Street Love
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Street Love

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Your first love is totally wrong for you.
Do you follow your heart?
Or do you run away?


What am I doing? He’ll take one quick look
And wish he was anywhere else but here
I’m already ashamed of what I think
He will think of me, of the life I lead


Yes, she is the fruit that will
Sustain me and yes, she brings
A rain that I know can chill
But it is a rain so sweet and sin...more
ebook, 160 pages
Published October 6th 2009 by Amistad (first published October 31st 2006)
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"If anyone could look into my head
See or feel the dread that has captured
Me or see within this sad, unhappy brain
They would only turn away
Turn away."

—Junice, Street Love, P. 15

"On the streets of the city
They have taken my Who-I-Am
As well as my What-I-Was
And now I am desperate for them both

—Leslie Ambers, Street Love, P. 25

It's a little bit difficult for me to totally wrap my mind around this unusual book. The verse styling of Walter Dean Myers was different from what I expecte...more
Street Love is the story of star-crossed lovers Junice and Damien, two African American teens growing up in Harlem. Damien comes from a two-parent household. His family has worked hard to become part of the "Who's Who" list and has a plan for Damien, who is attending Brown University next year. He has a girlfriend, Roxanne, and a best friend, Kevin, who assists him when he gets into confrontations with Sledge and Chico, two rivals from the other side of the street. Junice comes from a very dif...more
OK. So I read Aaron's review first, and now I feel stymied, because as I was reading I thought I should be thinking about how similar or dissimilar to Romeo and Juliet it was, whether the meter and rhyme scheme fit (in the chapters where that's the voice), and what the style was in the other chapters. Since Aaron has done that work for me, I will simply add that there is some rap conversation as well, during the conversations in which the protagonist, Damien, spars with his "street" co...more
Street Love, by Walter Dean Myers is a novel about young love between two young adults in the streets. The novel itself teaches others to help others notice how love hits people. Love is so strong that it may seem people are loosing their head, which turns into fights and arguments within friends and family. In this novel we read about Damien who meet Junice at school one day. Damien had already had a 'friend' his mom wanted him to be with, but ever since Damien met Junice he noticed that Junic...more
Street love tells the story of star-crossed lovers Junice and Damian, two african americans teens growing up in Harlem. Damian comes from a two-parent household. His family has worked hard to make sure Damian attend Browns University next year. Although Damian has a friend that his Mother is trying to force him to date name Roxanne, Damian does not see a future with her. Roxanne and his best friend, Kevin helps assist him when he gets in confrontation with Sledge and Chico, Two rivals from the o...more
This novel in verse does it in hip hop rhyme, and pulls it off without seeming hokey or dated. Makes you kind of want to read it aloud to yourself. If you want to look like a geekwad, that is.
Michele Godwin
I like that this book is written in a kind of rhythm, though that took a little getting used to. The story of Junice and Damien is a compelling one - Junice is from the wrong side of town, the wrong kind of family to suit Damien's mother, who only wants the best for her son. But Damien falls hard for Junice, and is determined to help her stay whole as she struggles with no support system for her and her sister. The love story is nice, and the characters are certainly likable. But, for me, there...more
This book has showed readers how two completely different lives find "love" and are introduced to sacrificing and struggling for their love. One of the main issues is that Damien and Junice come from two completely different backgrounds. Damien lives a fortunate but unpossesive life. Meaning he has no control over his decisions in life. On the other hand Junice has no family like Damien. She has no father or mother there to support her. She lives with her aunt. Her side is that she grew up with...more
Street Love
By Walter Dean Myers
134 pp. New York, NY
Amistad and HarperTempest are imprints of HarperCollins publishers. $15.99
ISBN-10: 0-06-028079-4

Love is very powerful. It can feel like heaven-or it can destroy you. It can also help you, solve your problems, confuse you or hurt you. In the book Street Love by Walter Dean Myers, Junice is confused about if she should let love take control of her life. She wonders should she love herself and let others love her or she just keep moving forward avo...more
Michelle Lombardi
First love always brings with it many emotions. Some of these emotions may be conflicting. If your first love is not whom your parents would have chosen for you, these emotions become even more difficult to deal with. Street Love is a story of first love and the many difficulties that come along with it.

