Vampire Knight, Vol. 12
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Vampire Knight, Vol. 12 (Vampire Knight #12)

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  3,971 ratings  ·  56 reviews
夜会で再会を遂げた零と優姫。決別の刻から一年、ヴァンパイアのトップに君臨する枢の妹として紹介された優姫を見つめる零の想いとは…? ヴァンパイアとハンター…様々な思惑が絡む中、不穏な動きを見せる純血種。そしてまた新たな血が流れる! 新展開に揺れる第12巻。
Paperback, 192 pages
Published June 7th 2011 by 白泉社 (first published July 5th 2010)
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So, this story has some redeeming qualities to it. After the last few books left me oh-so disappointed, it took some time to bother grabbing this one.

*Warning* Spoilers ahead if you have not read previous volumes!

This volume picks up full swing at the vampire Soiree. It is the first time in a year Yuki has been out. A chance to be introduce to her new-found status. And a chance to see Zero. Ahhh, Zero. I really felt for him before but his character is running dry for me. Is it that I have had e...more
My first reaction to this volume of VK, upon finishing it, was: "Well, it's about time Yuki grew a spine."

Seriously, people. Ever since transforming into Supreme Vamp Princess, Yuki has essentially become Kaname-chan's bitch. You wanna lock me up away from my old friends and family, treat me like a lapdog and only pay any real attention to me when you're biting me/painting my nails? Anything for you, Kaname-sama!

Gag me with a two-by-four.

It's true, I loved this series up until the final part of...more
The 12th Volume in the Vampire Knight manga series continues off from the events from the last volume. 1 year after the battle with Rido, Yuki and Zero find themselves at the same vampire soiree. When a pureblood vampire turns up dead, and hunter apparently commits suicide after doing the deed, things start to move as the new arc of the series appears.
This volume of Vampire Knight was a bit of a disappointment. Most of it was set-up for the evolving arc, and while I know set-up is important it'...more
Alison (AlisonCanRead)
I went into Volume 12 after having been frustrated with the last several volumes. Vampire Knight became extremely complicated and rather weird, but I was too invested in the series to give up. I'm pleased to say that I am more interested in the series after reading Volume 12. It's still really complicated and I'm not following it completely, but I'm getting caught up in the drama.

It's been a year since Yuki and Zero last saw each other. In the outside world, everything is falling apart in the va...more
Ah, where do I begin? Everything is weird. They are not even at the academy any longer. Her relationship with Kaname is completely messed up, I can't even think about it. And where did Zero go? And what is it with all these new characters? All the people look the same and have similar names, yet we are supposed to know who is who. But I'm sorry, I don't. Took a pause from this manga for a few weeks, and I totally lost track of all the characters. She constantly brings in new people, but not a si...more
Lady Entropy
Same old, same old, as per my previous reviews. Lovely art, okay characters, awesome concept, lousy execution and story.

The author clearly writes on her knee, adding things to the world build and story as she goes along, often contradicting, padding or outright making no sense of the story.

I love (LOVE) how Purebloods get and lose powers according to how convenient it's for the story -- ah, Sara. For the villain that should replace Rido and be a threat to Yuki, you are remarkably stupid, predict...more
*whimpers* This series is not moving fast enough for me. I need the next volume asap! I can't wait another two months! Are you people CRAZY?!

I love Kaname so much and if it turns out he's not who he says he is, I will fly to Japan, learn how to curse in Japanese and track down Matsuri Hino. I'll do it.
This book has gotten to a point where I can't remember what is going on between volumes and that lack of appreciation for current events is making the book hard to enjoy. Some disturbing relationship dynamics overshadowed a lot of the book too, but I am sure that was intentional.
Aug 21, 2010 Kayla rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: manga
This series is satisfyingly long, however it is torture waiting for its next installment. It's getting so good I don't want to wait anymore!
This is the part of the story I had reached the first time I tried to read this series before giving up because it was getting hard to understand (but it was probably because I could only read one chapter by month, because I think it's pretty simple now).

The part I liked the most in this book was when Yuuki decided to go to that pureblood vampire house to ask him if he wanted her to help him die because she's finally doing something else in her life than staying in the Kuran manor. Seriously, Ka...more
Judy (Geeky Reading)

[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!]

So much is happening in this series, and it’s taking me way too long to catch up.

There’s a lot of Zero drama, whom I’m still feeling very iffy toward. I’m just not happy with him, and I don’t like that. I want to like him again.

