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The Immortal Realm (Faerie Path Series #4)
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The Immortal Realm (Faerie Path #4)

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  2,428 ratings  ·  82 reviews
In an instant, a time of joy and celebration turns to one of heartbreak and fear.

Tania has finally found a way to bring her two worlds together, and while enjoying a long-awaited meeting of her Mortal and Faerie families, with her beloved Edric by her side, all seems right for the princess.

But when a Faerie baby suddenly falls ill, followed by more and more Faeries--includ
ebook, 352 pages
Published May 5th 2009 by HarperCollins Publishers (first published January 1st 2009)
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Though this series is proving to have smallish ideas (only in comparison to the usual of other series this length), I still like them. Sure, there's a lot of happy, and any sad is dulled and much less, but I like it that way. I like happy stories.
The humor in these is limited to Tania or others making references to the real world, and a Faerie asking what she means by words like, "okay." It does get a little repetitive, and I'd hoped for more newness as this series progresses.
Tania is finally st
This entire series has taken a decided downhill turn. The first book was really good; the second and third were pretty decent...but this installment was so bleak, and Tania so impulsive and somewhat self-righteous, that i found it really hard to engage with the story. Tania irritated me to no end (I feel kind of sorry for Edric for being stuck in love with her, especially after his public attempt at a Define-The-Relationship moment didn't work so well), and after the first five pages or so, virt ...more
The Book Faery
One word "WOW!" As proclaimed by Connor through out the story. As many of you know who have read the "The Faerie Path" Series, Tania is continually trying to save the land of Faerie from danger after danger. In this last installment, she does nothing less. When an infant child of Faerie falls sick everyone goes searching for answers. Tania is in search of the truth that is beneath the child's sickness.

I recommend this book if you like faeries, romance, and adventure.
These just keep getting better and better! Good plot twists and ups and downs, I am completely hooked on these characters. The only bad thing is, I will warn you, this one ends with a cliffhanger and book 5 won't be out until the end of January. Love, love, love these books!
As the festivities of Princess Cordelia and Bryn’s marriage ceremony continued, few took notice of the sick child. Being in the Realm of the Faeries, no one had been sick or died of natural causes in a thousand years, and for it to start so soon after the final victory over the Sorcerer King made the death of the first child even more pronounced. All were stunned to find out that this was only the first to fall ill. Some fingers pointed to the half-Faerie, half-Mortal Princess Tania and her mort ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Cat for

Tania thought all of the threats to her beloved Faerie disappeared with the Sorcerer King of Lyonesse's death in battle; she was wrong.

Life is sweet for the Faerie princess and her family at the beginning of THE IMMORTAL REALM with the enchanted wedding of daughter Cordelia to Bryn Lightfoot, but tragedy strikes when a Faerie infant quickly succumbs to a mysterious illness. Since disease and death are unheard of in this realm of immortality, suspicion immediat
well i love stories with fantasy and fairies and magic and whatever gotta do with it. i bought this book at a BIG BAD WOLF SALE from one of my fave bookstore. pretty cheap i must say. i was reading through the first chapter when i realized this is a series book and i happened to read the fourth book of the Faerie Path. DANG, i should read it thoroughly before buying i need to find the other first 3 books and the sequel of this book.This story is about Tania one of the Faerie princess that ...more
catherine james
Tania thought all the threats to her beloved Faerie disappeared with the Sorcerer King of Lyonesse's death in battle; she was wrong. Life is sweet for the Faerie princess and her family at the beginning of THE IMMORTAL REALM with the enchanted wedding of daughter Cordelia to Bryn Lightfoot, but tragedy strikes when a Faerie infant quickly succumbs to a mysterious illness. Since disease and death are unheard of in this realm of immortality, suspicion immediately falls upon Tania's mortal father f ...more
It has been awhile, 11 months, since I read the last book in The Faerie Path series. I didn't really remember much about the plot of the story, just the overall feeling that I really enjoyed them. And after reading this fourth book, I remember why.

The story just flows so easily. And I get so invested in the characters. I want to know what is going to happen with Tania and Edric. And what the fate of Connor will be. And if Tania will be able to find the cure for the plague.

I am having a hard ti
Emily Farrar
Her father gave her a really mean decision to make. Decide between living with her Mortal parents and everything she grew up knowing, remembering, or a family and world she's struggling to remember but went through so much grief when she disappeared.
And then Edric doesn't help matters much.
He obviously really didn't know her well if he thinks she wants to get married right at that point. He should realize that the way she was raised people wouldn't get married that young. So what if she was goi
The overall storyline is just so-so. The humor is steady, though usually different instances in the same vein. I'd say the most redeeming quality aout this book/series is the quality of the writing and world expanse itself. the quality is constant and high, and I don't think I ever felt pulled out of the book by jarring language or references. Rather, Jones keeps the language constant, even that of the Faerie folk, which makes for an immersive read.
Sick BAD. Faeries GOOD. Quest- are we done yet?

Have to admit that Jones is getting much better at pacing. I amost felt suspense in this one.

Still, I would have really prefered that the "mystery" in the first 182 pages wouldn't have been solve-able by a trip to CVS.

I think it's painful to hear the same joke over and over. Tania almost seems to make an effort to say things like "okay" and "cheeseburger" just to confuse the faeries. And they then laugh. Ha. Ha.

