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The Thin Executioner
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The Thin Executioner

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  3,247 ratings  ·  328 reviews
In a kingdom of merciless tyrants, Jebel Rum's family is honored as royalty because his father is the executioner. But Rashed Rum is near retirement. And when he goes, there will be a contest to determine his successor. It is a contest that thin, puny Jebel has no chance of winning. Humiliated and ashamed, Jebel sets out on a quest to the faraway home of a legendary fire g ...more
Kindle Edition, 451 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2010)
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Let me start off saying i love darren shan's books! i love how they are filled with adventure gore and humor! that being said this book is good but it dosen't stand up to the standards of his others. One of the things i disiked was the charcter tel hesani he was waaaaay to perfect. I mean there is no way in this whole book that he would say something to make you dislike him! Also i didn't understand why he put 'Bush' (George w bush) and 'Blair' (tony blair in the books. It seems odd because this ...more
Jebel is one of the sons of the executioner in their town (I forgot the name), a thin and accused as weak unlike his brothers. Time has come for his father to retire from being an executioner, so he endorse his two sons excluding Jebel to join a competition to become the next executioner.Because of his pride, Jebel think of joining the competition, but he knows it himself that he can't win the game.

There is only one way for him to gain the strength he needs to win the competition, Jebel need to
This book was absolutely thrilling! Many people that have also read this book are saying things like it didn't live up to the standards of Shan's other books, or that there weren't any twists in the plot, but that's what made this book even better! People are missing the meaning of this book! Yes, it was a fantasy. A nice one at that, there were plenty of gorey details; executions, whippings, slaves, etc. But the best part of the book was that this spoiled brat, Jebel Rum, became a hero. Not som ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was a very creative, original, enjoyable book in every way. I was fascinated by the Jordan-inspired names. It was very interesting to see darker-skinned and -haired people as the beautiful upper-class, and lighter-skinned, fairer-haired people as the slaves. The religious take was very thought-inspiring as well. I only remembered about halfway through that the book was inspired by Huckleberry Finn, and that remembrance brought even more meaning to an already wonderful story. It's about bein ...more
Nicholas Morgan
The Thin Executioner. Review made December 15, 2013

This book is about a young man named Jebel who is very thin and weak looking compared to his brothers. After his father dis-honored him by not saying him as a potential new executioner for when his father retires Jebel goes on a dangerous journey to prove himself worth a executioner. He gets his slave, Tel Henassi, and leaves for his journey. He gets through many blocks in his trip changes a lot over the book but he changes very slowly. I would
با اینوضع روحیم به خاطر هانگر گیمز اصلا ریویو نوشتن کار درستی نیست اما خب:دی
اون قالب فیکس همیشگی داستانای دارن شان رو نداره دیگه. اما خب... شخصیت اصلی مثل همه ی کتاباش تا حدی مبهم بود، مرد همراهش کپی پیستی از لارتن و یا درویش نبود اما بازم خیلی تمایل داشت:دی ایده کلی داستان خوب بود و خیلی روون اما واقعا به نظرم هیجانش کم بود. (بعد از هانگر گیز دیگه هیچ کتابی چشممو نمی گیره:|)
در مورد مسائل اعتقادی برعکس گذشته که به دارن و اعتقاداتش به شکل جوک نگاه می کردم این بار یکم جدی گرفتمش و خب، با یکی دو تا
Andres Ortiz
In the book The Thin Executioner by Darren Shan the story begins with Rashed Rum’s announcement of retiring from the post of the executioner. J’An and J’Al , sons of rashed rum were both mentioned as true warriors but Jebel wasn’t mentioned even though he was in the same family. Jebel, humiliated by his father decided to go on a quest to the lair of the fire god in determination to revise his honor, wield unimaginable power and become the thin executioner.
The thin executioner is a good fantas
The Thin Executioner was yet another one of Darren Shan's masterpieces of literary work. It's one of my personal favourites, and the expansive world and intriguing characters that are established only help to further cement this into my top favourite books.

The story follows Jebel Rum, who is the youngest of three sons with his father being the town's executioner. As executioners are well respected there, it's a given that Jebel would be excited that his father wants to hand over the position to
This is a book that really drawing me in! Darren Shann never fail to attract my attention of reading his books. I like his Cirque Du Freak books and this one is also is a very good premise. It starts with an awful beginning as the head rolling and also the sound of how the head cut from the neck of the prisoners. I thought, "I'm not good with with this dreadful reading stuff". Turn out, it is not so bad at all.

