9/11: Il rapporto illustrato sull'11 Settembre
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9/11: Il rapporto illustrato sull'11 Settembre

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On December 5, 2005, the 9/11 Commission issued its final report card on the government's fulfillment of the recommendations issued in July 2004: one A, twelve Bs, nine Cs, twelve Ds, three Fs, and four incompletes. Here is stunning evidence that Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón, with more than sixty years of experience in the comic-book industry between them, were right: far,...more
Paperback, 144 pages
Published September 8th 2006 by Alet (first published 2006)
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Richie Partington
03 April 2007 THE 9/11 REPORT: A GRAPHIC ADAPTATION by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon, Hill and Wang, 2006, ISBN: 0-8090-5738-7

"The Commission Recommends:


I have never read the 9/11 Commission's report. And while I've questioned my own ability...more
A must read for every American. An excellent summary of the 9/11 Panel's findings without the 1000-plus pages of the original report issued by the Panel. The illustrations are concise and serious; no "comic book" feel at all. I first heard about this book when the authors were interviewed on NPR; I was impressed with how they took this project seriously and how they felt very strongly that they needed to make the most critical information accessible to as many people as possible.
This is recent h...more
Nach den Terroranschlägen auf die USA vom 11. September 2001 wurde eine Kommission eingesetzt, die die Ereignisse von vielen Seiten beleuchten sollte. Die “National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States”. Die Kommission untersuchte das Vorgehen der Flugzeugattentäter am 11. September, aber auch die politische Vorgeschichte, in der Infrastruktur und Taktiken entstehen konnten, die zusammenfassend als “New Terrorism” bezeichnet werden.

Der Bericht der Kommission zeigt viele Momente...more
Melissa Mcavoy
The official 911 report is 800 pages long; this graphic adaptation remains true to the report but clarifies and condenses it. The combination of visuals and text show what happened, what led up to the attack, who knew about it and when. The book conveys the 911 Commission’s findings on government agencies’ communication gaps and failures.

Jacobson and Colon deserve nothing but praise for this innovative and brilliant adaptation of an important document most of us will never read. There are few hi...more
An excellent job with a few flaws - some key factors that weren't mentioned or were glossed over, e.g. the way that a number of Bin Laden's family were flown out of the U.S. while civilian flights were grounded. Still, the idea of presenting the content of the 9/11 Commission's report in this graphic novel format is ingenious and the execution very well done, a better job of presenting a mass of detail and maintaining an appropriate tone than I anticipated.
It was a little hard to get through, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't used to reading comics. Overall though it's VERY interesting and communicates information to a reading base who might not get the message otherwise- like me : )
This book is beautifully illustrated and makes it easier to understand the very complex events that led to the 9/11 attacks. I highly recommend this as a compelling guide to study this historical event.
How to rate or review something like this? The artwork is great, it's got everything I love about graphic novels, but...it's based on the 9/11 Commission Report, which I find lacking.

So I guess I give it five stars for being extremely well done, about 2 stars for "content" (not what the author&artists put in but what's contained within the Commission Report. so then ad another star for the fact that this makes the report accessible for many people who don't want to wade through politio-speak...more
E. Ozols
I'm torn on this book. On the one hand, I really liked the idea behind it- take an important yet dense government report that everyone should (but almost nobody will) read and make it more accessible and appealing to a different audience. And in that regard I guess it worked on me- reading the real report has been on my to-do list for years and was likely to stay that way until I discovered this graphic novel and figured I would give it a try. I read the whole thing in about four days (very quic...more
Reviewed at: http://www.teachmentortexts.com/2012/...

I am going to think about this review for a bit. I'll post it later. Very good.

I am a pretty educated human being, or at least I try to be, but I remember that when 9/11 happened (I was a sophomore in college), I was completely shocked by what had happened. I cried and I saw many others cry in the days and weeks following this tragedy. And we are in Orlando, FL not being directly affected by the death and destruction. However, I think...more
The 9/11 Commission Report is probably something every American should read. The PDF is here: http://www.9-11commission.gov/

But if you are interested in something perhaps a bit more accessible, then you should read The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation. It does an excellent job of building a time line of events for all four airliners involved in the terrorist attacks, sketching out the details of how the hijackers prepared themselves, and the reaction of various government departments and politi...more
The concept for this graphic novel was great -- take the massive 9/11 report; illustrate it; pare it down to the basic need-to-know info about the history leading up to 9/11, the major players, who to blame and why, etc. . . .

