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El ciclo del hombre lobo
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El ciclo del hombre lobo

3.57 of 5 stars 3.57  ·  rating details  ·  25,885 ratings  ·  570 reviews
El primer grito fue el de un ferroviario aislado por la nieve, cuando sintió unos colmillos desgarrando su garganta. Al mes siguiente se oyó un grito de agonía proferido por una mujer a quien atacaban en su habitación.
Cada vez que la luna brilla en la aislada y solitaria ciudad de Tarker's Mills se producen escenas de increíble horror. Nadie sabe quién será la próxima víct
Paperback, 191 pages
Published January 1st 2011 by DeBols!llo (first published 1983)
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Sam Quixote
In the small American town of Tarker's Mills, a series of grisly murders has people talking. Not just about the way they are killed - brutally mauled to death as if by an animal - but also because of the pawprints found near the bodies and the howling heard in the nights. And the way that the killings only take place every full moon. Could it be... a werewolf?

It’d be funny if it wasn’t, right? Stephen King calling this Cycle of the Werewolf and have the creature be Frankenstein’s Monster taking
Sep 24, 2014 Mark rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Stephen King fans
I am a big fan of Mr. Kings writings and even if I am Dutch by nationality I find his words work far better in English. I found this illustrated paperback short story in a 2nd hand book store, had heard of it before but never found a copy.

This short story told in 12 chapters as in the months of the year tells the tale of a small town being under attack of a werewolfish killer. It is a brilliant short tale and the illustrations add to the mood of the story. As always King does not need a lot of s
Cycle of the Werewolf is divided into twelve parts, the full moon of each month. A werewolf is killing people in Tarker's Mills. For a reader there isn't any mystery - you get your werewolf right away. You only don't know the man.

I guess it comes down to whether you enjoy reading monster stories or not. There isn't any deep characterization here. You either like the characters without any particular reason or you don't. I felt sorry for Marty, but only because he couldn't participate in the gam
Now that's what I call a werewolf. Forget teenage boys with chiseled abs of steel, THIS is what real werewolves are like in actual good stories. At 128 pages this book takes less than 20 minutes to read but it is better than 300 page novels full of fluff. Every entry is in the form of a month & tells of an attack by a werewolf in the small town of Tarker Mills, Maine where everyone is not only a potential victim but also a potential suspect as the massive killer beast runs rampant at every f ...more
Edward Lorn
Let's get a few things out of the way: First, this is a classic. Second, there's only one version of this book that counts, and that's Plume's 1983 trade paperback. Thirdly, the film adaptation, "Silver Bullet" (written for the screen by Stephen King), is a deeper overall experience: better character development, cooler kills, the inclusion of that most-epic motorcycle/wheelchair every 80's kid wanted whether they were handicapped or not, and mo' frakkin' Corey Haim partnering up with crazy-as-b ...more
It's no secret to those who know me...two things: I'm a huge fan of Stephen King, and I'm a sucker for a good werewolf story. Ironically, I've owned this novella for years, and finally decided to read it.

Tarker's Mills is beset with horror as, every month during the full moon, someone or something, has been killing people in town, starting in January with a railroad worker. Townspeople speak of a drifter or some sort of psychotic malcontent, but some even believe a werewolf is responsible. But
Every-day life in a small town in Maine is disrupted when a werewolf comes tearing through, literally. He appears every full moon for a few months straight and takes out a couple people while putting everyone in town on edge. His targets and victims are random... at first. The only thing connecting them is that they're alone when attacked. You're led to believe that it's a mindless animal... but is it really?

This was my first Stephen King book. I read it when I much younger, probably too young t
Stefan Yates
Cycle of the Werewolf is a fun, quick read that can easily be finished in just a couple of hours. Each chapter is only a few pages long and covers the supposed moon cycle for one month in a year of terror. The story centers around a small New England town that is being terrorized by the savage and violent attacks of a werewolf. Each vignette centers on the werewolf's activity for the full moon of htat month. King acknowledges that he manipulated the fall of the full moon to fit his own scheme of ...more
Quentin Wallace
Loved this one. My first novel is a werewolf book, and I'm sure this book had something to do with why I chose werewolves. First off, I am a huge comic book fan, and Berni Wrightson may be my favorite artist of all time, so his illustrations really made the book stand out for me. The book is set up around a calendar with each holiday being a special event in the book (mostly werewolf attacks.) Stephen King was still working his way through the monsters at this point, and this was his take on the ...more
I have owned this book forever, so I don't know why I never read it before. It was only about 125 pages, but there are several illustrations and four pages with no text between each chapter. That made it easy to read in a morning.

