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Football Genius (Football Genius, #1)
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Football Genius (Football Genius #1)

4.17  ·  Rating Details ·  4,200 Ratings  ·  349 Reviews
Bestselling author and former NFL player Tim Green scores a touchdown with this exhilarating novel, his first for young readers.Football Geniusis an action-packed adventure with gripping suspense, a hero you can really root for, and an insider's look at the world of professional football. Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica.

Troy White has a phenomenal gift. He can predict foot
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published July 3rd 2007 by HarperCollins (first published July 2007)
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Joey R.
Oct 29, 2015 Joey R. rated it really liked it

In the novel, Football Genius, written by Tim Green, Troy White has a special ability. He has the ability to predict any football play before it happens. Troy lives outside of Atlanta with his single mother. He plays football in his high school with his best friends, Tate and Nathan. Troy is a quarterback who is overshadowed by his coach’s son, who isn’t nearly as good as Troy, but still starts over him. When his mom gets a job with Troy’s favorite NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, he thinks he can
Mar 09, 2009 Blake added it
Football Genius
I read the novel Football Genius by Tim Green. The story takes place around Troy White’s house and the Atlanta Falcon’s football stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The main character in the book is Troy. Troy is an ordinary 12 year old boy except when it comes to his special talent. He can predict plays before they happen on the football field. Even with this talent he still sits the bench for his pee wee team the Duluth Tigers. He is the backup quarterback right behind the coach’s son,
May 29, 2015 Hudson rated it it was amazing
I loved this book, because I play football every day at recess (I'm in second grade). I do this thing at school called Lit Circles, and I chose this book and read it with a few classmates. I found the book very good, because I like football. The premise the book is that a middle-schooler named Troy can figure out the plays before they happen. The Atlanta Falcons get ahold of him first because his mom has a job with the team. One of the players of the team, named Seth--a very famous football play ...more
Mark Hauberg
Oct 04, 2012 Mark Hauberg rated it it was amazing
I really enjoyed this book because it is a sports book and it really interests me. Especially because there is a kid in it named Troy that is my age and he is a "football genius." He becomes the coach of an NFL team called the Atlanta Falcons. He isnt the head coach, but he tells the head coach what to do and he listens to the kid. The team improves with Troy being a part of the team, but the fans would rather have a legit coach than some teenage kid so they are dissapointed in the team as a who ...more
Jonas Harper
Mar 25, 2014 Jonas Harper rated it really liked it
Jonas Harper
English E Period
March 25, 2014
Outside Reading
- Football Genius by Tim Green
Main Characters
-Troy is a young kid who loves football, but is struggling with not having a father and being bullied by a kid name Jamie.
-Jamie father is the head coach of the football team, and Jamie is the starting QuarterBack instead of Troy, even though his better QuarterBack.
-Seth Halloway is a famous star linebacker

Summary of the Plot
-The story takes place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Georgia.
-Troy s
Alex Klosterman
Jan 07, 2016 Alex Klosterman rated it it was amazing
I gave this book a five out of five star rating, because Football Genius by Tim Green was one of the best books that I have ever read. I just wanted to keep reading this book, and never stop. So that I could find out what would happen in the end.

