Devil of the Highlands
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Devil of the Highlands (Devil of the Highlands #1)

4.1 of 5 stars 4.10  ·  rating details  ·  5,318 ratings  ·  251 reviews
They call him the Devil . . .

He is the most notorious laird of Scotland: fierce, cold, deadly . . . and maybe even worse. Yet Evelinde has just agreed to wed him. Anything, she thinks, is better than her cruel stepmother. Though Evelinde should be wary of the rumors, she can't help but be drawn to this warrior . . . for the Devil of the Highlands inspires a heat within her...more
ebook, 384 pages
Published October 6th 2009 by HarperCollins e-books (first published February 1st 2008)
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Aug 30, 2011 Caris rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lonely inmates with a fondness for plaid
Shelves: 2011, romance
Dear Diary,

I doona ken how to start this. As ye ken, I’m a man of action, not of words. But you ken that. Yar m’fookin diary for the love of Christ.

N E Way, I’m having some trouble. Right, I ken what yer thinking, the Laird of Donnachaidh having troubles? That can’t be. Well, let me tell you something, Diary. You don’t ken shit.

I was riding up to claim me wife from her wicked stepmother when it happened: some crazy fookin wench was riding her mare in but her chemise. You of all people, Diary, ke...more
mark monday
Oct 15, 2012 mark monday rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to mark by: RBRS Assignment #1
These characters were just too dumb to hate. I thought the opening of this book was the fucking best opening of a book ever, and Lynsay Sands is another author on my must-buy list. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a paranormal or a historical, her stories have humor and heart and leave me feeling good when I'm done. Standing room only on the train, heat index already at 115, nauseous service dog, and this book. Ok I'm done with this book and let me tell you it's funny, exciting, and has lo...more
Mar 28, 2013 Manny marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: pooh-dante
Freak Talent Baffles Researchers

Scientists at the world-famous Goodreads Institute of Bodice-Ripping Studies say they are "baffled" by a man who is able to evaluate a book simply by picking it up and riffling through it for five seconds.

The rest of this review is in my book What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations

These characters were just too dumb to hate. I didn't give a shit about them or their weak-ass romances or the lame, obvious solution to the "mystery" that everyone else in the town keep (there seem to only be like 20 people living here for Duncan to be lord of, which is lucky because he's a dim-bulb) has been studiously ignoring for years because solving it just made things awkward for everyone. Those medieval Scots, so c'est la vie with their public undressing and seducing of teenagers and dis...more
Wherein we learn, ladies, that it’s not such a bad thing if our fellas don’t talk to us, as long as they buy us stuff. Wherein, likewise, the fellas learn that it is their duty to talk – talk, or the people you love will die!! And, as usual, everyone lives happily until the next time their clothes accidentally fall off in public. (such a nuisance!)

People have basically said all there is to say about this book, so I won’t keep you for very long. The accidental-nipple-in-the-mouth part was the be...more
Julie (jjmachshev)
Lynsay Sands is another author on my must-buy list. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a paranormal or a historical, her stories have humor and heart and leave me feeling good when I'm done.

Evelinde is living under the thumb, and temper, of her horrible stepmother. With her father dead and her brother fighting in the Crusades, there's no one left to protect her. So when her stepmother calls for Evelinde with a smile--she knows it's not going to be good. Then she learns she's to be married! S...more
Nope, couldn’t hack it, sorry fellow RBRS…ers. Ites? Standing room only on the train, heat index already at 115, nauseous service dog, and this book. My whole being just cried out NOOOO, and I skipped through the last five hours of audio in about twelve minutes.

My God this is terrible. I mean, okay, the part where he tripped and fell and his mouth accidentally landed on her nipple as a literal plot point was funny, and the fact that her nipple was described as "trembling" was funnier, but then i...more
I was in the mood for a fun, lighthearted romance when I picked up this book, and "Devil of the Highlands" delivered! Evelinde's wicked stepmother arranged for her to marry Cullen, the Laird of Donnachaidh because of his bad reputation as a harsh ruler and murderer, wanting to see her suffer in a marriage to such a ruthless man. Evelinde and Cullen have a chance meeting before the ceremony and Evelinde instinctively knows the horrible rumors about him couldn't possibly be true. They have a genui...more
The plot: The year is 1273. Evelinde’s mean old stepmother decides to wed her to some Scottish badass known as ‘The Devil of the Highlands.’ Evelinde thinks anything will be better than life with her stepmother so she agrees to marry him.

