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Nasty People

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Fourteen years since its first publication, the bestseller"Nasty People "has been revised and updated to cover the motivations of nasty people, how to avoid confrontation with a nasty boss, how to handle a nasty spouse, and much more, including: How to break the cycle of nastiness A new understanding of personality disorders and depression Narcissism, nasty behavior, and s...more
ebook, 112 pages
Published May 5th 2003 by McGraw-Hill (first published 1989)
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Fascinating book; the title is an exaggeration since it's about all of us, in a way. The topic is 'invalidating' - putting people down, seeing ourselves as superior. The author claims that there is 1% of the population who are truly nasty and do this kind of thing deliberately. It's hard to believe the number is really that high. But he also points out that there are many people who do this kind of thing regularly - albeit not deliberately wanting to hurt anyone - and that probably everyone does...more
Lucy Wightman
A friend for over 30 years gave me this book and I almost threw it out after a cursory read. I steer away from “self-help” books, since most of them are boring, regurgitated versions of what we already know, and, for me, what I am often too lazy to implement.

On second glance, I liked four things about this small book, and the first was its size. The second was the author’s bold disagreement with fixed labels, more specifically, his refusal to subscribe to things like “personality disorders.” Th...more
I bought this book a few hours ago and finished reading it in about two hours.

This book was penned as a cathartic exercise. Carter states that he was a victim first and then when he studied psychology, he realized what was happening to him. He later put his findings in book form, to help people. This is probably true of any pop-psychology book, since humans are primarily emotionally motivated. This fact makes the book very readable, and very true to life. One can relate to the facts and situati...more
The only thing the author needed to mention is how to deal with nasty
people who think they're literary critics. You know, those people who give shitty reviews on book cuz they're insanely jealous of the author's success? Yeesh.

*cough* too many of those types on GR *cough, hack*
Be careful, once you learn how to define the sick behavior that surrounds you, you may not like anyone! But, there is redemption in learning that the Invalidator is a personality not a person and you gain tools to learn how to deal with them.
Short, clear and helpful in creative ways of dealing with people who are just not nice.
I read this book during a time in my life when a ruthless invalidator gathered a bunch of false accusations and criticisms, even wrote letters to my friends and my fiance with degradations about me. In order to make it through the gossip and smut, I began to pick up books off the shelf that might empower me through. This was one of them. It is an easy read, another purse packing one that I read pretty fast. This book didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

The thing that stands out the mo...more
Teresa Austin
The title of this book is really just an attention-grabber. It got my attention! The beginning of the book talks about the Invalidator, the person who belittles others to make himself look big. It describes the effect of this person's behavior on the victim. Invalidation tends to "introvert" the victim, which compounds the problem. The second half of the book puts a little different twist on it. The message goes along with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, "No one can make you feel inferior without y...more
It's an easy read and does not overwhelm with so much information that eventually leads to not finishing it. Made me more conscious of this behavior in people and myself.
Mai Ngoc
A randomly-picked book at the library turned out to be a really good book. :")
Gender is a distraction in this book, most of the examples of invalidators are women, it could use genderless pronouns. The author seems to try to mix it up eventually, switching from she to he, from bad wives to bad husbands, but still sometimes there is a combo of women examples that stands out. Or maybe I'm complaining that I can't concentrate enough on that asshole guy I hate if he keeps going back to 'she'.

Informative, specially the part about avoiding succumbing to introspection, defining...more
It's a very interesting read and gives people like me, people that take every nasty behavior as if they did something, and gives us the perspective that 'hey, more than likely it's not something we did' and this is how we can fix/deal with that behavior. I really recommend it for people with horrible bosses or friends that are manipulative. I think kids in middle school and high school should be required to read this might help with the bully situation as well as the bossy nasty friend...more
Some good advice.
Very insightful, I feel more aware of my actions, other peoples actions and potential reasons why they happen.
Jasir Al-Owaisi
أشخاص سيئو الطباع.. وكما يطلق عليهم المحقّرين من شأن الآخرين.