I would recommend this book, because Football Genius was just so good. Also, anybody that likes to read sports books this is the one for you. The age level of this book would be anybody that is in middle school, but you can be younger or older Football
Michael Beausoleil
Sep 13, 2016 Michael Beausoleil rated it liked it
Football genius was a sports book about a boy named Troy White that can predict any football play before it happens. When his mom gets a job with an NFL team, he knows it's his only chance to help his family out. I thought this was an interesting and cool book because I like the game of football and I think what Troy white can do is impressive. I didn't like how the book was kinda plain and simple. I did like the story line though it was an interesting topic. The strengths of this book were it h ...more
Benjamin Conrod
Sep 07, 2016 Benjamin Conrod rated it really liked it
Shelves: favorites
The very idea of a football genius is brilliant. Tim Green describes a very real scenario of three young friends and their battle against society and some of the evil, twisted people/ideas that run it. I completely enjoyed this page-turning book. The descriptions of the football game, plays, players, and teams were very accurate, and I liked how the author didn't seem to make anything up. The main character, Troy, has an ability that seems to be quite possible. As a whole, the book accurately di ...more
Oct 03, 2012 Kenny rated it really liked it
Football Genius is about a teenager boy named Nate.His mom name is Jenna working at a NFL team. But she was about to get fired, so Nate try to become friends with the head coach so he wouldn't fired his mom. But while he did that he also try to become a coach or asistant coach because he think he's football genius.
This book is good and also interesting because I like football and all it talk about is, how to play football and how you should play. I would recommend this book to anybody that play
Dec 18, 2011 Jeremiah rated it it was amazing
Shelves: done-2
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Jan 14, 2016 Jayden rated it it was amazing
In the novel, Football Genius, written by Tim Green, Troy White has a special ability. He has the ability to predict any football play before it happens. Troy lives outside of Atlanta with his single mother. He plays football in his high school with his best friends, Tate and Nathan. Troy is a quarterback who is overshadowed by his coach’s son, who isn’t nearly as good as Troy, but still starts over him. When his mom gets a job with Troy’s favorite NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, he thinks he can ...more
Alexander Ahlquist
Dec 17, 2015 Alexander Ahlquist rated it really liked it
One book that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves sports, specifically football, would be Football Genius by Tim Green. The author, Tim Green, is an ex-NFL player who currently writes sports books for many different ages. The book is a very interesting read where you can learn about how NFL games work, gives you a different view on trying to win NFL games, and shows you the life of a NFL player. Troy White can predict any football play before it happens based on down, distance, formatio ...more
Barrett Nelson
Oct 28, 2015 Barrett Nelson rated it it was amazing
Troy has an amazing skill. Nothing that you ever thought could be possible. He is like a football weatherman. He can predict plays before they happen. One day he sneaked into his favorite team player, Seth Halloway and stole a football and ran away. He's favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, are horrible this year, but they would be so much better if he could predict the other teams plays and tell the Falcons defense. Then he gets his chance when his mom gets a job at the Falcons stadium and a fr ...more
Trevor Sims
Apr 20, 2015 Trevor Sims rated it really liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Feb 28, 2015 Logan rated it it was amazing
Football Genius by Tim Green and it is realistic fiction. The theme is to never give up and try, try, try and it is 243 pages. It is about this kid named Troy and there is a bully in his school. The bully’s name is Jamie and he was going to make fun of Troy so Troy said, “His mom worked for the Falcons.” At that time Jamie said, “Bring a football that is signed.” Troy’s mom applied for a cleaning up after the game job, but she had not got the job yet. Troy stole a football from Seth Holloway. Wh ...more
Ryley Hofferber
Jan 19, 2015 Ryley Hofferber rated it really liked it
I enjoyed "Football Genius" by Tim Green, because it was a book about football."Football Genius" is about a ten year old boy named Troy who lives in Atlanta,Georgia and can tell football plays before they even happen. His skills can be used during any football game except preseason games because they have no game plan. He meets Seth Holloway who is the linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons and shows his skill to him when they are watching a college game on TV. Troy can tell by the teams formations ...more
Cyrus Esperanza
A boy named Troy played on a football team. He was not a started because the starter was the coaches kid. After practice he tells the team a lie that his single parent mom works for the Atlanta Falcons, and that she can get them an official football. So he had to think of a way to get a football with the Falcon logo on it fast. After a week he got an idea, he knew that the neighboorhood near by had a football player on the Falcons. Troy is a kid who doesnt have the best grades and gets in troubl ...more
Austin Boen
My friend recommended this book to me. This story takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. It mostly takes place at the super dome or the main characters house, Troy. A external conflict that he faces is that the Atlanta Falcons don't notice his talent. A internal conflict he faces is he has to debate to himself whether he should do something against his mom saying or not. Sometimes it is the right decision sometimes it is not. He is dynamic because he is more brave and get his talents noticed by the Fa ...more
Colton Hutchison
This book is about a kid, Troy, who can see any football play before it happened. That is why the book's called "Football Genius." Troy's mom started working for the Atlanta Falcons so he figured it was as good as time as any to show what he could do.

