What's Your Number?
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What's Your Number?

3.58 of 5 stars 3.58  ·  rating details  ·  2,291 ratings  ·  305 reviews
How many men does it take to find true love?

When Delilah Darling reads a survey revealing that most people have 10.5 sexual partners in their lifetime, she begins to feel like a tramp. She’s slept with nineteen men so far—–almost twice the national average. During a self-help moment, she vows to cap her “number” at twenty, swearing she’ll save her last spot for the right g...more
Paperback, 368 pages
Published September 6th 2011 by Harper Paperbacks (first published January 1st 2006)
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Cienne Olaes
I like it, that’s what I know when I bought this book. I just never knew that I am going to love it this much. This definitely tops my “to read again” list.

First thing to appreciate about the novel is the author’s creativity. Every page is like sneaking in and taking part to the life of Delilah Darling, feeling as if it was your voice speaking for her. The next thing to put emphasis on is the fact that Karyn Bosnak is hilarious and definitely deserves the “superb” remark for her first novel. Alt...more
Krissy Delovely
My main reason for picking up this book was because my favorite writer in the history of ever, Jen Lancaster, recommended Karyn's books. That may be because they're friends. I'm pretty sure of it. Jen has never steered me wrong with her recommendations but after finishing this book I. Was. Pissed. I wanted my time back! For me, this was one of those books where halfway through I began thinking "finish it? Or abandon it? Which is the lesser of two evils at this point?"

I am a girl who follows thr...more
Ronald Lim
Originally from here

Having been mildly entertained by its big screen incarnation, I had expected that “20 Times A Lady” would at least be a fun read, with some memorable lines and a few romantic scenes that would get an old spinster like me going and content for the next few months. I was expecting the bare minimum from this book.

Apparently, that was already too much, as it would be fair to say that the overwhelming average-ness of “What’s Your Number” was a definite improvement over this waste...more
i loved it! i fell in love with colin within minutes <3 i am recommending this to everyone its a perfect light summer read!!
My Little Book World
This book was absolutely hysterical! Delilah Darling reads an article about the average number of men a woman sleeps with in her lifetime. She is already far over this number at 19 and decides that 20 will be her cut-off point. When Delilah is let go from her job, and waste her number 20 on her revolting ex-boss, she decides to put her severance pay to good use and track down all the men she has slept with. If she finds one of them worthy of a relationship, she can keep her number at 20 without...more
This is one of my all time favorite books. I read this book years before it hit the big screen as "What's you Number?". As always, the movie did not do the book justice, but thats besides the point. (Still loved the movie anyways FYI)

The basis of the story is Delilah becomes slightly obsessed with her "number" and in an effort to not add any notches to her belt, treks accross the country looking for the ex boyfriend/fling who may have turned into her Mr. Right who got away.

I found this book to...more
I am a fan of chick-lit. I love reading about the journey of flawed women seeing as how I am one. :-) I became a fan of Karyn's blog at the beginning of this year and once I found out she was an author, I immediately put her books on my to be read list.

20 Times a Lady is the story of an incredibly flawed woman named Delilah who, through a series of hilarious circumstances ends up on a journey to reconnect with the 20 men she's been um, intimate with. While the plot was highly implausible, I felt...more
In theory this book kind of sounded cute, until I started reading it... I absolutely despised the main character from the very beginning. The only saving grace was the character of Colin and he isn't really in the book enough to help. Delilah is not likable at all, and it kind of made me wonder if we were supposed to like her, I'm guessing that the answer was supposed to be yes, but it is unimaginable to me how anyone could not despise her. The final thing that annoyed me almost as much as the m...more
If you want to read a book that takes place entirely in the main character's head then this is the book for you. Delilah was completely unlikeable and I did not feel for sorry for at all. After she stalks, and literally I mean stalk, her 2nd lover I couldn't take it anymore especially since she drones on and on about loving his dog more than him and she seriously kept sleeping with him because she liked his dog...WTF!!! I could not sit through 200 more pages of her self depreciating mind talk.

One of the best written, funny chick lit books I have ever read.

I got this after seeing the movie based on the book called What's Your Number that stars Anna Farris and Chris Evans. And it should say the movie is "loosely" based on the book. I did like the movie and I am not knocking it; however, it just shares the names and basic premise of the book.

