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Miserere: An Autumn Tale
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Miserere: An Autumn Tale

3.79  ·  Rating Details  ·  764 Ratings  ·  194 Reviews
Exiled exorcist Lucian Negru deserted his lover in Hell in exchange for saving his sister Catarina's soul, but Catarina doesn't want salvation. She wants Lucian to help her fulfill her dark covenant with the Fallen Angels by using his power to open the Hell Gates. Catarina intends to lead the Fallen's hordes out of Hell and into the parallel dimension of Woerld, Heaven's f ...more
Paperback, 280 pages
Published June 21st 2011 by Night Shade Books (first published January 1st 2011)
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Ilona Andrews
Aug 20, 2012 Ilona Andrews rated it it was amazing
I have a book recommendation for you.

I inhaled this book, so I'm completely biased. You have been warned.

When we went to Houston for a signing, we met a friend for dinner. Mihirsurprised us with a bag of books, some of them from him and some fromBastard. Among the books was Miserere: An Autumn Tale.

I was hesitant to read it, because it's a Nightshade book and they haven't been treating their authors so well and because the cover, while beautiful, seemed a bit woe is me, everybody dies. But it wa
Mark Lawrence
Jan 04, 2016 Mark Lawrence rated it it was amazing
Like many books this year Miserere took me a long time to read. That's not a reflection on its quality.

On casual inspection you might be forgiven for thinking that this is a religious book &/or YA. It's neither of those things though and if you read it you'll soon be disabused of the notion.

Frohock paints an interesting secondary world where multiple (possibly all) real world faiths feature but they are treated as religions invented in any good fantasy, i.e. they're presented as rich and int
✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
I had never heard of this book until Gavin DNFed it. Others might have thought: oh, Gavin couldn't finish it, I should stay away from this. But no, not me. I'm brave like that. And I like a challenge. And the cover looked pretty cool in a templar-y middle age-y kind of way. And I read the words 'hell' and 'demonic' in the blurb. I should have known better.

The bad

Gripe #1: this book is pretty much boring to death from beginning to end. Well the first 30% aren't that bad but then it's all blah bla
Zachary Jernigan
Oct 18, 2013 Zachary Jernigan rated it it was amazing
OBJECTIVE RATING (my best stab at looking at the book's merits, regardless of whether or not I enjoyed it all that much): 4.5

PERSONAL RATING (how much the book "worked" for me personally): 5

A solid 9.0, verging on a 9.5, MISERERE does not start off with a bang and it takes some time to get into. Frankly, this is a good thing: it allows readers to ground themselves in characters they aren't sure they will like, in a world that resists cosiness.

This is brutal, disturbing, adult fiction. Despite th
Dec 27, 2012 Felicia rated it really liked it
This was a SUPER inventive and dark world-building novel. Definitely epic fantasy leaning, meaty and engrossing about Heaven and Hell and demon battling and love. I really enjoyed it, and the fact it was a first novel was even cooler, and it felt much meatier than the relatively short 300 pages, which is interesting.

There are some GREAT characters and relationships (and a LOT of drama) that keep you page-turning. Recommended to CS Friedman fans, or Sarah Monette fans.
Nov 14, 2014 Gavin rated it it was ok

DNF 65%

This really should have been a good read. Teresa Frohock's world was an intriguing concept. It just failed to transition from a fantastic idea into an entertaining story. Which was a shame as I was quite enthusiastic about reading this story.

The world of Miserere consisted of four interlinked parallel dimensions. Heaven, Earth, Woerld, and Hell. The action in this story takes place in Woerld, the dimension that shields Earth and Heaven from Hell. The Fallen Angels and Demons of
Ranting Dragon
Jan 14, 2012 Ranting Dragon rated it it was amazing
Shelves: michelle

Miserere is the debut novel of Teresa Frohock, released mid-2011 by Night Shade Books. A mesmerizing dark fantasy that showcases Frohock’s admirable talent as a writer, Miserere is an utterly compelling tale and pleasure to read.

The story takes place primarily in Woerld, one of a hierarchy of parallel dimensions that also include Hell, Earth and Heaven. Woerld is located between Hell and Earth and acts as a frontline of defense against the Fallen Angels of
Mogsy (MMOGC)
Mar 26, 2013 Mogsy (MMOGC) rated it really liked it
4.5 stars. Review originally posted at The BiblioSanctum

Books like Miserere are why I'm glad I make it a personal rule to finish reading all books I start. It's always tempting to put a title away for something else when the story doesn't capture me right away, and certainly I had my doubts that this one would be right for me when I first began. But sometimes, a book can be full of surprises.