I have never read a werewolf story before, so that was fun. I liked how the first several chapters all showed different characters and then about half way through things started to merge so the conflict could be resolved. Loved that Marty dressed as Yoda for Halloween
Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
This book was written in short chapters representing the full moons of every month. Pure GENIUS!!
Loved the illustrations in through out this book and the story was awesome.
I admit it. I don't get this book. It's too short, very undeveloped, and basically feels like a quick afterthought. That said, the opening two chapters read almost like poetry, and the black & white illustrations are beautiful. The color illustrations don't seem to work as well, but the black & whites are amazing at evoking a time of year...beautiful. But as a book...I have no idea why it was written. It may have worked as a graphic novel with more illustrations to help tell the tale, bu ...more
One of Stephen King's earlier books, Cycle of the Werewolf is in fact more of a short story. Not even quite a novella. It's short, sweet, and rather to the point. All you could really ask of a horror story.

Month by month, the Beast stalks Tarker Mills. Each month marks a new kill, a growing terror in the town. The stories are short, each kill a classic of the werewolf genre. The only survivor is a young kid in a wheelchair, who then decides to go further and find out just who the killer in.

As fa
I don't know what I expected, but this wasn't it... I typically like stories from the werewolf's perspective and we only get a very little bit of that here. It's mainly a cast-of-characters mystery: each month a resident of a small town is brutally murdered. Point of view changes each chapter, merging the collective perspective of the town. Whodunnit? becomes a question as King hints that it is someone he's introduced us to. Each chapter has its own twist as King plays with the expectations of t ...more
'El ciclo del hombre lobo' es un pequeño cuento acerca de una serie de asesinatos (uno cada mes) que ocurren en luna llena (raro ¿uh?).

Realmente suena a buena idea pero el escrito es muy corto, lineal y no ahonda mucho en ideas o material original, de hecho el mismo escrito lo remarca ya en Diciembre. Lo que de verdad separa a 'el ciclo del hombre lobo' de otros trabajos de King es las hermosas ilustraciones de Bernie Wrightson, que de seguro recordaran de Batman/Aliens, House of Mystery y mucho
May 03, 2010 chucklesthescot rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: YA,werewolf fans,short horror story fans
Shelves: fiction, horror
I liked this story and they made it into a good film version.A young boy in a wheelchair survives an attack by a werewolf who has been leaving a trail of bodies around town.With help from his sister,they decide to find out who is the monster and stop him.But telling the man that you know what he is just makes you the next target.
I've got this short story in a lovely graphic novel form and its a nice short read to look at.A good werewolf tale that would have been good in a longer novel form.
I remember really enjoying this and I think it became the movie Silver Bullet, starring Gary Busey and a child actor whose name I can't remember. Decent artwork and a vicious monster. The fact all the full moons occur on the significant days of each month (e.g. Valentines Day, Christmas Day, and Halloween) is even commented on by King himself, but if it drives the plot, why nitpick? Great story, not quite a graphic novel, but a gruesome, fun read all the same.
James Witherspoon

Jen warned me to prepare for disappointment, so I did, but I wasn't disappointed at all really. It's a short story, that is mostly about different people getting killed by a werewolf. It's very straightforward and simple, but I liked it okay. It's not fantastic, or new, by any means, but it's still pretty enjoyable. The pictures in it were really good too.
Alexander Draganov
I'm not a big fan of Stephen King, but I liked this novel. It was well-written, with likable main character and very good desciptions of the monster and its gruesome murders, without being cheesy or over-the-top. The strongest point was the atmosphere - chilling and cosy in the same time. The illustrations of Berni Wrightson were quite spectacular, too.
Cycle of the Werewolf
Author: Stephen King
Illustrator: Berni Wrightson
On a snowy night on the full moon of January, a man is killed by what seems to be a wild animal, and so begins the cycle of the werewolf. In the town of Tarker Mills, a year of brutal deaths by a man turned wolf every month ensues, as you follow the victims last moments, and the experiences they endure.
This was a very enjoyable book, and I liked seeing as the story progressed with each month, with the awareness of the wolf
A basic werewolf story, to which King doesn't really bring anything new, even if he always has interesting characters. Once again an American small town works great in a horror novel, and when King sinks his teeth into the small town life, it's executed in such a way that I always keep coming back to get a fix of that certain atmosphere. Although the identity of the werewolf is easy to guess right at the beginning, this was still an entertaining snack. Even at his worst King is highly readable a ...more
Cheryl Landmark
This was a relatively short story and a very fast read.