Also, I hate that EVERYTHING in thes
Tania is such a selfish bugs me beyond belief. The way anyone from fairy talks too is so annoying. its forced, and sounds added. The story is getting harder and harder to follow because its so slow and they spend a lot of time talking.
I enjoy the end of Frewins books the most because, he puts most of the action there and it is actually enjoyable then. Most of the books are walking and journeying. Which isn't bad but not much fun in the way he describes it.
The romance is abs
Rhia’s Review – So, book number 4. You’d think I’d be a little tired of it by now, but no. This 4th book begins kind of a new story arc. It’s really interesting to see sickness in the ‘Immortal Realm’ of Faerie, showing that no land is free from sickness and disease. This one really has a sense of suspense, given the ultimatums that are presented to Tania, and the end really left me wondering what the next course of action will be.

The Recommendation – Same as the others really; Faerie fans will
Kathy Chung
very fast pace and exciting.

However, I still feel that there is a lack of chemistry between Edric and Tania.

connor is a good addition to this part. something fresh
I loved this series before and then I saw that this book is coming out and I thought it was because the author just didn't want to give up. A lot of authors don't know when to end a series. But I am glad she continued this because I didn't realize that there was so much more that could be told. I love how this reveals a lot more of the history of Faerie and how it came to be. I found it very fascinating. I really enjoyed this book, so if you read the first three and are debating whether or not t ...more
Another fantastical read from the Faerie Path series. In this one, Tania must save the lives of many of the immortal faeries, who have all fallen ill. We meet a new character from her mortal life, Connor (a doctor, who is brought in to help cure the mystery illness) and learn more about her sister Rathina, who we previously didn't see quite to this extent. Unfortunately, there's a little bit less of Edric, but you're so wrapped up in reading about Tania, her sister and friend and these new adven ...more
Chelle (crazytrinket)
I like the first 3 books in the series enough for me to continue on and read the 4th book, The Immortal Realm . However I totally lost interest in this series after reading this. I found myself skipping too many pages mainly because I am quite a little bit annoyed with Tania now. I am not amused anymore in their faery world. So even though I was able to finish this book, I am now sure that I am going to drop this series completely. I just wished that I stopped reading after the 3rd book…
Bernice cameron
well would have to say that this book is my fav by far so far i loved how it started off good and that her mortal mom and dad got to go to fery and then they all got sick and now she cant go back into the mortal world it is kinda sad and i like how they found out that they all started out mortal and had wings and how it explained it all better i dont realy want to say to to much more read it all and find out hehe give this one a 10 thumbs up
Sandra Pulliam
This by far has been my favorite book in the series. I can't wait to get to the next book. For the first time in this series I was up late because I couldn't put the book down. I think it is the fact that Conner was thinking like a normal person would (freaking out). He brought humor and a sense of reality to the story. I'm curious to see what happens in the next book and then the last book coming out after that.
Valerie Honey.
I had read these four books in The Faerie Path Series by Frewin Jones as an study for an Assignment set for a Young Adult fiction workshop I attended.I am struggling to find the right market for my two books Brycan's Wood and Circle of Two (Trilogy) These series of books get better as they progress, though occasionally I find it a bit hard to stretch the truth to match Frewin Jones concept of parallel worlds.
Despite the cover, this series is an imaginative telling of two worlds. Through the story we face danger, friendship, love, loss, and heroism. The writing is simple and the story not complex. However, I was entertained enough to keep reading and find out the fate of the characters. The ending was sweet and actually satisfying, though there are a few things unresolved if the author wanted to add more.
Kate (VerbVixen)
The Immortal Realm (Book 4)- How do I say this nicely? This book, on the heels of two decent adventures, seems pathetic. Too much angst, a ”betrayal” that isnt a betrayal at all, and the ending leaves Fairie in the same state it was in 100 pages earlier. It seemed to me like this book was meant to set up a problem if only to have another book to solve it. Overall B.
Interesting but not one of my favorites. I like the idea of the new plot but I don't thing Jones has written is out as well I would have liked. I was kind of disappointed but not enough to stop reading it! There was quite a few interesting parts that I can't ignore and they were really well written. I felt that there was just a bit too much details that I didn't have to read.
Shawn Ruth
I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a fourth book in this series. The third one ended with a happy ever after, so I thought that was the end. This was a good surprise! Amanda -- have you read this series? I know you would like it. It's totally up your alley -- Winnie has all of the books. I borrowed the from her.
Rajiv Yandamuri
There is nothing wrong with this book but I don't know why, it seemed boring, maybe it's because the proposal at the start or maybe the obvious questions at the end and also the same thing I experienced in the previous books, I mean there is great anticipation for mortal peril in one page and it's very well averted in the same page....
I thought the series was done, but this goes into the "day after happily ever after" where sickness and death come to the immortal realm and Tania goes through accusations, betrayal and some interesting plot twists that make you wonder what the next book will hold. I enjoyed getting lost in the faerie realm of Frewin Jones!
The fourth in the series I realized how much I hate when I have to wait for another book to come out (#5 is set to come out 1/25/10) Ugh! Now I'm left hanging until then to see what happens. These are still fun and I wondered how she'd continue on from book 3 but it is pretty natural and definitely a good read!
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
OK, I was extremely disappointed with how this book turned out to be...

It was actually VERY boring compared to the first three, which I liked a LOT more!

If you've read the first three Faerie Path books, you should probably read this one, just know that it's slow!
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This author has published under several versions of his name, including Allan Jones, Frewin Jones, and A.F. Jones. He has also published under the pen names Sam Hutton and Steven Saunders.
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