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Late Eclipses (October Daye #4)
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Late Eclipses (October Daye #4)

4.28 of 5 stars 4.28  ·  rating details  ·  8,722 ratings  ·  498 reviews
October "Toby" Daye is half-human, half-fae-the only changeling who's earned knighthood. But when someone begins targeting her nearest and dearest, it becomes clear that Toby is being set up to take the fall for everything that's happening.
ebook, 400 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Daw Books
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October Daye reminds me of that friend whom I liked a great deal, but who was a disaster waiting to happen. Make a shopping date, and she'd show up 45 minutes late and then discover she lost her credit card at the first store. We'd have some commotion looking for it, involve two or three innocent bystanders, run back and search the car, call home and convince someone to search her house until they found it, and then after much quibbling, she'd agree to borrow some money so we could go ahead and ...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
From the first book, ROSEMARY AND RUE, it has felt like I jumped into the October Daye series “in media res.” Quickly swept away by action and character development, I had for the most part forgotten Toby’s mysterious past. LATE ECLIPSES not only brings it all back, but also explodes Toby’s own preconceived ideas about herself and her heritage. While not a cliff hanger, this book ends poised at the top of an arc, and I can’t wait to read where all of this forward momentum is going to take the se ...more
The Flooze

I had declared, after reading An Artificial Night, that Toby Daye and I simply would not do. Though there was much about her I adored, though her friends were lovely, entertaining people, Toby and I just didn’t see eye-to-eye. And so I bid her a fond farewell, wishing her all the best with those who might appreciate her better.

Insistent friends pleaded with me to give her another chance. “No, no,” said I. “You can never go back on that sort of decision. It just leads to more disappoint
Dear Seanan McGuire (Part the Second, since Ali's is Part the First) Please never stop writing. I adore everything you write and can't wait until May for Deadline and October for One Salt Sea and do not know what I will then do when I have to wait an entire year for another Toby Daye book but will try not to whine and pout. Hey, I know! I will read InCryptid! Anyway, in the meantime, I wish you candy corn, cupcakes, large cats and pleasant, well-behaved, well-informed fans, all in appropriately ...more
Late Eclipses hits the ground running with a few shocking developments for our favorite changeling, October Daye, but then Toby’s immediately called to see a friend with a suspicious illness. As more fae fall victim to similar complaints, Toby fends off accusations and works to track down an old enemy. She’s caught up in a plot involving revenge, political power, and family intrigue, and not even her most formidable allies can help her with the difficult choice she’ll have to make.

These books ke
Late Eclipses was a magnificent read. Exactly as I've come to expect of Seanan McGuire.

Aside from the excellent world building, blending of traditional lore with the modern world, characterisations and storylines (both for Late Eclipses alone and across the series); it's sheer joy to read such good word craft written in an active voice.

Late Eclipses was a tantalisingly dark read but with enough interest in and care for the characters developed that it really mattered to me what becames of them
Deceit and Drama

The fourth instalment of the October Daye series opens innocently enough with a late night trip to the shops. Toby’s peace does not last long though and within the first chapter she is called to the court of the insane Queen of Mists. The fae Queen has plans for Toby and she is not the only one because a mysterious sickness rises and targets Toby friends with a suddenness that suggests poison most foul. Now Toby must race against time to save those she loves because if she fails
It’s like night and…daye! Reading October in October!

This marks my first review of Seanan McGuire's popular series. Normally I prefer to review every book after I read it; however, for this series it was super difficult to become invested early on. I got through the first three quickly to keep my enthusiasm up for the series. But since I read them quickly I didn't think I could write a proper review. But due to the high acclaim that the later books have received I decided to push through, and
3.5 stars. The plot is a bit weak, as usual. There is a lot of rushing around, going away, and then hurrying back again, with not quite enough real action in between, and a few way too convenient characters or plot points (Walther). But generally there were lotsa secrets revealed, lotsa changes and a lotsa of Tybalt. And Connor. I guess slowly developing triangles are the "thing to do" but I don't really get his appeal as a character. Maybe in real life, sure, he seems like a nice guy, but as a ...more
Before I start my review, an aside about the cover art. Chris McGrath has really outdone himself on the cover for Late Eclipses. Wow, that’s gorgeous. It’s also an actual scene from the book, and every element in the scene is important to the story, from her ball gown to her leather jacket to the items she holds.

