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They Came to Baghdad
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They Came to Baghdad

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  6,630 ratings  ·  357 reviews
Agatha Christie first visited Baghdad as a tourist in 1927; many years later she would become a resident of the exotic and then open city, and it was here, and while on archaeological digs throughout Iraq with her husband, Sir Max Mallowan, that Agatha Christie wrote some of her most important works.

They Came to Baghdad is one of Agatha Christie's highly successful forays...more
ebook, 304 pages
Published September 16th 2003 by William Morrow Paperbacks (first published 1951)
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I don’t even have words to describe the madcap charm of this book. No Miss Marple, no Poirot, just a heroine who redefines “spunky” and a plot that will leave you yearning for high jinks in the desert. International intrigue has never been such fun, nor has it probably ever been infiltrated by a mediocre shorthand typist. Miss Victoria Jones, freshly booted from her job, sits in a London park figuring out her next move. Enter a handsome lad named Edward who enchants Victoria but – oh no! – is le...more
Maxine Mathew
Agatha Christie’s immaculate stories make her a master of suspense and mystery. They Came to Baghdad is different from other Agatha Christie's other books - it's more of a thriller than a mystery. I have not read much of spy novels, just Alex Rider series and that does not come anywhere near Christie’s ingenious plots. They Came To Baghdad does not have any high-tech machines or a gripping fight scenes, yet it is a book that the readers will find riveting and electrifying. The strong point of th...more
I loved the title--so mysterious and alluring, WHO came to Baghdad? And WHY??? And I quite loved my adventure in Baghdad with all of those who "came" there. Full of Middle Eastern ambiance, but with a good dose of 1950s British-ness thanks to our lead characters, it's the perfect blend of humor and adventure, exotic and comfortable, a bit of romance, and of course lots of suspense! I give it only four stars because I thought a the chapters in the beginning jostle around as we are introduced to t...more
Dec 01, 2009 Ann rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Ann by: Katie! Thanks!!
Shelves: mysteries
Easily one of my favorite Agatha Christie books! The more mystery books I read, the more I realize just how incredible Christie was at what she did.

This mystery centers around, not so much a murder, but the plot of a political overthrow (Is the overthrow a good thing? Or a bad thing? And even, does it exist?). Our protagonist, Victoria, finds herself suddenly placed in the middle of it all, and must decide just how involved she wants to be.

"They Came to Baghdad" has an intriguing blend of all so...more
قلم الظل
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
شرائي لهذه الرواية كان عارضاً حيث أنني كنت في أحد المكتبات لقضاء بعض حوائجي وكنت في السابق أود قراءة إحدى رويات لأغاثا كريستي فوجدتها في المكتبة بسعر زهيد فاشتريتها , وقبل مده بسيطة وأنا أبحث في الكتب في أدراجي وجدتها فابتدأت قراءتها
الرواية يميزها عدم الاسهاب في الوصف بل إنه مختصر غير مخل برأيي فأنا لاأحب أن أقرأ رواية بوليسية لأجد الكاتب يصف إحدى الشخصيات وكأنه قيس يصف ليلى فلا يترك شاردة ولاواردة إلا تفنن في وصفها وتشبيهها , وإن كنت من محبي التشبيه والتمثيل على...more
I read this some time in the 1980s and remember thinking it was one of Christie's more enjoyable books. This is a reminder to myself to read it again sometime and see if I still think that's true.

It's too bad I still remember who the villain is (it was a particularly surprising reveal to me) because I've forgotten almost everything else about this book.
*Maxine's Review*

Agatha Christie’s immaculate stories make her a master of suspense and mystery. They Came to Baghdad is different from other Agatha Christie's other books - it's more of a thriller than a mystery. I have not read much of spy novels, just Alex Rider series and that does not come anywhere near Christie’s ingenious plots. They Came To Baghdad does not have any high-tech machines or a gripping fight scenes, yet it is a book that the readers will find riveting and electrifying. The s...more
Santh memories
The adventure of Victoria Jones, a play fast and loose, mendacious girl and a stenographer often with unfinished works. After, again, lost her job she took a chance of a job to go to Bagdad! She had long desire to see the world, and also to catch a very attractive man name Edward whom she just met. Without knowing that she worked for a mysterious organization, she met with a dying man that actually an undercover international agent, being kidnapped and found herself in a vast desert, and pretend...more
'They Came to Baghdad' is a spy thriller by Agatha Christie first published in 1951. A secret summit of superpowers is to be held in Baghdad and a shadowy group of anarchists is plotting to sabotage the event. Things get complicated when enthusiastic young tourist Victoria Jones hears the dying words of British agent Henry Carmichael and is drawn into the affair.