Delilah Darling reads an article that states the average person sleeps with 10.5 people in their lifetime. She has slept with nineteen men, and non...more
What's Your Number? was hilarious and so entertaining from the start to finish. I absolutely loved it!! It was so funny and amusing!! Delilah Darling was so much fun to read about.

The book starts with Delilah reading an article stating the average number of men a women sleeps with is 10.5. Realizing that she has slept with 20 men, almost double the average, Delilah decides to find the 20 men and try to rekindle their relationship. With the help of her hot, Irish neighbor she hires as a cheap pri...more
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Oh how authors must despise the movie/book comparisons that appear once a book has been adapted into a feature film. But I can't help myself, I saw the movie first and adored it and could keep from comparing it to the book.

Firstly, let me say that the original title, 20 Times a Lady is so much better than What's Your Number, which was the movie title. However, the title was the only thing I thought was better in book form than movie adaptation. The two are very different. I found the book Delila...more
Danielle Golio
cute beginning... got a little crazy in the middle and predictable ending. none the less - would be a great book for the beach.. now i need to see the movie!
This is one of the very rare occasions where the movie is far better than the book. I watched the movie What’s Your Number? when it came out in theatres a few years back and absolutely loved it, so when I saw the book that it was based off of in a bargain bin at my local book store I was very excited.

I shouldn’t have been. There was a reason it was in the bargain bin.

What annoyed me most about this book was that I found typos in it! Yes, typos. Sentences that were missing one or more words, phra...more
The only reason why I read 20 Times a Lady is because I am (still) abysmally invested in the movie adaptation “What’s Your Number?”, which, I only watched because I am contractually obligated to watch anything with Chris Evans in it (also you have fab friends who open your eyes to the fab world of rom-com). Just so you know, this is actually a really good movie and everyone should watch it for the numerous occasions Chris Evans is shirtless for inexplicably no legitimate reason, like that one sc...more
Joana Catarina
Decidi ler este livro porque vi o filme baseado no mesmo e adorei, embora não tenham nada a ver um com o outro. Existem mesmo muitas diferenças, mas aconselho ambos.

A personagem principal, a Delilah, é simplesmente hilariante e durante todo o livro a história é contada na 1ª pessoa, o que faz com que nós tenhamos acesso direto a todos os pensamentos super cómicos e a todas as ideias mirabulantes que ela tem.

Com 29 anos, para além de ter acabado de perder o emprego, acabou também de perceber que...more
Angie Flesher
I loved this book. First of all, I would have fits of laughter, and would get strange looks from everyone in the room. This is just one of those highly relatable books. Every girl needs to read this book, no matter what your number is. It says things, that girls really talk about, and a lot of things they are afraid to say, in a hilarious format. You shouldn't be afraid of a number, or what has happened in the past. Great read. Will save this for my step daughter, when she is in her 20s... late...more
Tabitha (Bows & Bullets Reviews)
The review is also available on my blog, Bows & Bullets Reviews

I will preface this by saying that I saw the film way before I read the book and that makes me bias. For the record I adore the film...but come any film where you get to see this:

multiple times is a film I can't help but love. Plus I just love Chris Evans in general.

Anyway, this book follows Delilah Darling on her journey to track down all her ex's to avoid raising the number of men she has slept with. She reads an article statin...more
A quick, harmless read that follows a 29 year old woman on her journey across the USA as she tracks down all 20 of her exes after losing her job. Delilah Darling reads a statistic that the average person has 10.5 sexual partners over the course of their lifetime and determines not to sleep with anymore men as surely she's already met her Mr. Right among the 20 exes. The premise of the novel is appealing to any female who has ever wondered "what if?" and Bosnak gives the familiar theme the much n...more
The original title of this book is "20 Times a Lady" which I had on my "To Read" shelf for over a year. (Unfortunately, my library did not have the book so I was unable to read it). I randomly picked up the new re-named book at the Las Vegas airport for my flight back home. I laughed and laughed while reading this book and also felt a connection to the main character, Delilah Darling. Delilah is 29 and is suddenly laid off from her prestigious job in NYC. Her youngest sister is about to be marri...more
Frances Lockhart
Laugh-out-loud funny.