Moving along to the book, Late Eclipses features a mystery that hits close to home for Toby Daye. Lily, the Lady of the Tea Gardens, falls ill… but it’s supposed to be impossible for Und
Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian
I love the quip in the summary (taken from the author's website) about making Toby wear dresses. It's so true! Toby's getting unwillingly dragged into Royal and Courtly politics. Can you think of anything that is less Toby's cup of tea than pomp and politics? Neh, me either. And why? Why are people trying to get her entangled in that world? What is to be gained from it? Well, if your name is October Daye, nothing good, that's what.

Our Tobes has a hard time in this one. It was suspense-filled, dr
Wow, an October Daye novel I actually really liked reading. After the first three novels I had thought I'd just trudge through this one like the others, but I found myself racing along the pages and genuinely loving what I was reading. It was kind of amazing how I didn't want to throttle Toby anymore. Admittedly, some of that is coupled with a sense of 'about damned time', but you know what? I'll take what I can get.

Late Eclipses is full of action, suspense, and, well, drama. Toby is plunged in
Well, I wanted answers, and this fourth installment of the October Daye series, Late Eclipses gave me them, but as is so often the case when provided with complicated answers to seemingly simple questions, more complicated questions arise. Touche, Ms. McGuire, touche.

It seems as if the Queen of Mists has finally found a way to bestow upon Toby the favor she’s so been longing to give–a proclamation for a changeling who had the nerve to solve the Queen’s problems and take the credit she deserved.
LATE ECLIPSES, book four in the October Daye series, delivers a tightly woven plot which manages to skewer our perception of what Toby is in the process. If one is interested in learning more about Toby's world, this novel is the novel to read. If, however, the reader is searching for more of a romance, he or she will be severely disappointed with this installment.

I always felt the world-building was Seanan's strong point when it came to the Fae world. She has something refreshing to incorporate
Poor Toby, when it rains, it pours. Unfortunately for her, it's been pouring pretty much non-stop since she left her life as a fish behind. I've enjoyed all the previous books in this series but this is the first one that has reached a four star level for me and I think the reasons for that are twofold. First, I think the author is doing a much better job with the pacing as she finds her legs with this series and this world. Secondly, IMO she made better use of most of her characters in this out ...more
This book had me on the edge of my seat all the way through it. I enjoyed the first in the series quite a bit, the second not as much; but this...what a wonderful tale. It had everything (except some smutty adult times). My heart pounded, I felt outrage for injustices, heartbreak at losses, confusion and enlightenment. I laughed out loud and I growled at the enemy. Things happened that I didn't see coming and I ended the book, without a cliff hanger in sight, aching for the next installment.


Another suspenseful and action packed novel by Seanan McGuire.

October (Toby) Daye is back as the changeling knight who always seems to find more trouble than normal. In this novel, an old foe returns and preys upon Toby’s friends. The plot was a wild ride until the end. Toby’s “relationship” with the cat king Tybalt deepens and the tension between these two is intense. You can feel it rolling off the pages. We learn more about Toby’s mysterious childhood and her mother, but questions re
Dear Seanan McGuire: I love you, I really do. But PLEASE stop making it so hard to wait between your books, without even having stupid cliff-hangers at the end. The sheer amount of individual character and complex relationship development, and new plot/world/background information, in this book is staggering, and I'm not sure how I'm going to wait six months 'til One Salt Sea, let alone an entire *year* after OSS for the next Toby book. In short, stop writing such awesome books. (Except, don't r ...more
All right, please note that despite the fact that I've loved genre fiction since I could read, I am a literary snob. I teach English and have done so for almost three full decades at this point. Therefore, I sometimes feel I simply can't give five stars to a genre novel.

Damn. You see, otherwise, I would have given this book five stars. Or at least four and a half.

I've liked the October Daye series since the start, but I truly think this one is the best of the series thus far. I even found myself
4.5 Stars

Another amazing installment in the Toby Daye series! With Late Eclipses, McGuire continues the topnotch world-building that makes this series stand out from other urban fantasies. The realm of Faerie, with its multitude of races, courtly etiquette, and strange magic, has never been more interesting. I love getting to explore Toby's world. In this book, we even get a peek behind the shadows into the mysterious court of the Cait Sidhe.

The tone of the story is just as dark and depressing a
I love Toby Daye--she's definitely up there with my other favorite kick-ass heroines: Joanne (Walker), Mercy (Thompson), Jane (Yellowrock), and Gin (Blanco). Why? Well, she's snarky. She kicks ass. And she does everything she can for all the right reasons, even if it's unappreciated.