(Guess what? Cullen (a.k.a. The Devil of the Highlands) isn't really as evil as the rumors about him suggest. Plus, there is a murder mystery.)

The review: I don’t even know where to begin. First, I can’t give this book any stars, which has never happened to me...more
♡Karlyn P♡
My first by this author so I don't have anything to compare it to. It was OK, but the writing style seamed very simple. I don't mind that style when the story is humorous, but this wasn't a particularly funny read. Odd and amusing, but not funny. It kind of felt like I was reading a childrens book if not for all of the sex. The hero and heroine were not the brightest people either, both repeatedly making poor decisions with obvious consequences. No author is for everyone, and for me I think she...more
KJ Lipkey
I started skipping through the book about halfway through. Obviously it's not meant to be a life changer but it got a bit rough there. The main character considers herself intelligent but all I could think was, "Really? I mean, you know, really? Are you sure?" Someone is attempting to kill her and she and the rest of the characters are kind of fuzzy and laissez-faire about the whole deal; as in, "Zoinks! Someone's trying to stab you through the heart! Yowzers!" And the cover had me laughing ever...more
Evelinde has incurred enough torment under the abusive watch of her step-mother, but her latest act of arranging her marriage to the Devil, Laird of Donnachaidh could seal her fate forever. Evelinde is not sure what is worse, staying with her step-mother and the cruelty or marrying a man who is legendary for his brutality with rumors surrounding of the underhanded way he took over as Laird of his clan.

Cullen, Laird of Donnachaidh has lived his life with integrity, he is a fair man to those that...more
Laura the Highland Hussy
I got so hooked on the first few chapters, and then it sort of became predictable. A few of Lynsay Sands' historicals remind me of each other and this is one of them. Now, I'm not saying I didn't stay up til midnight to finish it! it was a good, quick read.
When Evelinde discovers her nasty stepmother has spitefully arranged a marriage to the Devil of Donnachaidh, she is at once frightened and resigned to her fate. But the last laugh is on her stepmother because Cullen is not the brutal man the wild rumors say he is. In fact, quite the opposite- and when the two secretly meet under less than formal circumstances, Evelinde quickly assesses the situation and decides not to let her stepmother in on it.

Cullen is no dummy and his instant attraction to E...more
Jetches  (My Not So Vacant Shelf)
Well…I’ve fallen in love with another highlander. And he is nicknamed ‘The Devil’. How, awesome is that? I liked this book. It started off with some awesome passion, and then there was some mystery added in, and I was a goner. Cullen really got me from the first meeting. He didn’t fit his nickname, but he doesn’t talk a lot so I can see how people can come to that conclusion, but then he goes and totally woos Evelinde in a very, very nice scene by the water. *SWOON. I also really liked the myste...more
Brittany B.

I really liked this book. I didn't expect much from it, so this was a pleasant treat!! :)))

This is the first Lynsay Sands I've read, and I appreciated her unique style in this highlander story. There is a bit of a mystery in the story, and I really enjoyed it. I was completely hooked on this book once I got going. The heroine and hero were great characters!! Plus they had lots of chemistry :)

If you like your highlander stories, this one is worth a read for sure.
I'll definitely read the rest...more
I really really enjoyed this book. I love a good romance set in the Scottish highlands and this one certainly did not disappoint. I could certainly feel the love between Cullen and Evelinde and it was refreshing that the story was about their arranged marriage and finding their love for each other, rather than the love each other/hate each other/love each other again pattern. There was mystery as to who was involved, if anyone, in the three deaths within the clan over the last 14 years, enough t...more
I'm really starting to get addicted to Lynsay Sands, her books are so cute and fluffy and addictive, My type of books exactly.

The main couple as usual was cute, they kinda had an unusual first meeting, more likely it was unrealistic, but who cares its a book. I kinda sympathize with the heroin first with her stepmother then all the bruises and accidents, even her wedding was .. all I can say poor her. However, for the hero he was more of the quiet not so talkative type which made it more funny....more
This is now my second favorite Sands historical novel. This is the type of book I was expecting after reading her book Love is Blind. Loved it. About a woman who has just been told by her Cinderella type Stepmother she is betrothed to a man with a reputation for being cruel. Reported to have killed his uncle, father, and previous wife his nickname is the Devil of Donnachaidh. Very fun read. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
guys, guys.. i dont know how to put this one.. I felt like mmmm. nothing? for the party involved?? I mean the main plot was solving a mystery!! meh.. i have to elaborate better, but the pt is that my lifeline had no major shocks.. easy breezy..

