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How to Slay a Dragon (The Journals of Myrth, #1)
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How to Slay a Dragon (The Journals of Myrth #1)

3.59 of 5 stars 3.59  ·  rating details  ·  355 ratings  ·  85 reviews
Ruuan is a very large dragon. Twelve-year-old Greg Hart can't slay a dragon. He'd be lucky to win a fight against one of the smaller girls at school.
Now the magicians of Myrth have mistaken him for a legendary warrior, so they've yanked Greg into their world of sorcery and danger. Nothing will stop the people of Myrth from believing Greg will rescue King Peter's daughter
Paperback, 228 pages
Published January 1st 2011 by Bell Bridge Books
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I have reviewed this book; the review can be found here, on Booklikes, and here, on my blog. However, I will no longer be posting reviews on Goodreads, due to its recent changes to terms of service and, far worse, the boneheaded and incomprehensible way it is proceeding with the new policy. Deleting content, almost randomly, and without warning (whatever they may have said) is wrong, and a half-hearted apology later doesn't make it all better. Failing to provide a sitewide announcement is wrong. ...more
Jun 21, 2011 Gmr rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: all ages
Recommended to Gmr by: Bell Bridge Books
Have you ever heard it's all in what you say...or rather how it's perceived? Mistaken meanings happen EVERY DAY. Online, in person, in text , on the phone, you name it and someone has mistaken the meaning of what someone has said for something completely different...for better or worse. Such is the case here for our young "hero" (champion or sandwich?), Greg Hart of Earth who apparently is the long sought champion-to-be of Myrth in lieu of another by a similar name that happens to fight dragons ...more
For Greg Hart, fantasies are a part of life. His journal is a place to share the person that he wishes he was. A hero. A strong, quick and brave character who slays vicious baddies with one hand tied behind his back (and of course always gets the girl in the end). Little does poor Greg know that he is destined to set off on a actual dangerous quest! In this story Greg really is the hero, and one false move will land him on the dragon's lunch menu.

I honestly loved Greg as a character, and I know
Reading Vacation

Greg and I have something in common. We are both small for our age. It is not something that I let get in my way, and neither does Greg. When he is named by a prophecy to be the one to slay Ruuan the dragon,

Greg must face his fears and do the right thing. It's a matter of knowing what the right thing is that makes this story so interesting. Greg grows in confidence and he learns that he has much more to offer than he ever thought possible.

I enjoyed reading about Greg’s adventures in Myrth – a my
Jenny Rose
I stumbled on How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen as a freebie. Greg Hart is a small, skinny boy who loves to write imaginative stories which make him the hero of mythical, medieval adventures. He is bullied by a typical bully—Manny “Malice.” One encounter with Manny is interrupted as Greg is transported to the planet Myrth to fulfill a prophecy.

At times this story reminded me of Pilgrim’s Progress and at others it reminded me a little of Star Wars. It is a definite page turner as the author leav
Bill Allen has created the perfect protagonist for middle school readers. Greg Hart is rich in imagination but a tad below average in size, strength and self confidence. That all changes when he is magically transported to another world, Myrth, to fulfill a prophecy. This prophecy requires heroics way beyond poor Greg's skill set but he goes along with the quest because the folks in this world believe in him.

Allen's wit, sense of humor, and word play skills will entice reluctant readers to follo
Sean Randall
"When Greg opened his eyes his first reaction was to close them again instantly. This turned out to be his second reaction as well. He might have given it a third go had one of the hooded figures hovering over him not poked him with a sharp stick before he could get to it."

This was delightfully amusing for the younger reader, clever morality and fun adventure. Very interesting to compare it with Red Planet, aimed at a similar age bracket in the same country but some 60 plus years earlier and wit
Kate Olesin
My review:
One of the best things on a quiet Friday night to yourself is the opportunity to cuddle with a good book. Last night, I made use of the new Kindle Lending Library to borrow How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen (Bell Bridge, 2011). Even though I can only borrow one book a month on my one month free trial of Amazon Prime (Surprise! That’s how they get you!) I definitely plan on buying upcoming books in this series (again, they got me!).

I’m not sure why I’ve been drifting mo
How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen tells the story of Greg Hart a small boy with an overactive imagination who is pulled into a real adventure in a different realm. Greg is told that he is Greghart the dragon slayer and that there is a prophecy that he is to slay the dragon and save the princess. Greg and his new friend Lucky go on an adventure after adventure until finally meeting the dragon in his lair.