Toby barely made it through An Artificial Night, and things don't slow down for this changeling-knight-and-P.I. in Late Eclipses. Sure, it starts off with something as mundane as grocery shopping with her posse (all
Kelly H. (Maybedog)
A disjointed start led to a stronger story than those previously in the series. This time more is revealed about October herself, the kinds of things that have been hinted at for a long time. There's a lot more Tybalt and a lot more intensity and a lot more stupidity on Toby's part in regards to the stupid and annoying love triangle.

Much was wrapped up way too easily and deep seated emotions reversed completely in the space of a very short conversation on two occasions. Sometimes Toby could see
Angela James
I liked this book a lot, and continue to love this series. I think fans of the series will enjoy this installment and anticipate the next. My only quibble with the book is that Toby seems to have a bit of an almost callous disregard for Tybalt. Or maybe takes him for granted? I must admit, I'm biased, though, as I don't like Connor at all, and wish Toby would quit mooning over him. Blech ;)

Also, despite the fact that the author had Toby admitting "how stupid am I" when going into dangerous situ
3.5 4 was a push and I think I figured out why. Other than everyone wanting to take October out so passionately for reasons that still allude me, its all the traveling! Back and forth back and forth argh!!! Im not a detail girl. I like enough to give me the gist, then lets move our merry way onto the action or some dialogue. This series is yet to hook me, but I also have to stop trying to read books like these in fewer than 3 days. Its not good for my sanity and it taints the book im reading. Th ...more
I've been almost inhaling books this year—thanks in large part to the Goodreads Reading Challenge and my excessively long TBR list—and that has left me little time to linger over the books I've read and has led to more than a few bouts of speed reading.

Not. This. Book. I just savored this book. I found myself reading passages again and again, not wanting it to end. And I'm so thankful I don't have to wait a year for One Salt Sea.
This is going to be really short because I'm still reeling in awe of how good this book was. Without getting spoilery, we learn a LOT about Toby and her Mom, there is the requisite, but always satisfying Hero's quest, we get to a crossroads in the romance department and finally we get Seanan McGuire's elegant prose.

If you've never read UF (Urban Fantasy), this series is a perfect introduction--it doesn't get better.
This series seems to be getting better and better! I'd give this book 4 stars.

The protagonist, October (Toby) Daye, had a seriously busy life. She ran from one life-threatening situation to another, and for some reason everyone was in need of her skills/support/help etc.

I liked the non-stop actions and constant race against time to hunt down the villain of the story. Toby always seemed to be one step behind the bad guys, and yet this time, unlike previous installments, she didn't get much of any
Drama and deceit fill this fourth instalment of the October Daye series. Called upon by insane Queen in Mists, Toby yet again finds herself in a race against time to save those she loves.

Back in our original setting of San Francisco, we are treated to a few familiar faces; friends that we love and old enemies that we love to hate.

All my fellow Tybalt fans will be pleased to find that there is significantly more King of Cats in this book and we get a deeper look at the Court of Cats which was b
Blodeuedd Finland
First of all I just have to get this off my chest; Raysel! You fucking bitch!!! *screams* Honestly it was painful to read the book this time cos I just wanted to go over and slap Raysel and then leave her to rot. I always did hate that bitch but here it got even worse. At the moment she is one of my most hated characters of all time.

*breathes in and out* I am trying to calm down but this book took it out of me. At one time I almost cried too, I seriously hate a few people in this series. They ar
Things have moved on for Toby and she is adjusting to sharing her apartment with her Fetch, May Daye, although everyone else regards this as pretty much a death wish. She is summonsed by the Queen of Mists and named Countess of Goldengreen , which pretty much screams 'trap!'. Toby then learns that Lily is Ill and goes to her aid. It becomes clear that Oleander was involved and that this also has something to do with Toby's mother, Amandine, bringing us back to the mystery of Toby's birth and her ...more
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Hi! I'm Seanan McGuire, author of the Toby Daye series (Rosemary and Rue, A Local Habitation, An Artificial Night, Late Eclipses), as well as a lot of other things. I'm also Mira Grant (, author of Feed and Deadline.

Born and raised in Northern California, I fear weather and am remarkably laid-back about rattlesnakes. I watch too many horror movies, read too many comic books, and
More about Seanan McGuire...

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