Written in verse, Street Love tells the story of Damian, an urban teen whose parents have high hopes for his future. Damian is in love with Junice, a troubled girl whose mother has recently been...more
Damien and Junice, although both African American teens living in Harlem, come from different worlds. Damien is headed for Brown University. Junice is trying to keep her family together after her mother is imprisoned for possession and distribution of drugs. When they fall for each other, their friends see nothing but trouble, especially as Junice may fail in her attempt to keep her nine year old sister with her, and be sent off to foster care. In this modern, street retelling of Romeo and Julie...more
The book "Street Love" by Walter Dean Myers was a great book.This book was about a girl named Junice who has a pretty tuff life.Her mother was sentenced to 25 years in prison for drug dealing. Along with Junice is her 9 year old sister Melissa.They also live with their grandmother
"Miss Ruby".Family services believe that "Miss Ruby" too isn't responsible enough to take care of them.Then Damien suddenly steps into her life and they fall in love.He wants to help but he doesn't know how he can.Fami...more
Sixteen-year-old Damien has risen above his gang environment and is on the track for success. He gets excellent grades, he's been accepted to Brown University, and his parents want nothing more than for him to get off the streets and make them proud. But Damien has other ideas, he has his eyes set on a different kind of future, possibly one with Junice the unknown, quiet beauty he's seen around the neighborhood. Junice, however, lives a disparate life than what Damien is accustomed to. Her moth...more
Have you ever read a verse novel? This week I read my first. It’s called Street Love by Walter Dean Myers. To my surprise and delight, I mostly understood the situations taking place and the emotions being expressed. While I may never become an avid reader of the poetic narrative format, I have gained a better appreciation for it.

Street Love is a modern Romeo and Juliet story set in Harlem. It’s about Damien, who is expected to attend college, marry the stable Roxanne, and make something of his...more
Well, this is my second book by Walter Dean Myers and i really like this book. Before i started to read this book i predicted this was mainly about a boy trying to get a girl or love on the street. But it happens to be more than that. The genre of this book is like a fiction/romance. The characters are Damien, Junice and Kevin. While reading Street Love, it was a surprise to me that most of the authors words were written like a poem and there were a few quotes that i like and it rhymes. There we...more
After reading Street Love, written by Walter Deanmyers my mindset about many things in life has changed. Walter's language throughout the book is very unique and "hip". This is one of the reasons why i enjoyed the book. Another reason is that the characters in the book are around the same age as i am. Although i don't live in Harlem, and i don't go through some of the same things that these kids go through, it was very nice to see what some peoples lives are like. This story also talks a lot abo...more
Street Love is exactly what it proclaims to be - a novel in poems, about love 'on the street'. But that is not all it is: it is a love story, a life story, and above all, a *good* story.

The use of street slang in the dialogue poems can be off-putting at first. It makes for cumbersome conversations, and if read out loud doesn’t sound anything like how someone would talk. But if you look beyond those awkward poems, the narrative verses are rich with veiled meaning. Damian and Junice are from diff...more
The book Street Love, written by Walter Dean Myers, is a book filled with poetic justice and love. This book however is not like many love story novels, the whole book is in poetry form. It is a very colorful and imagery filled book as well.This book is similar to a real love story because it has real situations that might happen in real life , and these situations often test the strength of their love for each other.

The moral of the story is to not let other people's opinions stop you from goin...more
Snapshot: In this modern hip-hop homage to Romeo and Juliet, Walter Dean Myers tells the story of Junice and Damien, two teenagers finishing up high school in Harlem. He tells a story that is all too common in the inner-city. Damien is on his way to a full scholarship to Brown University. Junice is dealing with the fact that her mom is in prison for selling drugs and she and her sister barely have enough money to survive. In the same community, at the same school, how can these two lives be so d...more
Aja' Jones
Street Love written by Walter Dean Myers is a multicultural, modern realistic fiction book that focuses on the life of young teens in the form of stylistic poems. This book tells the life of young lovers Damian and Junice. From the first day they met, to the ending of their love, the author goes through the struggle of both Damian and Junice love life, acceptance, family life, and how it declines and progresses. The theme behind the book is the follow your heart. I believe the authors purpose wa...more
Peter Okolo
The main character, Damien, was raised in a "gang-type" environment. He is very smart. He actually gets accepted into Brown University in the book. He eventually finds a soul mate; a beautiful woman in which her name is Junice. She didn't have a good family history. For example, her mom was in jail. She was living a difficult life in the streets. They both are wanting to make their lives better with each other with all the struggle they are going through. No matter the obstacles they battle thr...more
Aaron Alexius
Snapshot: Walter Dean Myers, author of Monster and Slam, adopts the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, Pyramus and Thisbe, or Forbidden Love at First Sight for a modern, urban audience. Set in Harlem, Street Love tells the story of Damien and Junice and there (while not really forbidden) strongly discouraged love. Theirs is a separation because of class.