I saw that this book has been turned into a movie with Anna Faris, so I was keen to read the novel first. It was predictable chick-lit, but a very enjoyable novel all the same.

Delilah Darling is a 20-something New York gal who realises she's slept with 20 men and (for whatever reason) decides she can't sleep with any more so has to go back over all her ex-boyfriends and lovers to give them a second chance and see if any of them were actually her "soul mate".

Hilarity ensues a...more
Samantha Janning
While I haven’t seen this movie, when I received a copy of the book I was looking forward to it. I had seen the previews and I thought Anna Farris (one of my favorite actresses) made this movie look hilarious! Well, I might have to watch the movie now after reading the novel, because it didn’t do much for me. The story is based on Delilah Darling, who is horrified after reading in the New York Post that the average person has 10.5 sex partners – and she’s just notched number twenty. On the brink...more
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Before the movie was released I’d read 8% of the book and was smitten with it, unfortunately I didn’t find it in my local bookstore and went straight to the movie. Approximately about 15 times is how many times I’ve watched that movie. About a week ago, my eye glazed over to this section and saw 20 times a lady, I absolutely had to buy it. I got to reading and here we are.

My best friend asked which one I liked better, and someone else asked which one was better. Truth is, they w...more
Melbourne on my mind
Delilah Darling is 29, single and has just been laid off from her job. When she reads an article stating that most women will sleep with 10.5 people in their lives, and she wakes up in bed with her 20th, she wonders if she missed something the first time around, and decides to use her severance cheque to track down all her old boyfriends/hook ups and see what she missed. She's helped in her quest by the hot Irishman who lives across the hall, Colin, whose father is a private investigator. As Del...more
Meredith Schorr
This book was laugh-out-loud funny. And original and sometimes over-the-top. There were times I thought I'd give it 4 stars but the warm feeling in my heart at the last page convinced me it was 5-star worthy!

Delilah is determined not to sleep with more than 20 men in her lifetime, and so she goes on a cross-country adventure to track down all of her past lovers in the hope that she can rekindle a relationship with one of them that will lead to a life-time relationship and thus prevent her from a...more
Andréia (StarBooks BR)
Também disponível em: Na Cabeceira Da Cama

A protagonista é a hilária Dalilah Darling, que após ler uma reportagem sobre a média de parceiros de uma mulher que é 10,5, descobre que a sua média é um pouquinho mais elevada… digamos 19, então ela estipula que não vai passar dos 20 e resolve se abster sexualmente, guardando a vigésima posição para aquele que é O escolhido, aquele que será o pai dos seus filhos, e isso não dá certo. (view spoiler)...more
The minute I opened this book I was in love... with the many lists of course - lists of men, to-do lists, any kind of lists! It wasn't just the lists I fell in love with, it was Delilah. She was such a relatable character, and I found myself taking her side for most of the book, though I'm not quite sure I would have chased down my ex hookups to see if they were 'the one.' This book does, however, make you think about how quickly time flies and how people change over the years. I mean, what if w...more
I would give this 3.5 stars.

After I found out that the movie What's My Number was based on this book, I wanted to read it (the movie looked really cute and I wanted to watch it but I wanted to read the book first). After having read the book and seeing the movie, I can say that both are equally cute, although not much alike. The movie just took the basic idea of the book and changed most of the details, but I actually liked that because it was almost like two totally different stories (and like...more

Originally published on The Librarian Next Door:

Delilah Darling will be the first person to admit it: she’s easy. After reading an article that says the average person has 10.5 sexual partners in their lifetime, Delilah freaks out when she realizes she’s dangerously close to twice that number. She resolves to cap “her number” at 20 – but then has a drunken one-night stand with her repulsive boss, who had just fired her. Delilah is determined not to go over 20, but she also knows she’s not meant...more
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Karyn Bosnak was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. After spending much of her early career as a television producer, she moved to New York in 2000 and became a writer. Her first book, the memoir SAVE KARYN (based on the website of the same name), received international media attention when it was published in 2003 resulting in appearances on the Today Show and 20/20. Karyn's second book a...more
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Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back Beauty Queen

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