Instead of chapters, the format consisted of the months of a single year and, in particular, the days on which the full moon occurred. Because, of course, this was when the hideous beast in the small town of Tarker Mills made his appearance to perform his murderous deeds. Each month briefly highlighted one resident of the small town who ended up being the werewolf's victim and, in typical Stephen King fashion, the deaths were vividly descri
a short piece, w/illustrations. w/o the illustrations, i don't believe i'd have liked the story, as much. i enjoyed the way the story is set up, the mechanics of the piece, following a january to december time-line, a neato that i've seen used elsewhere, say, michael perry's truck, a love of those works that as gore vidal said in a somewhat-recent interview in paris'd it go, that non-fiction writers are the...something something...the outcasts at ellis islan ...more
Jul 04, 2010 Slayermel rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: classic horror fans, Stephen King fans, or anyone who loves the classic monsters such as Werewolf's
I have wanted to read this for years, and could never find it anywhere. I finally broke down and ordered it at Chapters from their Kiosk. I’m so glad I did as I enjoyed every page, I just could not put it down. It’s a very quick read!

In the small town of Tarker Mills the residence live in fear every month during the full moon. It was in January when the first body was found after the full Moon, torn to shreds in a small shack next to the railway. In February it was a young woman in her bedroom.
Sudipto Saha
There are quite a lot of things that I did not like about this novella. To begin with, there is no "cycle of the werewolf" present in the book in that context. The werewolf just happens to appear once every month as per the lunar cycle with no notable change in its behavior throughout the months. Also, Stephen King has intentionally made the full moons coincide with important dates from each month (Valentine’s day, 4th of July, Halloween for example). As attractive as it looks, it was impractica ...more
Mar 09, 2013 Jason rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone, nobody, I'm rather indifferent
Recommended to Jason by: King's bibliography
I finally got this book, and now I officially have all of Stephen King's books (not counting the limited editions and kindle books). It was pretty hard to find, and I didn't find it in a store, but ended up ordering it online. I can understand why it's not in widespread circulation; it's not his greatest work. However, it also wasn't a time-waster either since so little time is needed to read it. I did it in an hour and a half or so, myself, and consider it time well spent.

The story is broken in
Jason P
Cycle of the Werewolf

I decided to travel back in time to a place called Tarker's Mill in the year of 1983, where this small town has been plagued by an awful hunter, the kind that can rip out your throat and drink up the life blood.

We're quickly introduced to a few bit-part characters that meet our Werewolf friend, making quick work of them by spilling their blood all over. As months pass this small town is terrified by this full-moon killer, he creeps up on you when you're least expecting it, a
When I was a child, the monster I feared most was the werewolf. To me, this was an irrational fear, because I'd never really seen any werewolf movies, or been exposed to any werewolf stories. Yet I can still close my eyes and imagine being approached by the silhouette of a hulking wolf-like figure standing on his hind legs, it's details shrouded in shadow, the light shining through the edges of its matted fur, and hearing a low guttural growl and knowing it's maw is full of gnashing teeth coated ...more
Muy buena narración del maestro King. Me gustó como se narró cada capítulo, y los sucesos de cada mes. El lobo en definitiva, es un ser brutal, que pierde toda la humanidad cuando la luna llena aparece. También me gustó que lo describiera como un ser deforme y no como un lobo en sí. No me gustó tanto el final, lo sentí muy apresurado. En fin, una lectura corta y entretenida.
Tee Jay
Apr 21, 2010 Tee Jay rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Die-hard Stephen King fans
Shelves: stephen-king
The text of Cycle of the Werewolf was originally intended to be a story printed on a werewolf-themed calendar that incidentally grew too large for the calendar format and was subsequently published as a novel instead. Thus, the story was never intended to be enjoyed in the novel format. Consequently, Cycle of the Werewolf does not work all that well: it is not at all scary and the characters are not very engaging and are not fleshed out or fully defined. Even while reading this novel the reader ...more
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Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother. Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father's family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut. When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, M ...more
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