Hook: What if you met someone that you instantly fell heads over feet in love with? Well what if something that you thought was stupid kept you...more
Snapshot: Like many 17-year-olds, Damien is eager to leave the dangers of home and conquer the next chapter in his life, armed with a full academic scholarship to Brown University. Junice is also anxious to begin a new life, yet for very different reasons as she struggles to support her younger sister and senile grandmother. Neither character is fully prepared for what happens when their lives collide. Will Junice allow herself to love Damien? Will Damien accept Junice for who she is rather than...more
Snapshot: This is Walter Dean Myers' shot at writing a novel in verse. The "action" takes place between Damien and Junice, two teenagers from different worlds. It's a star-crossed lovers theme, but the poetry is less between them then about them (even though it's written in first-person). I found the poetry hard to get through, although the book is very short.

Hook: I couldn't help but compare this book to Locomotion, another book of poetry for young adults by Jacqueline Woodson. However, after...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Karin Perry for

Walter Dean Myers has created a captivating tale of new love on the tough streets of New York City. Damien is a smart young man who is going places. He has already been accepted into Brown University and looks toward the future. His parents have sacrificed in order to provide him with a stable, loving, and supportive environment. His mother is diligent when it comes to his life. She doesn't want to him to fall prey to manipulating girls looking for a w...more
Ryle Bartolome
I chose this book because I liked how the author writes,and how his story are always about gang-related things. Street Love is about two teenagers, Junice and Damien, who have their own problems in life. Damien has his gang problems and Junice has her family problems. Damien began making moves to her and being flirty and together they built there love around each other,while they fight through difficult times to benefit their future together. My Favorite quote was by Damien and he said, "Yes, sh...more
Marie Neuner
Snapshot: Damien and Junice are not supposed to love each other. Though both are from Harlem, they have different family backgrounds. Junice’s mother gets sent to prison for selling drugs and Junice and her sister Melissa are left with their grandmother, Miss Ruby. Ruby has a criminal history, is going senile, and has been deemed unfit to take care of the two girls. When they are faced with the possibility of being split up in the foster care system, Junice decides to take off to Memphis, Tennes...more
Street Love: Walter Dean Myers
Date Finished: July 2010

Snapshot: A modern-day, urban rendition of Romeo and Juliet, Street Love tells the love story of two teens, Damien and Junice. Damien falls for Junice, and Junice eventually begins to like Damien. Despite their love connection, both teens’ parents have other plans for their children. Street Love brings in the voices and realities of the teens, the parents, and a few other characters. From these perspectives, in addition to the main love story...more
I really liked how Walter Dean Myers played around with different verse forms in this novel. He goes beyond having different forms for different characters- characters may speak in a different poetic voice depending on what other character they happen to be with, or what emotion they are feeling at the time.

Free verse, variations on a sonnet, and hip-hop inspired verse (like rap lyrics or something performed at a poetry slam) and other forms are used liberally throughout the novel. There always...more
Walter Dean Myers has created a captivating tale of new love on the tough streets of New York City. Damien is a smart young man who is going places. He has already been accepted into Brown University and looks toward the future. His parents have sacrificed in order to provide him with a stable, loving, and supportive environment. His mother is diligent when it comes to his life. She doesn't want to him to fall prey to manipulating girls looking for a way out of their meaningless and disappointin...more
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Stacie Johnson

Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia but moved to Harlem with his foster parents at age three. He was brought up and went to public school there. He attended Stuyvesant High School until the age of seventeen when he joined the army.

After serving four years in the army, he worked at various jobs and earned a BA from Empi...more
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“Wherever your heart rests
There I will live and be blessed
I've tried to line up the things I
Needed to say but now my feelings just
Tumble from me. I am half foolish,
Half drunk with wanting you
With wanting to take your hand
And leap into the darkness of whatever
Life will bring. Love makes me
Brave and without love I'm made
“My life is not packaged,
Not tidy. There are leftover strands and jagged
Edges that cut even my friends.”
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