ينظر إلى المواقف بمنظار واسع حتى أنني وجدت نفسي من المحقرين ما أجبرني على قراءة الكتاب حتى النهاية
كما أنني أيضا وجدت نفسي ضحية في مواقف أخرى

يذكر الصفات ثم كيفية التعامل مع الموقف والعلاج .. للمجرم والضحية

كتاب استفدت منه ولولا لغته لحاز على 5 من 5 في تقييمي

في نظري, الكتاب يهدف إلى المثالية في التعامل مع الآخرين .. فلا داعي لأن يقرأ الكتاب من لا يرى فائدة لوجود المثالية
I read this while dealing with a truly nasty person at work, hoping I'd find a way to cope. What I did find in this book was not only what I was looking for, but also some insights into my own psyche.

We all invalidate another person on occasion, without meaning to. It takes self-awareness to realize when you're doing it.

At less than 100 pages it's a quick read - straightforward and to the point.
This book reminded me that mean people are just mean... I am not responsible for the actions of other people even when they blame me for them.

This book is not written from a Christian worldview. It has a few cuss words and sometimes suggests that you need to be mean instead of turning the other cheek like Jesus said. But I was able to gain from this book while editing it as I read.
Kristie J.
This is a great book that opens your eyes to the people in your life who are invalidating you - and the people you may be invalidating. I like the way the book is short and gets straight to the point without making you read pages and pages of elaboration. I only gave it 4 stars because it could have more examples about how to deal with invalidators effectively.
this was a fascinating book about how to cope with some tough characters. I really enjoyed readig it. it could be helpful for dealing with the jerk at work, an angry parent, or any other nasty people you encounter throughout life. it's got a lot of strategies for taking the weapons from the nasty people in life. definately worth reading.
Either you've been or are under any kind of bullying this book will help you from inside into outside taking you from forgiveness into action to help, defend and some times attack those Bullies, at school, work, family, relationship...etc And the most important thing is to explore yourself if you are one of them, and you don't know yet!
Very practical and useful both on a personal and professional level. I ordered copies for my daughter who will be teaching middle schoolers and could use this book as a resource in her teasing and bullying unit; I ordered a copy for my sister who is dealing with a nasty boss in her new job.
Duaa Hussain

كِتاب قصير وجميل للغايه .. كان من الكُتب القديمه بمكتبتي
قرأته قبل سنتين تقريباً , يتحدث فيه جاي كارتر عن التعامل مع الشخصيات التي تحاول استغلال الشخص من شريك حياه او مدير عمل او صديق او غيره,ويتحدث فيه بعض الشيء عن سيرة حياته

انصح بقرائته للاشخاص ذويي النيه الصافيه كما يُقال =)
i finally found the book i have been looking for. this book seems to be grounded in reality with a clear understanding of nasty people and their tactics. This was an amazing book. It really helped me understand a lot of things I was not even aware of or just didn't understand.
I gave it four stars because I wanted more. I read this with my teens last week and it gave us all food for thought and ideas for successfully coping with nasty people. It really is a great book and I hope Jay Carter offers more in the future.
Maha Ebraheem
ترجمة الكتاب و حجم الخط !!!! :(
بعض المفاهيم لم أستطع إستيعابها جيداً

يعتبر كتاب خفيف لتطوير جزء من النفس و كيفية التعامل مع الأشخاص الذين يحتقرون أفعالك و لا يعطونك أي تقدير عندما تتحدث إليهم !

شكراً جاي كارتر
كتاب رااائع ومفيد جدا جدا ،اود قرائته مرة اخرى وانصح كل من يشعر بعدم الأمان بمن هم حوله ان يقرأه

لانه يعلمك كيفية التعامل والتصدي بعدة طرق للاشخاص الذين يحقرون من شأنك بأساليبهم المختلفة
This is a book that is short and to the point. When you have a ago spend at least 8 hours a day with toxic people, it is good to know how to remain sane and compassionate.
This is a good book to refer to from time to time. I have found it to be helpful in trying to be understanding of all types of people, including myself
نهال بنت عبد الرحمن
كتاب جميل جدا ً و مُفيد أيضا ً
يتكلم عن المُحقرين من شأن الآخرين و كيفية السيطرة على الآخرين و النجاة منهم !
كتاب مهم أضاف إلي معلومات مُهمة =)
Actually it's an interesting book providing you with an insight of the mentality of such people and how to deal with them
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Dr. Carter has made over 100 appearances on national television and radio in the USA, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom (BBC-TV in London), including the "Larry King Show", and the "Montel Williams Show". He consulted with Reader's Digest for an article on "Mean People", and has consulted with the Oprah Winfrey Show. He has appeared in Oprah magazine and Cosmopolitan several times. He was a ta...more
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