetua (e mondiale),
Heather Fryling
I'm always been a big fan of Kant, and his thoughts on peace did not disappoint. I'm not going to summarize the book, because it's already been done quite nicely here:

Although I think his insights are mostly correct, I am not quite as confident as Kant that things really will always work out for the best all on their own.
A nice find on Librivox. Agree or disagree with Kant, he definitely has a very comprehensive and elaborate philosophy. Would be interesting to know how Kant would have interpreted the United Nations and NATO.
Francisco Luis
Relectura obligada de un ensayo capital del idealismo internacionalista, y de rabiosa actualidad a pesar de sus más de 200 años de existencia. No es sólo por su visión futurista de un sistema de gobernanza mundial que haga de La Paz un modelo de exportación de la democracia, si no de su capacidad para ir más allá del derecho internacional y del derecho de Estado. Sin duda una reflexión necesaria para establecer un nuevo modelo de sociedad internacional desde lo público y lo estatal, en la actual ...more
عبدالرحمن نعيم
الحرب تزيد عدد الأشرار أكثر مما تستأصل منهم
كانط هو مؤوسس لنظرية هيئة الأمم المتحدة :)
Paolo Marzi
5 stelle per l'dea, 1 per la possibilità di realizzarsi...
Ali Kabalan
مما ورد في الرسالة:
أحد أمراء "بلاد الغال" عرف الحق بأنه إمتياز وهبته الطبيعة للقوي ليقهر به الضعيف,
- لا يمكن أن يكون هناك إلا دِيْنٌ حَقْ واحد لجميع الناس والأزمان.
عبد الرحمن
وجدت صعوبة فى فهم اخر فصلين
لا اجد غضاضة ان اصف الكتاب بإنه محض نظريات و يوم أن حدثنا العالم المُتمدن رافع لواء الحرية عن السلام اخذ المواد من الكتاب ليضعها بما يلائم مصالحة في مواثيق دولية بإسم الإخوة الإنسانية !!

لا اعلم عما إذا كان ايماني بالشيوعية المادية عائقا دون التفاعل أكثر مع الكتاب ام ماذا ؟

لكن "كانط" تحدث عن الغاء الجيوش الدائمة و هذا لن يحدث إلا في حالة من الأممية الشيوعية و الغاء السلطة !!؟

و اعتقد انه غير معقول ان تكون في حالة السُلطة المركزية الضخمة التي يتوهمها الليبراليين دولة بلا جيش !!!

مهما كان الأمر

3 نجو
Kant's Perpetual Peace is like a continuation of his "Idea of a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Intent" but addressed towards nations instead of towards mankind. However, it is both longer than Universal History and harder to read; the actual essay, its notes and its appendix all contain ideas that appears to arrive almost out of nowhere and do not flow as well as in Universal History. A good work to read for those who like "Idea of a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Intent."
كريم محمد حسن
و غذا أثبت هذا الكتاب شيئا ، فقد اثبت انقطاع الصلة بين أغراض السياسة في مفهوم الحضارة الغربية ، و بين مفهومها في تراث المسلمين ، و نتيجة انطاع الصلة بين الأغراض أن تباعدت المناهج ، و طوعت الأدوات بشكل مختلف .

الانفصال و الإشكالية بين السياسة و الاخلاق ، و بين الاخلاق و القانون ، و محاولة التعسف في الربط ، و استخدام العقل و ضغطه للربط ، لينتج فيلسوفا عظيما في النهاية قصة غير متصورة عندي في الأصول القديمة ، و ليت الله يمدني بالعمر و الهمة لاستطلاع ما انفصلنا عنه ، و انكرناه ، و جحدناه
In this short pamphlet, Kant lays out his thoughts on how to achieve permanent peace between nation states. Although I found some of it hard going, particularly the first supplement, some of it is very forward-looking, placing Kant very ahead of his time. He says, for example, that standing armies should be wound down and eventually abolished and that there should be no foreign debt between nations - ideas that are radical even today! Very interesting and thought-provoking stuff.
John Martindale
Well, I was able to get this audiobook from and yeah, I gave it a listen. Immanuel Kant can't easily be followed though. Though this is a lot easier to follow then his critiques, still this too needs to be slowly read, re-read and then explained by some else who understands. But yeah, even while listening i did catch various things i agreed with.
Leonardo Rodríguez
Dec 11, 2008 Leonardo Rodríguez rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lectores de novela negra
Compré este libro después de leer el estupendo libro de Hillman sobre la guerra. Lo vi pequeño, abordable, con una portada como de un Hopper germano, algo antiguo. Por alguna endemoniada razón, el libro se me perdió dentro de mi propia casa por mucho tiempo. Valió la pena reencontrarlo.
How can man live without war and how can this be guaranteed? A timeless question. Most people do not engage in violence or war yet both go on. Here is a work flawed by hindsight but worth reading for the accuracy of developments.
Sejak kapan aku bisa bahasa Jerman? Buku ini aku beli edisi bilingual, Indonesia-Jerman. Penasaran dengan judulnya. Adakah perdamaian abadi?

PS: Belum sempat baca dengan baik. Nanti nulis lagi kalau sudah baca.
Well argued theories on international relations and the development of a lasting peace...

Kant's theories face problems due to his faith in the "intelligence and rationality" of the ruling elites...
A staple in political thought/theory and a necessary read for students of politics. The best part about the book is it's short length. At only 40 pages, it's very digestible for a political theory book.
It took me quite a long time to get through the supplement and appendices because of how condensed and dry they could be, but overall it was an interesting read none-the-less.
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Immanuel Kant was an 18th-century philosopher from the Prussian city of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad, Russia). He's regarded as one of the most influential thinkers of modern Europe & of the late Enlightenment. His most important work is The Critique of Pure Reason, an investigation of reason itself. It encompasses an attack on traditional metaphysics & epistemology, & highlights his ow ...more
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“Without man and his potential for moral progress, the whole of reality would be a mere wilderness, a thing in vain, and have no final purpose.” 15 likes
“[Standing armies] constantly threaten other nations with war by giving the appearance that they are prepared for it, which goads nations into competing with one another in the number of men under arms, and this practice knows no bounds. And since the costs related to maintaining peace will in this way finally become greater than those of a short war, standing armies are the cause of wars of aggression that are intended to end burdensome expenditures. Moreover, paying men to kill or be killed appears to use them as mere machines and tools in the hands of another (the nation), which is inconsistent with the rights of humanity.” 12 likes
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