It was not bad, just lacking ...
No wows, no ughs but enjoyable. There's a pound of words for every ounce of plot, though. You can skim read paragraphs at a time and not miss anything. Still, it is light, fun, fluff.
Barbara ★
I really liked this one but what can I say, I'm a sucker for a virile highlander. Wish I had one of my own. :)
Sandy M
What a breath of fresh air this book is. I love a romance that has the hero and heroine actually together, even married, for the majority of the read, solving problems, issues, conflicts together. No big misunderstandings, no one leaving the other in a huff after an argument. I know there has to be conflict in our romances, but Ms. Sands proves that it can be done with the main characters together, getting to know each other all the while falling in love.

This is also my first Lynsay Sands histor...more
So I have been really jonesing for a historical Scottish romance, and I've been debating for awhile if I should read this series by Sands. I love her pnr books so I went with it and hoped it would be good. I'm so glad that I did because it turned out to be excellent. Just enough highland brogue, mystery, romance and did I mention the brogue?

The main character is named Evelinde and she lives with her stepmother who is really horrible to her, in fact her stepmother is so disturbed she has requeste...more
Jessica Weissenburger
I was pleasantly surprised by this story. Having enjoyed the author's past works, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy her Highlander stories, but I actually found that I enjoyed this one more than I enjoyed any of her other stories

The story begins with your typical evil step-mother idea, but quickly transitions to married life between Cullen ("The Devil") and Evelinde. There's some mystery thrown into the mix and some attempts on Evelinde's life that leaves you on your toes. I was actually surprised...more
This is what happens when my brain is fried - I read romance novels. Mostly to chuckle over the whackadoo plot contrivances, historical anachronisms, and stilted language but once I get past all that...sometimes they are sorta cute.

Take this one for a "meet-cute": Evelinde has been betrothed (by her awful stepmom) to the Devil of Donnachaidh, a man rumoured to have killed his uncle and father for the lairdship and his wife of two years for bearing him no bairns. Evelinde goes off wading in the r...more
A friend of mine gave me this as a late joke birthday gift. It's a typical romance novel, not too poorly written, and if one is able to ignore the complete lack of knowledge of historical period and accept it as a 21st century bodice ripper set in a Dark Ages Scotland about which the author knows nothing, it wasn't all that bad. Her attempts at dialect are stilted and often incorrect, and the characters behave in ways that are undoubtedly anachronistic, but the plot has some interesting twists....more
Darkpool (protesting GR censorship)
Reading this on account of a) happening to spot it as available in the digital library catalogue, 2. having read the truly hilarious and scathing drunken group book review here on Goodreads and (iii)feeling the necessity for an additional audiobook given that the one I'm listening to in the car is nearly finished, and neither of my preferred next selections seem anywhere like turning up at the library soon. Sigh. So this is for entertainment and cheap thrills in the comfort of my own home all th...more
2.5 stars

This should have been a fun read, but greatly spoiled by the flat, monotone delivery of the narrator Marianna Palk. Together with the author's long descriptive prose, it has to be one of the worst audiobooks I've ever listened to.

The storyline is very similar to Julie Garwood's The Bride and it was actually quite funny. I think I'll need to stay away from the audio versions of the rest of this series and read the books instead.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Cullens lack of commnication skills and Evelindes always getting herself in trouble just simply appealed to me. Yes it was a simple story but it was nice to read a 'typical' historical novel. The build-up of the story, the chemistry between Cullen and Evelinde was just wonderful.

There were a couple of 'clanger' moments, but they did not in any way detract from my enjoyment of the story.

Recommended to all who like the old-fashioned simple historical romances.

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LYNSAY SANDS is the nationally bestselling author who is known for her hysterical historicals as well as the popular Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series. With her witty and charming personality, Sands describes books as, “Waking dreams or stories, tales to amuse, entertain and distract us from everyday life.” She’s been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to...more
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“She took a bad tumble. Those are some nasty bruises she's
carrying," the maid said with a sad shake of the head.
"Aye," Cullen agreed, his eyes traveling over lovely, milky white skin,
interrupted by several black bruises. "She looks like a cow."
Mildrede turned a horrified gaze on him at the comment, but he was
more concerned by the choked sound that came from his bride. He
really hadn't meant it as an insult, but it seemed the women were taking
it so.
"I just meant the coloring," Cullen muttered”
More quotes…