But the execution lacked efficient organization and, often, strong writing. When someone takes a nonfiction subject and uses the graphic novel as the medium through which to illuminate that subject, usually the goal is to make things less muddled, not more.

Language should...more
Holden Attradies
the idea was amazing, and it is REALLY cool that this book exists. but could it have been done much better? Yes. The writing is still fairly thick and hard to get your head around if your not used to the way government reports are written. A lot of time abbreviations are used when they really shouldn't be (and it's not to save space, there is too much white space in this), and that are not fully evident. The art work was fairly sub par for a graphic novel. It was really obvious that the artist w...more
Mike Aragona
The goal of this book was to try to make The 9/11 Report accessible to a larger number of readers. Sid and Ernie had tried to read it when it came out and realized just how much information is in there and how much of a shame it would be if regular citizens would stay away from it. This project was hatched to fill that need and to hopefully be used as some kind of teaching tool so students would understand the history and need of changes.[return][return]To that end, this goal is definitely reach...more
Thom Foolery
Sep 19, 2012 Thom Foolery rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Thom by: Leslie Myrick
While I disagree with Stan Lee that this sets a new standard for graphic storytelling, I will say that the author and artist certainly deserve credit for trying to render an official government report (hardly a model of gripping prose) into a more readily accessible graphic (i.e., comic book) format.

My problems with this book have less to do with the actual graphic adaptation itself, which is adequate if not brilliant, and more to do with the Commission Report upon which it is based. While I do...more
This graphic novel, which I ran into in the comics section of my local bookstore today, is astoundingly simplistic and generally, badly done. It is a dry and weak chapter-for-chapter adaptation of the 9/11 Commission Report, and has little merit apart from an unusually moving chapter on first responders. There are a lot of things a graphic novel can accomplish that a block of text cannot, but this is an awful misuse of a form that makes elegant and exceptional storytelling possible. This is a wo...more
Julia P
From 8:46 on the morning of September 11th, America completely changed. Two hijacked fuel-filled planes crashed into the twin towers, killing thousands of lives and injuring many people. After the second plane hit (flight 175) we were positive that this tragic scheme was no accident.
What is the history behind it? Who did it? Why would anyone ever do something so horrible? Why would someone care so much about killing Americans that they didn't mind getting killed in the process? These are common...more

(More pictures at parkablogs.com)

Never before have I seen a nonfiction book as beautifully and compellingly written and illustrated as The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation. I cannot recommend it too highly. It will surely set the standard for all future works of contemporary history, graphic or otherwise, and should be required reading in every home, school and library. - Stan Lee

I'm equally as impressed as Stan Lee. This graphic novel is fantastic work. It's also a brilliant way to present t...more
Betty Hinton
Audience: This book would be a great book for student 6th- 9th grade to read.

Appeal: It’s a book about history. It’s written like a comic book, so it would be easy for students to follow along. It gives a time line as the event occurred and pictures to go along with it. So students can not only read about what was happening they can see what was happening. It gives detailed information leading up the 9/11 attack. I did find the book difficult to follow at times. But, students who love history wi...more
I was curious how someone could make a graphic novel of a Congressional Commission Report. The authors had an interesting intent of trying to make the report more accessible to those who may never otherwise read the report. Whether or not that worked is debatable, but it did do a good job at remaining fairly accurate to the report.

Re-telling the events that led to that horrifying day in graphic novel format really makes it all feel as if it was nothing more than a bad dream. A nightmare we have...more
Isaac Collins
I have recently read the book, "The 9/11 Report," it was written by Sid Jacobson. It is a great story about the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. I learned so many new things about the attack and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wanted to know more about 9/11.