Thin executioner is actually introducing us a very thin young man who is on a quest wi
Xustine Yee
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The book “The Thin Executioner” by Darren Shan is a thrilling fiction book full of irony. It starts off in an ancient city called Um Aineh where the main character, Jebel, is embarrassed in front of the entire city by his own father! He is further shamed until redemption. To redeem himself he wishes to travel the treacherous journey to the Al-Meata mountain chain to petition the god of fire, Sabbah Eid. When petitioning this god you may or may not receive invincibility and righteousness. Jebel ...more
Jane Lee
I wouldn't have laid eyes on any of Darren Shan's works if it wasn't for my sister, who was the one who borrowed it for me. Initially, I was hesitant to read the book since I haven't heard of the author. Another reason why I was skeptical is because Jebel Rum wasn't exactly a protagonist that interested me to the very least. Unless of course he happened to be ran over by a tractor and bitten by twenty thousand eight hundred poisonous snakes. Jebel was arrogant, conceited and to put it bluntly, e ...more
Plot summary
Jebel Rum is probably one of the most useless men and biggest dissapointments in the village. In his society there are no such things as prisons people get instead executed for their crimes even if they are petty crimes like slapping your master etc.

The story is set in a sort of parralel univers where things turned different in the old era e.g a bit like in Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

The executioners position is a very valuble one and if one gets the position, one is
I was originally drawn to this book because of the cover. Then I read the synopsis and thought, wow, this would be like a dystopic, lawless world where the state of nature is to kill or be killed, dog eat dog, might makes right, every man for himself. I was surprised to find a world where there are curious but fixed customs, rigid law, and organized society. I was disappointed because the synopsis led me to think differently.

Writing style was ok, but too simplistic. Novel is predictable and clic
Ahmad Sharabiani
جیبل پسرکی با رویاهای دور و دراز است، که برای تحقق آرزوهایش راهی سفری شگفت انگیز میشود. او در زادگاهش از موقعیتی برتر برخوردار بوده، ولی در این سفر پر از رنج و وحشت، سختیهایی را تحمل میکند و در شرایطی قرار میگیرد که گاهی خود را حتی پست تر از حیوان می بیند. بارها امید از دست میدهد. از پیش گرفتن چنین سفری پشیمان میشود. به زانو درمی آید... و دوباره قد راست میکند. این افت و خیزها حاصلی دارند که نه او بلکه هیچ یک از اعضای خانواده یا همشهری هایش هم آن را تصور نمیکردند... برای کشتن وقت و دیدن تصاویر خی ...more
Me1: Why did you buy this?
Me2: I have no idea. But it was $2 at the Borders sale.

Me1: Why did you read it?
Me2: Well, I didn't want to waste $2.

Me1: Did it have any redeeming qualities?
Me2: Not really.

Me1: I ask me, what is one of the many signs that you were dealing with a subpar, insincere effort?
Me2: In a book filled with gratuitous violence, the main character says something like "You can't do spit about it." No one in the book uses language heavier than "damn." This is a "pre-edited for TV"
What I liked most about the story is how Jebel progresses and changes as a character throughout the book. He learns to see people as his equal, and to see things in the point of view of others. He was raised in a brutal place where kindness is considered a crime and he held on to the beliefs passed on to him by the people in his environment during half the book, but eventually learns to be humble, merciful, understanding. I liked how he eventually learned to think by himself and to ponder and co ...more
John Clark

I have recently finished reading The Bully by Paul Langan , who was born in philadelphia in 1972 , he then worked a variety of jobs including a salesperson , attendant at a horse ranch, etc… he then later went on to get a masters degree in education from the university of pennsylvania.

The main character in The Bully is Darrel Mercer who is a freshman going into highschool in a new school , new neighborhood, new state, who runs into some problems with the local school bully named tyray hobbs who
Abriel Morales
So there is this book, The Thin Executioner, written by one of my favorite authors. He is the author famous for his vampire series- Cirque Du Freak. The Thin Executioner though is different for the other books of his that I've read. This novel is actually a lot more mature and meaningful in many different aspects. It is the story of an executioner's youngest and weakest son Jebel Rum who seeks to take his father's place as he is retiring. But there is a competition for the opening as executioner ...more
Sam Reader

Okay, so the rundown is as follows: The Thin Executionerby Darren Shan is a brilliant, violent coming-of-age novel about a young man's attempt to gain power through a human sacrifice ritual so he can become an executioner. It is very well-written and even unnerving in places, and while just falling short of a place on the bookshelf, is at least worth the time it would take to read it.

The good is a plot that moves very quickly and contains some unexpected twists, some vivid an
to retrieve his honour...

to win the hand of the girl he loves...

to wield unimaginable power...

and to become...