This is a fantastic fantasy novel that is filled with adventure (and difficult vocabulary w
I love daydreaming about being something I thought I would or could never be: a rockstar, a famous actor, an astronaut, a circus performer, and a hero. We all have had that fantasy where we believe we know exactly how we would act if we were placed in a situation where our fantasies became reality. Greg Hart....poor, poor Greg Hart had no idea that he would not have to just fantasize about what he would do, but he would have to face the most challenging of all the popular fantasies.

Greg Hart is
Kristina Cardoza
How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen is a fun, action-packed fantasy you'll definitely love! Greg Hart, besides the fact that he's one of the scrawniest boys at his school, is a normal boy in a normal world with a normal life.

...Until now.

Greg is being taken to the fantasy world of Myrth, and if it isn't bad enough being on a medieval planet with ogres, trolls, and witches, he is named in a prophecy (as Greghart, though, not Greg Hart) and it is foretold that he is to slay a dragon to sav
I don’t mind when stories have similar story lines as long as each story is new and interesting. Unfortunately How To Slay A Dragon‘s story was a bit boring. It’s a pretty typical set up: our protagonist is ripped from his normal life and thrown into a new world. In this new world, he’s the one who has to save the world even though he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Surprise! He learns a lot in this new world and is the hero everyone thought he would be.

I don’t mean to say the story is bad because
How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen
4 stars
How to Slay a Dragon is a fun ride. It is quite the adventure that Greg Hart finds him self in. Greg is a hero in his stories that he writes but in school he is picked on by bullies. One day he was running from the bullies and all of a sudden he is somewhere else Myrth.
King Peter of Myrth had his magicians bring him for they believed he was the hero who was prophicied would slay the dragon and rescue the princess. They all really belived this boy could s
Wow. Very funny, witty, sarcastic, the works. And yet it didn't come across as negative at all.
Greg Hart is bright but not nerdy, small but not teeny, and the only thing he's really good at is being a coward. Runny away. Then another world's prophecy names him as the one to slay (ha) a 300 foot dragon and rescue the princess and face the ogre and lead the army and trick the witch. But at least he has a Lucky companion, a stick-wielding martial arts master, and a sleep-inducing shadowcat (Rake is
La-Tessa Montgomery
Rating: 4.5

"How to Slay a Dragon" is the story of 12 yr old Greg Hart and his adventures on the planet Mryth--which he is transported to by the King's magicians to slay a dragon & rescue the princess, thus fulfuilling the prophecy. The only problem is Greg is a self proclaimed scrawny kid who's convinced the prophecy is wrong. In a world where everyone believes whole heartedly in the truth of prophecies, Greg finds pushed along the path towards his dragon slaying journey. Will Greg figure ou
Amy Lignor
There are so many fantasy books out there in the market today, that it’s very, very rare to get your hands on one that is so different from the rest - with so many fun characters and a truly exciting plot - that when it does happen, readers should flock to their bookstores. …And Bill Allen has most definitely begun a series that is completely unique and absolutely “flock-inducing.”

Greg Hart is the main character of this wonderful story. Greg is a young man who has to look forward to beginning j
Jan 06, 2012 Slayermel rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who has children that enjoy adventure stories
This was a very interesting story; it’s about a young boy named Greg who is the kid the bullies pick on at school. He has become an expert at running away, that is until one day he is sucked into a portal that transfers him to Myrth where everyone calls him GregHart the Dragon slayer. It would appear that the people of Myrth live their lives believing in prophecy and Greg is at the centre of their current one. He is supposed to save the princess from the dragon Ruuan. Greg is understandably conc ...more
Michelle Isenhoff
I happened onto this book during a free promo and approached it very cautiously. You see, about five percent of the books I find for free do I actually finish—or even get beyond page fifteen. This one looked cute, however, and I was impressed with the sample text, so I settled in for a longer read. It ended up being a wonderful surprise!

Within, Greg Hart is about to start seventh grade, and he’s not really looking forward to it. True, he is the fastest kid in his class, but that’s mainly because
J.E. Rogers
Such an enjoyable Read! Bill Allen has created a world and cast of characters you will want to revisit, and you can since this is the first in the Journals of Myrth.

Greg Hart, a scrawny twelve year old, spends a lot of time daydreaming and writing stories in his journal. In his stories he is the champion, the savior of kingdoms, killer of monsters and rescuer of damsels in distress.
Today, Greg’s daydreams are rudely interrupted by the school bully, Manny Malistino, AKA, Manny Malice. In an att
Twelve-year-old Greg Hart is a great hero, able to defeat any and all monsters and all-round bad guys while still making it home for dinner - at least in the stories he writes. In real life, he is the constant target of bullies, beaten up on a daily basis. One day, as he is running from one such bully, Greg finds himself pulled into a different world called Myrth where he discovers that, according to prophesy, he will slay a dragon and save the princess.