The purpose of this book is that Sid Jacobson wanted us to know everything that happened on 9/11, meaning who set it up, who was involved, and how the government reacted to it. Sid Jacobson wanted us to know ever...more
Rich F
On December 5, 2005, the 9/11 Commission issued its final report card on the government's fulfillment of the recommendations issued in July 2004: one A, twelve Bs, nine Cs, twelve Ds, three Fs, and four incompletes. Here is stunning evidence that Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón, with more than sixty years of experience in the comic-book industry between them, were right: far, far too few Americans have read, grasped, and demanded action on the Commission's investigation into the events of that trag...more
Alex Telander
THE 9/11 REPORT: A GRAPHIC ADAPTATION BY SID JACOBSON AND ERNIE COLON: Naturally, this graphic adaptation has been getting a lot of flack from different people related to the September 11th attacks, because they still feel that comics are for a child’s enjoyment, to entertain and encourage a child’s humor, and they don’t know that in some ways they can do more than books in both informing through words and explaining through art. Sometimes a lot more can be said through a picture with words.

I ha...more
Nicholas Whyte
http://nhw.livejournal.com/723209.html[return][return]A few things jumped out at me differently on reading this version. I didn't remember the original making such a strong point of the non-involvement of Iraq and Hezbollah in the events of 9/11. The key passage about the FBI agent who speculated that someone might fly a plane into the World Trade Centre has been toned down. But the utter confusion among the US top leadership on the morning of the attacks is even better portrayed in graphical fo...more
Nov 18, 2008 Elizabeth rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who wants to know what really happened on the day and leading up to it
I read about this book in The New Yorker , so when I saw on the shelves of The Baltimore Chop, a bookstore I felt obliged to patronize, I picked it up.

What happened? Could we have prevented it? Could we have responded better when it did happen? What lessons can we draw from it?

These are the questions the 9/11 Commission set out to answer in their 600-page report that, surprisingly enough, not many people read. Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon concluded that it was not from a lack of interest in fi...more
Enam tahun telah berlalu sejak gedung World Trade Center New York dihantam dua pesawat dan runtuh pada 11 September. Masih segar dalam ingatan kita ketika Presiden George W. Bush begitu geram dan menyatakan perang terhadap terorisme. Setahun lebih setelah serangan terror ini, Bush membentuk komisi Nasional Serangan Teroris ke Amrika Serikat. Komisi yang beranggotakan 10 orang ini kemudian dikenal sebagai “Komisi 9/11” atau "Kean/Zelikow Commission"

Komisi 9/11 bekerja selama dua setengah tahun da...more
Don't be fooled by the "graphic novel" bit. This is still a dense book with a lot of reading. What I was especially pleased about was the detailed history given about the events leading up to 9/11, and how we ended up where we did. For example, I had no idea that bin Laden was a target as far back as the Clinton administration, and that Clinton explicitly warned Bush about the danger than bin Laden presented.

What I especially didn't like was reading about the many, many mistakes that were made i...more
An interesting application of the graphic novel form, and probably a snappier read than the full 9/11 commission report (which I will not be picking up anytime soon). This book was strongest early on, when the graphic form was well-applied to show us the timeline of the 9/11 attack, maps of flight routes and terrorist cells, and portraits of key government players. Unfortunately, as the report moves from background and history to recommendations, the graphic novel shtick begins to flag. I'm not...more
Dan Thorson
This is a valuable synthesis of the notorious 9/11 comissioner report. Reduced to around 100 pages and presented in graphic novel form, this resource increases the accessibility of this important document. Not only does the report document the events that took place on 9/11, it also offers a historical account of the formation of Al Queda, anti-American sentiment, and communication failures that prevented the recognition of the terrorist plot in the works.
While the graphic novel format will con...more
Jun 01, 2008 Ruby rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who can't bring themselves to read the Commission Report, but want to
I am this book's target audience, as this is the only way I would have read the 9/11 Report.

Certain parts of the book felt very successful to me. For example, the timeline of the events on 9/11, in which the four planes involved were followed separately, but all on the same page. By reading through this timeline, the failures of NORAD, the airlines, and the FAA were illustrated, not explained.

Other parts, like the analysis of the conclusions of the Commission, were less readable. Perched in text...more
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