There’s some more of the night class students, a lot of whom are up to their own things. Ichijo isn’t up to anything good, because he’s roped into Sara, a not-good pure blood vampire who I don’t trust. I still like Shiki and Toya...more
Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
Το δωδέκατο τεύχος της σειράς ανταποκρίνεται στις νύχτες 54 έως 58 και μας μεταφέρει στο σημείο εκείνο όπου μας είχε αφήσει το προηγούμενο. Η Yuki έχει κάνει την πρώτη της εμφάνιση στον κόσμο των βρικολάκων ως μία από αυτούς και μάλιστα, ως μια άγνωστη Καθαρόαιμη της πιο δυνατής οικογένειας. Όλοι θέλουν να την γνωρίσουν, όλοι θέλουν να την πλησιάσουν, ο καθένας για να εξυπηρετήσει τους δικούς του κρυφούς σκοπούς, κάτι για το οποίο ο Kaname είχε φροντίσει να την ενημερώσει από πριν ώστε να είναι...more
Nina at Death Books and Tea
The book starts a year after volume 11, at a soiree held by vampires which the hunters are attending. Zero and Yuki probably would be catching up, but they still have to protect her human best friend Yori, youngl blood the middle of many many vampires. Add to the fact that pureblood Sara Shirabuki is also there and her fiancé, Ouri, is missing, and maybe that vampire party may not go quite as planned....
So the one year time skip hasn't made Yuki develop. her personality seems very similar to tha...more
At the very end, I got incredibly lost. Normally when they reference the past, they'll do in the middle of the book and that means by the end they've usually explained it all... But ending the book like that isn't really a cliffhanger; it's just annoying.
I enjoyed bits and pieces of this book. I loved the beginning of this series a lot more--I'm not a fan of Kaname; I love Zero--and these volumes barely talk about him anymore, though they do show bits and pieces. Also, Yuki's character is start...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Something terrible goes down at the vampire soiree, and Yuki is determined to figure out what really happened. Those fancy parties never do go according to plan, do they? Yuki's finally beginning to reassert her independence after having been kept isolated for a year, and I'm definitely looking forward to a return to her fiestiness. This story is still pretty confusing at times--there are a lot of peripheral characters all skulking around in the background planning dastardly deeds, and a lot of...more
Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
Yuki sees her friend at a party. This one was interesting. The art work got weird at times.
Kaname negotiates with the Hunter Society and coordinates a vampire soiree. Yuki is introduced to all the other vampires - a Kuran princess - at the soiree. The result in all their minds is 'ooh, fresh meat'. Zero is one of the hunters watching over the gathering along with another hunter (whose name escapes me) who smuggled Yuki's good friend into the gathering. Will the vampires give the hunters an excuse to kill more of their kind? What about the mysterious death of one of the purebloods?
Keisha Keenleyside
this manga is so great! its gripping from start to finish the storyline flows throughout and has a unexpected ending to it. the Anime to this (the Japanese one not the dubbed) is just as gripping and the casting for the voices were well chosen for the characters attitude. i reccomend against this if you don't like romance and vampire fantasy. also if interested in the anime i would reccomend the Japanese version with subs try not to watch the dubbed its atrocious.
Melissa E.
....I seriously have no idea what's going on with this storyline anymore. I read the second half of this manga twice, and I'm still lost. I would say that maybe I'm just stupid, but I can follow Kaori Yuki's convoluted plots without a problem so I don't think that's it.

Very unfocused, scattered, and just bizarre. The gorgeous art can only save this for so long. If Volume 13 follows suit, I might have to pretend there are only 10 books in this series. :p
10 April 2013

Aaaaand I'M DONE! I can't bring myself to read any more of this garbage. This has turned into the most nonsensical, ridiculous crap. The writing is so poor that it leaves you with the impression that the author has a bad case of the lazies. This was fun in the beginning and I initially enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure read, but I can't take anymore.

See ya, Vampire Knight!

Not a real review, but:

Wow, these read so fast! Can't believe I've read this many volumes already. The story continues to be good but to me the page layouts are terrible. It is often so hard to tell who is saying what and to whom, and due to the similarities in looks of the characters, even who is whom. I wish the manga-ka had given the story to someone else and let them do the actual drawing.
Tout le volume se déroule dans un seul endroit et autour d'un même évènement.. ça m'a donné un peu l'impression que l'histoire faisait du sur place.
Et c'est quoi cette histoire de s'entre-tuer entre sang pur ? o_O
Un peu du mal à comprendre ces vampires.. (peut-être que c'est aussi du aux pages manquantes (5) dans le manga emprunté à la bibliothèque ?)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
It's about freaking time that Yuki is a vampire!!!! I know she was changed in the last few volumes, but's good to know. I wish zero were'nt a hunter... maybe he and yuki could be together!!!!!!! I would love that! GO ZERO! DON'T STOP LOVING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh, i don't like kaname-sama... Sorry kaname lovers:( )
K.C. Rivers
*sigh* I think I might have to officially give up on this series. It's just not cutting it anymore. The storyline seems disjointed and the characters are really unlikable at this point. Because the author has obviously come to a standstill, unfortunately, so has my interest.
yuki finally gives kaname the perverbial finger he deserves it up urs kaname grow up and realize shes smarter then u think and can protect herself being over protective makes her look weak and therefore a bigger target to those whod seek to hurt her dumbass
Kadie D♥
Still following Yuki, Zero and Kaname
At least we know the history, still many question marks left though....
Going through a rush to the last 15 chapters, it's been a while since I last read/followed it....
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Name in Japanese: 樋野 まつり

Matsuri Hino was born on January 24 in Hokkaido. She was a bookshop keeper who one day decided to become a manga artist, and all of nine months later, in 1995, she published her first manga title, Kono Yume ga Sametara (When This Dream Is Over), in Japan's LaLa DX magazine.
More about Matsuri Hino...
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