After finishing a series like Gone, I wasn't ready to start another one. And what better luck than to stumble on a Darren Shan standalone. Especially, one like The Thin Executioner. I've seen through various places that Young Adult Fantasy is speeding up the ranks in the book world, and in my humble opinion, Darren Shan's foray here is one of the best I've read. It'
Athena Macmillan
A straight forward adventure story; a boy undertakes a quest to petition the Gods to make him invincible so he can restore his honor. He sets out with a slave, so obviously his ideas on slavery and social classes will be challenged as his quest in the name of pride taken on at a whim instead turns to a humbling and life changing experience in while the young boy encounters many beliefs and societal customs that differ from his own.

Although this sounds deep, it is still an easy read, and suitable
First off......Mr. Darren Shan ! You sir are awesome !!!!! MAN If I could meet an author face to face it will definitely be you :) I've read so many of you books and I am yet to be disappointed.
I am totally like obsessed with this book, the moment I read the synopsis. This book is very well written, very well thought through and the characters are just irresistibly agitative.
OMG I was so drawn to this book the moment I started to read it. I would glance up at the clock in my room and be like O
The thin executioner by darren shan is possibly now one of the most revered books ill commit to memory.The story of young Jebel lives up the standards of the acclaimed new york times best selling author. The style is changed in a way from his cirque and demonata series alike with jebel facing peril after peril towards an unexpected but much applauded ending.I could tell you of the many things i liked from the itricate scenery to be imagined to the wide array of religious views and standpoints bu ...more
Maitha AlFalasi
In a world that practices honor by rinks and slavery by color, Jebel Rum is raised to believe that he has to be ruthless and must be alone- friendship is for the weak. But one day he is humiliated by his father when he claims that Jebel is his least skilled son. Since reputation and honor is everything, Jebel decides to go on a quest with a slave named Tel Hesani. The only reason Tel Hesani agreed to protect Jebel was to earn his family's freedom, including death. I won't spoil the end for you b ...more
If The Thin Executioner has taught me anything, it's to not judge a book by it's synopsis.
From the synopsis, I assumed that The Thin Executioner would blow my socks off with its sheer awesomeness. I was honestly proud for picking something out of my comfort zone. I should have set much lower standards.
This whole book could have been salvaged if the main character, Jebel, was likable. At first, I felt slightly sorry for him.His father,an executioner(in their society this is the second most p

Jebel Rum's father, Rashed Rum, is the revered executioner in a merciless kingdom. Jebel, though, is tiny compared to his two brothers. When his father announces he is retiring, Jebel is casted into shame - nobody believes that he is strong enough to be anything more than a teacher. In the middle of the night, Jebel impulsively begins a quest to seek to a god who is said to give strength. The only thing is that he needs to sacrifice a slave, avoid travelling by river, and climb over a mou
Christopher Boynton
This book by far is one of my favorites. It is full of action and things that make you think alot the setting is in abu anieh which is in a foreign country in the Pakistan region. the book is about a skinny boy whose father is a famous executioner and he hopes to follow in his fathers footsteps that is until his father humiliates him in fornt of everyone.To become an executioner you have to win the murkayret and to be able to do this jebel our main character petitions to see sabah eeid the god o ...more
وقتی کتاب را شروع کردم نتونستم بزارمش زمین ... اتفاق سریع و پشت سرهم می افته . دلهره داشتم که یه موقع نویسنده آخر داستان را می خواد چه جوری جمع کنه. چه جوری این همه بدی رو می خواد به خوبی تبدیل کنه. داستان یه پسر جوان است که می خواد به مقام دوم کشورش (جلادی) برسه. به خاطر جسه کوچکش توسط پدرش (جلاد کنونی) تحقیر شده است. در نتیجه تصمیم می گیرد که به یک سفر ماجرایی برود. همراه او برده ایی صلح طلب همراه می شود. در مسیر با اقوام و عقاید مختلف رو به رو می شود. یاد می گیرد آنچه نیاکانش گفته اند الزاما ...more
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Librarian's note: Also writes under the name D.B. Shan.

Darren Shan (born July 2, 1972 in London, England) is the pen name of the Irish author Darren O'Shaughnessy, as well as the name of the protagonist of his book series The Saga of Darren Shan, also known as The Cirque Du Freak Series in the United States. He is the author of The Demonata series, as well as some stand-alone books, and a series o
More about Darren Shan...
A Living Nightmare (Cirque Du Freak, #1) The Vampire's Assistant (Cirque Du Freak, #2) Tunnels of Blood (Cirque Du Freak, #3) Vampire Mountain (Cirque Du Freak, #4) Trials of Death (Cirque Du Freak, #5)

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