It's theme is expressed by her spy mentor Dakin: "the belief in a superstratum of human beings -- in Supermen to rule the rest of the...more
ci chong
my favourite of Agatha Christie's huge range of books.combining her ingenious plots and tangible characters in an exotic blend of traditional breathless excitement, with her characteristic unexpected twist in the story bringing things to a sudden fast-moving, tense climax.Victoria is a character truly worth meeting and remembering. So are the other minor products of Christies's lively imagination;the hilariously dim-witted Dr. Pauncefoot Jones; the lovable and phlegmatic Marcus Tio;the Continent...more
Louise Armstrong
Only 4 stars because the plot is awful - BUT I love the characters, the love story and the atmosphere in this book.

I am in awe of the way she sets the scene so vividly and so quickly.

"Victoria, breathing in hot choking clouds of yellow dust was unfavourably impressed by Baghdad. From the airport to the hotel, her ears had been assailed by continuous and incessant noise."

She gets to the hotel, feeling dazed and depressed, and meets the owner Marcus (a great character)which takes about about a pa...more
This was my first Agatha Christie book and while I can definitely say I enjoyed the book I don't think(?) that it was a typical Christie novel. This book was more a light spy thriller than a mystery, featuring a girl from London getting mixed up in international intrigue in Baghdad.

The plot essentially starts with Victoria trying to talk her way from 1950s London to Baghdad on a day's notice, with no money and no job, following a man she's met only once. I absolutely loved the heroine, probably...more
Laurel Young
I never realized that Dame Agatha had written so many "adventure" novels--her reputation rests solidly on her detective fiction, and I think I have typically read the novels featuring one of her Great Detectives, Poirot or Miss Marple (or Tommy and Tuppence, etc.). But now that I am reading her entire canon, I find that she has quite a lot of novels that might be better characterized as adventure with a mystery twist...and they are really not my cup of tea in the least. Perhaps I'm unusual, but...more
Julie Davis
Rereading this one for the umpteenth time. I've always enjoyed this stand-alone Christie adventure/thriller/mystery which is along the lines of The Man in the Brown Suit or The Secret Adversary (if anyone recalls that Tommy and Tuppence mystery). This book features Victoria Jones who impulsively follows a cute young man to Baghdad and winds up smack in the middle of an espionage - conspiracy story.

(view spoiler)...more
Mwana Mali
I bought this book on a whim. I was looking for "And Then There Were None" but it was sadly out of stock. But not so sad... Agatha is just one of those writers who, regardless of what book you get, she'll never disappoint you.
Starting with... the mendacious Victoria Jones (woman reminded me of my ten year old self). She was so lovable and clever and witty but a bit of an airhead sometimes. Then there was Edward, the handsome stranger who made her just pack up and head to Baghdad on a whim (girl...more
A re-read: I first read this in 1976. It was first published in 1951 and was one of the 'international thriller' type of novel Christie had been doing now and then since the 1920s, with varying degrees of success (THE BIG FOUR, N OR M?) - she would follow this one with DESTINATION UNKNOWN (retitled SO MANY STEPS TO DEATH for many years in the US), and later with PASSENGER TO FRANKFURT, the 'extravaganza' published to celebrate her 80th birthday. These novels usually revolved around spies and con...more
Victoria Jones was a girl like most others. Unfortunately, her gift for mimicry gets her sacked in the second chapter of this book. She is also an inveterate liar which gets her into trouble down the line. But in the beginning, she is having lunch in the park and meets Edward. He seems like a thoroughly charming fellow and she decides to follow him to Baghdad. Why? Really, she has nothing better to do. And the first night there, she finally has some adventure when a man stumbles into her room an...more
Joyce Smith
So many characters, kinda lost them at first. Storyline interspersed with peeks at the Iraqui culture mid-nineteenth century, looking at it from a distance, and trying to be kind. The story had twists and turns, somewhat different from the usual AC-whodunnit, as so many people died, I wasn't sure whose murder was to be solved or if anyone was on the case. But it all came together in the end. Since I may never see Baghdad, this was a nice glimpse into what it may have been like when Europeans wan...more
A rare departure for Agatha Christie from murder mystery (although there are still plenty of murders going on), this espionage thriller is a great example of why Christie was, and remains, such a popular writer: page-turning story-telling in a superbly-evoked, exotic setting with a compelling central character.