I thought the plot was interesting because of how original it was. I mean, who would think of writing about a kid who could basically see the future. I think the characters were good too because of how they interact and get in trouble with each othe
Paul Averill
May 29, 2014 Paul Averill rated it it was amazing
The book "Football Genius" is about a 12 year old kid named Troy White who lives in Atlanta, GA with his mom. His dad left him when he was little and moved to Chicago, IL. Troy was the back-up QB of his middle school football team, the Duluth Tigers. Troy was not playing as much as he wanted to because the dad of the starting quarterback was the head coach. Troy can predict any football play that is going to happen. He can see a bunch of patterns and determine what the opposing team will do the ...more
James Vanevenhoven
Nov 17, 2014 James Vanevenhoven rated it really liked it
Troy is a kid who is not the best player on the field, but he has one of the greatest football IQ’s of his generation. He plays with the second string on the team, and helps the kind of players that stand up on the line or don’t know how to run the plays. He is a pretty good kid, he respects and listens to his mother and is always making the right choices. Well, except for the time he stole an Atlanta Falcons practice football but other than that he is a really good kid. He is also struggling wi ...more
Justin Aldrich
Mar 21, 2014 Justin Aldrich is currently reading it
I choose the book Football Genius because, my brother had read it and told me he had really enjoyed it. The setting takes place at Troys' house, and at the Georgia dome in Atlanta Georgia. When Seth and Troy are watching games on TV its mostly at Troys' house, but when Troy is calling the plays and reading the other teams plays its at the Georgia Dome. Troy is facing a major problem. His problem is that he has a power and he can predict any play that is coming next, but how is he going to get th ...more
Kenneth Olson
Sep 23, 2016 Kenneth Olson rated it it was amazing
The book Football Genius by Tim Green is about Friendship and trust.Its about friendship because Troy becomes a strong friend with Middle Linebacker for the Falcons,Seth Halloway. Troy has an unbelievable talent.He can watch a football game and read or see the play before it happens no matter whether he's predicting Offense or defense.He plays for a piwi football team called the Duluth Tigers with his two best friends Tate and Nathan.Troy is the second string QB behind Jamie Renfro,the ultimate ...more
Nikita M
Oct 22, 2015 Nikita M rated it really liked it

Football Genius, By Tim Green, is book about a kid who tries very hard to become a football player/coach. He also has some disadvantages to that. He struggles in practices, because kid “Jamie,” picks on him. Jamie tells Troy he can't be a football player no matter how much he tried, because Troy has a dad. He is fostered, so he only has a foster mom, but no dad. Troy can’t do anything to Jamie, because he is bigger, and stronger, and his dad is the coach, so Troy doesn’t want to mess around wit
Joshua Vishney
Feb 25, 2015 Joshua Vishney rated it it was amazing
This book is called Football Genius and it is by former Atlanta Falcons player Tim Green. This book genre is fictional but the charaters in the book are actual people in real life. This is about a 13 year old boy who plays tackle football but has an amazing gift, he can predict the next play that a team will make before it even happens. His mom works for the Atlanta Falcons and Troy tries to help the team but this just makes his mom even more mad. There is a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons na ...more
Oct 18, 2015 Austing rated it liked it
This book follows Troy White, an athletic football player that has star potential. To bad his star potential is over looked for the coaches son who happens to play quarterback 100 times worse than Troy. This doesn't please Troy's mom who can barely put Troy through football with struggling money issues. Tory's dad abandoned his family leaving his mother to provide for them. Things aren't very bright for Troy until his mom gets a job as a receptionist for the Atlanta Falcons. Everything changes f ...more
Oct 01, 2015 Michael rated it really liked it
Tim Green, a former football player for the Atlanta Falcons, one day had an idea for a book, called Football Genius. The main character, Troy, plays football, and has an amazing talent of being able to predict any football play before it even happens. The conflict of this book begins when Troy attempts to steal a Falcons football for a school kid you find out about later in the book. He steals the football because of a bet at school. One day, he finds out that his mom has gotten a job with the F ...more
Clarke Tichy
May 02, 2014 Clarke Tichy rated it it was amazing
I currently just finished reading this book, it was amazing. The whole plot in this book helped me alot.Troy and his mother, Tessa, live off Rt. 141 down a twisty dirt road in Atlanta, Georgia. Troy and his friends, Tate and Nathan, play junior league football for the Duluth Tigers and get together to trade football cards. When his mom finishes her degree through night school and gets a new job in the public relations department of the Atlanta Falcons, Troy is elated. He trades cards until he ha ...more
Jaxon Shelby
Oct 01, 2015 Jaxon Shelby rated it it was amazing
This is probably one of my favorite books i have read, its suspenseful and if you like the NFL and football, you'll definitely like this book. troy (Main Character), goes through some tough times but he meets the middle linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons and everything changes. Overall, I though this was a really good book.
Antonio Quintanilla
“Football Genius” by Tim Green is probably one of my favorite books of all time. I found this book in my school llibrary three weeks ago. The book is so descriptive that it makes you feel like you are in the story.

The book starts off with Troy White a twelve year old quarterback for a pee wee football team in Atlanta called the Duluth Tigers. He is second string behind the coach’s son Jaime Renfro, who is nowhere near as good as Troy. Troy also has an amazing talent, to be able to read any footb
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Tim Green, for many years a star defensive end with the Atlanta Falcons, is a man of many talents. He's the author of such gripping books for adults as the New York Times bestselling The Dark Side of the Game and a dozen suspense novels, including Exact Revenge and Kingdom Come. Tim graduated covaledictorian from Syracuse University and was a first-round NFL draft pick. He later earned his law deg ...more
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