I ended up loving Miserere. All I needed was some time to get into it, and part of the reason is its paci
Robert Dunbar
Jun 27, 2011 Robert Dunbar rated it it was amazing
I saw a review for MISERERE the other day that marveled at the fact that this is Teresa Frohock's first book. I understand the feeling: MISERERE is so accomplished, so polished and sophisticated. The plot is amazing, complex and fantastic, sweeping in scope and teeming with colorful characters: I was fascinated. I haven't read a great deal of this type of fiction. (I guess I'd call it Epic Fantasy.) But Frohock has made a convert out of me. I can't wait to see what she does next.
Oct 25, 2011 Justin rated it really liked it

Religion is a touchy subject matter, isn't it? Focusing on subjects of faith and belief can easily become unhinged. Preaching or flippancy are equally likely and this is especially true when the a novel is told from only one sect's point of view (in this case, Christian). I've been caught unawares by 'Christian fiction' masquerading as fantasy a time or two and I pretty well irks me every time, although erotica masquerading as Urban Fantasy is worse. It's
Sep 20, 2011 Miquela rated it really liked it
This book was sent to me by mistake, and the seller told me to keep it rather than reimbursing what return shipping would cost.

I'm so glad the mixup occurred. I tend to read multi-volume epic fantasy and would not have spontaneously chosen this book; however, I very much enjoyed the story, the worldbuilding, and the characters. I'll happily read another book by Ms. Frohock.

Miserere can definitely be viewed as dark fantasy, but the thread of hope I like in my reads is there. The main characters h
Apr 03, 2013 Bastard rated it really liked it

Miserere: An Autumn Tale is the debut novel by Teresa Frohock, and it's beautifully written as promised in the very first paragraph. In the midst of the oldest and longest war in history, in a complex world and universe, a simple tale is told about a man who has loved, betrayed, and sacrificed much as he goes on a journey to save the life of the person he once abandoned. Crippled and broken, he'll risk it all once again for the one he once loved, and sti
The Shayne-Train
May 17, 2016 The Shayne-Train rated it really liked it
"You're not going to heaven,
Eat a thousand crackers, sing a million hymns.
None of you are going to heaven.
You're not my children; you're a bad game of Sims."**

I am an ardent and proud atheist. In fact, I sometimes think I go a step beyond, into anti-theism. But lurking in the lizard-jelly back of my brain is an envy of those who have faith. It seems like it would be so peaceful and satisfying to be all "Jesus, take the wheel!" whenever life gets too stressful or hectic. Alas, I no longer believe
Apr 10, 2014 Kaora rated it really liked it
Shelves: good-fantasy

I really enjoyed this book. I was a bit unsure at first after reading the descriptions, but it had such good reviews I had to give it a try.

I was not disappointed. Books on religion often come off as "preachy" either for or against religion, but this book managed to avoid that. A book on religious tolerance? What??

It is a dark tale, but a good one. A different spin on the battle between Heaven and Hell. I highly recommend it.
Courtney Schafer
May 16, 2011 Courtney Schafer rated it it was amazing
After reading the first couple chapters of Miserere for free thanks to a Night Shade promotion, I begged for an ARC (Teresa Frohock is a label mate of mine) - and wow, I'm so glad I got the chance to read one. The rest of the story delivered on the promise of those first chapters, big time.

Miserere is excellent dark fantasy, with fascinating worldbuilding and a cast of beautifully realized characters. At the center of the tale is Lucian Negru, a man struggling to escape the twin sister he once
Aug 08, 2012 Sarah rated it it was amazing
This book is pure, unadulterated, uncensored BEAUTY.

Well, forgive me, it took me a while to cook up the perfect sentence to describe this book. It has excellent prose—almost lyrical, and the characters are very well-made. Lucian's character was so real to me, I felt weird after finishing the book; like a very close friend of mine just disappeared. Yes, that's how involved I got.

And I think you already know that what I would say after my praise would just be more praises, so I'll cut to the cha
Beth Cato
May 05, 2015 Beth Cato rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fantasy, 2015
I'm ashamed to say I've owned this since it was a new release and I only just got to it. I have to-read books that are older yet.

The good news is that books, unlike fruit, do not spoil, and this was a fantastic read. I blazed through in days. Frohock created a unique setting of Woerld, a kind of border realm between Earth and Hell, where gifted youngsters are pulled to act as guardians. This is by no means your average YA portal fantasy, though. The protagonist is Lucian, an older man broken an

"“I warned you.” Catarina’s pallid features swam out of the blackness.
“Remember that, Lucian. I warned you not to estrange yourself from me.” She raised her arms as the cloud surged overhead. A clap like thunder tore through the air. The flies descended."

Rating 4.5 (the ending felt somewhat in limbo)


Didn't expect to enjoy it this much ... it was often depressing through the first half, almost too dark ... and then it grew on me.

"Not even a rat stirred in the silence."