The basic plot is about as plausible as a billionaire's hair, but is well executed and keeps the reader on tenterhooks until the very end. If most of the characters are straight out of cen...more
I wish my library would differentiate between Christie's mysteries and her adventure/intrigue novels, as I am a big fan of the first and not so much of the second. Still,I enjoyed this more than I have most of that variety, owing in no small part to the heroine: the plucky, resourceful, and quite devious Victoria Jones. She reminded me a lot of the title character of Mara, Daughter of the Nile, by Eloise McGraw, which is one of my favorite books.
An Agatha Christie delight. A Miss Victoria Jones, a London Cockney, and not the best shorthand typist, is once again out of a job. She is cheeky, full of life and is just waiting for an adventure, and who should come into her life but a young Edward, who is off to Baghdad.

Ready for adventure Victoria followed Edward out to Iraq. Everything is falling into place, well almost, except she is broke and needs a job, when who should knock on her door, but a British Spy, who unfortunately dies in her...more
An Odd1
"We've all got to die sometime. And if there's another life after this which I myself fully believe, he'll have the satisfaction of knowing that his faith and his courage have done more to save this sorry old world from a fresh attack of bloodletting and misery than almost anyone that one can think of" p 217. Spymaster's eulogy is soggy ordinary prose. Heroine's Romeo-Juliet fancy bumps down to earth.

International intrigue is mere background to spunky girls who get themselves out of trouble. Wh...more
Mónica Silva
Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...

Nesta obra, Agatha Christie presenteia-nos com um registo um pouco diferente do habitual, na medida em que acompanhamos uma teia de intrigas e espionagem intrincada, sem o contributo de qualquer um dos detetives mais famosos do universo literário da autora.

A protagonista, Victoria, é uma jovem determinada mas um pouco tola, a quem por vezes falta inteligência e perspicácia para perceber os problemas em que se meteu. Confesso que se tornou u...more
I'm giving this four stars because it was a lot of fun to read. Not the usual murder mystery from Agatha Christie but a suspense novel (that's rather upbeat.) This book had all my favorite components:
1. Exotic location
2. Classic vintage feel (which is quite real given it was published in 1951.)
3. Plucky heroine.
4. Suspenseful plot without being too creepy or graphic.

Great vacation read. Loved it.

*my head was spinning in the first few chapters trying to keep all the characters straight, but that...more
DeeDee 3kk
my Favorit writer
As usual wonderful novel in terms of mystery and analysis of figures
Duha KB
رواية معقدة و متشابكة .. جميلة كعادة روايات اغاثا كريستي .. لكن النهاية لم تليق بالرواية
Simon Taylor
It’s fair to say this is not your standard Agatha Christie. Gone is Poirot, and of Miss Marple there is no sign. There isn’t even a great deal of wondering about “whodunit”, and there’s certainly no English villages.

Young, sassy, sexy Victoria Jones is an adventurer, compulsive liar and the worst typist in London. Not long after getting the sack (not for the first time, no doubt) she meets a dashing young man called Edward (suck it up Meyers, Christie beat you by 60 years!) who is off to Baghdad...more
I read genre fiction, or more precisely mysteries, for disposable comfort. I started reading Christie when I was high school, and return to her every now and again as an adult. Yep, she has a considerable amount of faults as a writer, but her plots are immediately involving and a damn fine way to spend a rainy afternoon with a pot of tea, a bed pillow, and my dog. There is nothing particularly remarkable about They Came to Baghdad, but it is my favorite book by her. I read it every year, and I j...more
Lori McD
4 stars
RECOMMENDED FOR: Agatha Christie fans and all lovers of good mysteries

Classic Agatha Christie, but with a spunky heroine named Victoria Jones. No Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot... no, 20-something Victoria Jones, a Mr. Dakin, an Edward, a Michael Carmichael, an archeologist, a mysterious Anna Scheele, and Richard Baker.

But Victoria is the main focus of the story, once it gets started. And yes, it takes place in Iraq in and around Baghdad. See, Victoria meets a handsome young man in London...more
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880...more
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