Greg tries to convince everyone the prophe
When I first started reading this book I was kind of lost, if I must be honest... It starts like any other book, introducing the main character, Greg, writing in his journal all his "adventures" fighting against giants and trolls, but the truth is that Greg is just a normal and small (very small for his age) 12 year old boy that lives on Earth and his greatest ability is to out run the bullies... But then, he's transport to the world of Myrth and what kept me wondering for almost five chapters w ...more
“Greg held his breath as they passed and silently congratulated himself for not screaming, even if his ability to keep quiet was largely due to the tightness of the hand Nathan clamped over his mouth. In moments the danger was gone.”

Scrawny, scared, twelve-year-old Greg Hart likes to write in his journals about grand adventures. In real life, he is more likely to be seen running at top speed from a bully than fighting one. One day much like any other, he is running away from one of his main torm
Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
Originally posted at:

Greg Hart has an active imagination for a boy. He’s not particularly athletic or exceptionally smart. He writes in his journal and creates exciting fantasies where he's the “hero” in some imaginary adventure. He sure never expected to transport from his world to another and find himself ACTUALLY facing a death-defying adventure!

This author has created a very challenging course for his young character who keeps protesting he’s no hero.
Book Bunny
From the Book Bunny's own review site:

One of the best things on a quiet Friday night to yourself is the opportunity to cuddle with a good book. Last night, I made use of the new Kindle Lending Library to borrow How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen (Bell Bridge, 2011). Even though I can only borrow one book a month on my one month free trial of Amazon Prime (Surprise! That’s how they get you!) I definitely plan on buying upcoming books in this series (again, they got me!).

I’m not su
Mary Kincaid
Adventures of a seventh grade boy who keeps a journal in a fantasy land of myth. Greg Hart is dropped into this magic place when his only true skill is speed. But he rises to the occasion by getting everyone to see reason, and using his logic. Haunted during his adventures by a prophecy and a bard, he bravely trudges on to face the dragon eventually becoming victorious.
Anh Ngoc
I started reading this book in a bored/down mood, and it lightened me up pretty well.

It was pretty cute at the start, Greg Hart was funny, cute, and the way he thought made me giggle quite a number of times :)
The story was quite interesting and caught my attention until half of the book (when i had to stop for a while) and i lost interest in it and could not get started again finding the story was being dragged a bit too long...

In the end, i started reading the book again, wanting to finish it,
Carolyn Banks
Great read

I cannot remember what made me choose this book that I assume is for children but it was a great read. The main character is a believable 12 year old who is bullied by a bigger boy. What ensues as he is pulled into another world is a compendium of every dream a young fellow might have.
Ugh. We got this as a family read-aloud. Even the teens love to curl up in the living room while Dad reads to us. This seemed to have so much going for it - dragons, "epic" story with reluctant, ordinary hero. But it proved to be so slo-o-ow in plot, with a predictable storyline and annoying characters. The characters are where this book lost our interest. We did not finish the book. With other books, the children would beg dad for another chapter and eagerly ask for the next installment. With t ...more
I really, really enjoyed this book even though it is probably aimed for younger readers (preteen or younger, I would guess).

Humorous, with a few jokes sprinkled throughout that may only be caught by advanced readers, the book was mostly lighthearted throughout. It kind of reminded me of Monty Python, with its play on words. The story moves at a good pace, and only has a handful of characters, mostly focusing on Greg (or Greghart), Lucky, and Nathan.

I liked the various situations Greg found himse
Magicians from Myrth have pulled Great Hart to their world so that he can slay a dragon in accord with the prophecy. The only problem is that Greg is 12 and has no knowledge of how to slay dragons.

The book was an interesting journey running around Myrth getting the different items needed to slay the dragon. It was an amusing book and a lot longer than I expected in the children's / YA category. This book would have been better served by cutting out a bit of the satirical dialogue; some of the sc
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Bill Allen may be described as an unusual man who has accomplished an unusual many deeds. In fact, it has been said that if you total up all the things he claims to have done, he cannot possibly be less than seven hundred years old.

No one knows if this is true. All that is certain is that for much of that time he's been living in Melbourne, Florida with his wife, Nancy, writing software by day and
More about Bill Allen...

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