Nice, dark fantasy, a
Aug 06, 2011 Bibliotropic rated it really liked it
Shelves: review-copies
There's something I want to get out of the way here: I almost didn't read this book past the first chapter. It started out seeming like a big mess, like the author didn't know if she wanted to create a fantasy world or an alternate earth. Real-world mythology and religion (or rather, religious organizations all co-existing peacefully without any mention of actual religion) existing side-by-side with magic, fictional places mentioned alongside real places. It felt like a mess, like the author was ...more
Steve Drew
Sep 12, 2013 Steve Drew rated it it was amazing
SUMMARY: Definitely pick this one up - great, edgy storytelling in a unique setting.

I just finished Teresa Frohock's Misere and felt the need to put up a review right away. This is going on my short-list of novels that not everyone knows about, but should be reading.

I'm a bit miffed that there isn't a series of Autumn Tale novels out there yet. Finished knowing that this was the first of her novels, but still went to her website - just to be sure. Not sure why I went through that disappointment.
Jan 09, 2012 Kristen rated it really liked it
Miserere: An Autumn Tale is an excellent debut novel and a great character-driven, dark fantasy book. It has strong world-building and well-developed main characters, both of which are handled in a way that sets it apart as different from a lot of fantasy. The strength of this book has certainly put Teresa Frohock on my radar as an author to watch.

A battle between heaven and hell is a very familiar basic plotline, but one of the things I really appreciated about this novel was that it was not th
Apr 06, 2015 Lisa rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy
Review from Tenacious Reader:

Miserere is an engaging, dark and unexpected book. I honestly was not sure where parts of this story were going, and I love that. I also love that this is not your cozy fantasy where people are generally safe, and its certainly not a clear cut good versus evil. There are shades of grey.

There are central features to the story that center on religion, but please do not mistake this for a religious book. I have to confess to havi
Feb 19, 2014 Wendy rated it really liked it
Have you ever read a book and wished you could chat with the author to find out what they meant at a certain part? To learn what went into the crafting of a character or plot line? Well I've been chatting with Teresa Frohock a bit on Twitter for a while now, with the intent to read her book. Then I was struck with the idea of actually livetweeting my read the way I livetweet TV shows. Ms. Frohock loved the idea and as a result, I got to have the most wonderful reading experience with a great boo ...more
I mainly picked this one up because 1) it recently went on sale for $2.99 on Amazon and 2) it had a 5 star review from Ilona Andrews that really piqued my interest (she kinda had me at Ladyhawke – loved that movie!)

This had all the right ingredients for a book that I’d like – it’s got a tortured hero, a strong heroine and a nasty villain; there’s magic, swords, betrayal, lost love and hope for redemption. Heaven, Hell, demons, battles, I can totally get down with all that stuff! But ehh, this on
Kristin  (MyBookishWays Reviews)
Jul 04, 2011 Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews) rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fantasy
You may also read my review here:

Miserere is a hard one to review. Not because I didn’t like it, actually, I adored it, but it is simultaneously one of the most complex, yet compulsively readable novels I’ve ever read. Topping out at just under 300 pages, Ms. Frohock manages to pack a wallop of a story into her pages. Lush and emotional, it takes the reader on a journey about betrayel and redemption, and leaves them gasping. Ok, that was my journey, but s
Nov 12, 2015 Kati rated it really liked it
Great read. Despite my early misgivings - I don't like books that mix our real world and high fantasy - I enjoyed the book immensely. Only one scene took place on Earth, the rest of the book was all about Woerld and Hell. I was fascinated by the author's world-building, by all the religions working together against a common enemy, the Fallen. But what made the book for me, were the characters: Lucian and his twin sister Catarina, Rachael, Lindsay - their relationships, their depth made the story ...more
Seregil of Rhiminee
Sep 17, 2014 Seregil of Rhiminee rated it it was amazing
Originally published at Risingshadow.

Teresa Frohock's Miserere: An Autumn Tale is one of the finest and most atmospheric debut fantasy novels ever written. It's a deliciously dark, twisted and compelling sword and sorcery fantasy novel for adults with plenty of dark fantasy elements.

A lot has already been written about Miserere: An Autumn Tale and many readers and critics have praised it, so I'll write a short review about it. I'll try not to repeat that what has already been said about it.

4.5/5 stars

If Miserere were a recipe, it would read something like this:

Combine a generous helping of a complex world, multifaceted characters, and a unique plot. Top with a liberal dash of fantastic writing. Mix well. Bake.


Read my full review here:
Fantasy Review Barn

This is perhaps the most impossible to describe book I have read yet at its core it is a very simple, linear story. I can’t seem to make sense of this seeming contradiction.

Woerld (yes I checked that spelling) is a land between the worlds. A barrier between earth and hell with its own thriving life as its denizens mostly do their best to keep fallen angels where they belong. It would appear that the Judeo-Christian mythos is somewhat grounded in reality here; yet obviously mis
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