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Timeless (Timeless, #1)
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Timeless (Timeless #1)

3.88 of 5 stars 3.88  ·  rating details  ·  8,197 ratings  ·  1,113 reviews
When tragedy strikes Michele Windsor’s world, she is forced to uproot her life and move across the country to New York City, to live with the wealthy, aristocratic grandparents she’s never met. In their old Fifth Avenue mansion filled with a century’s worth of family secrets, Michele discovers a diary that hurtles her back in time to the year 1910. There, in the midst of t ...more
ebook, 288 pages
Published January 11th 2011 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2011)
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Khanh (Clowns, Nightmares, and Bunnies)
There is nothing to this book except a staggering amount of teenaged infatuation. And it truly is infatuation, not love.

It is infatuation when you fall in love with someone's blue eyes after dreaming of him.

It is infatuation when your heart breaks when thinking of him when you've only met him once.

It is infatuation when you feel like you can't live your life without him after meeting him twice.

It is infatuation when you ignore your own future for his past.

It is infatuation when you ignore a perf
First impression: I've heard about loving a book from the very first page, but I've never felt this way before. Not until now...

Later Edit:

If that was not clear enough then YES, I loved this book.

This was 'love at first page' and now my heart is broken because I want so badly to know what happens next. I'm holding my breath for the sequel and it's gonna take a lot of waiting until the next one comes out.

Back to the book:
The story starts with a dream, a beautiful dream that defines the whole s
I am surprised how many great reviews this book has. I've decided to read it because the plotline seemed thrilling and I am sucker for a romance, but I am also a picky reader and I demand some quality from the author. I've seen all the great reviews exclaiming how spectacular the book is. And I have to say that for me, reading it was literally painful. I feel that this book had such a potential, the story was beautifully layered but all that was very badly delivered.
If you click on "more", ther
Colleen Houck
Alexandra has a gift for description. I love all of the research and history found in this book. "Bee-stung pout" is an excellent phrase that made me giggle. I also think we have similar tastes in men since her romantic hero looks a lot like Ren. It's double the fun reading a book you like when you've met the author. I really like time travel stories and thought it was really cool how Michele got her name. Also the fact that the author is multi-talented and writes her own music and lyrics is ama ...more
Alright, let me tell you something, this book was simply amazing, and here are my reasons why:

For one, it literally left me with something I like to call a complete brain rape. What's a brain rape, you ask? It's a book that, at night, left me so totally shocked that I literally lay awake for an extra hour after finishing going what the hell just happened? This book was so intertwined with every single bit of information that Monir ever introduced to us (like her name! Come on don't tell me that'
Holy Cow did I adore this book! I've been sick the whole weekend and my husband was kind enough to let me spend Sunday in bed (Okay I lie, I put my foot down and told him I was not getting out of bed!) but anywho, I read this book in one sitting. I read A LOT, but even I have never finished a book in one sitting.... Almost makes being sick worth it. Almost. I loved the history, the friendship, the innocent but passionate romance ( although a little more steamy details would have been nice =) Wit ...more
3.5 stars

For as long as she can remember, Michele's had the same recurring dream about a young, blue-eyed man. The dream always leaves her wondering and wanting to know more about him, but that's all she can do. Because he's not real, only a dream. But after a tragedy forces Michele to live with her grandparents all the way in New York City, and with the help of a key left behind by a family member, Michele is transported back in time and discovers that the mysterious man may not be a dream afte
Embarrassingly, I think what made me actually decide to buy this book was the cover, and I was possibly more convinced to buy the book because I wasn't thinking decisively.

I thought the whole concept of time-traveling and falling in love with some guy from like 200 years or whatever was interesting, but honestly, I felt like I was reading a book by a 12 year old. It was girly, and the characters were boring and didn't have enough personality.

I can't remember this very well, so I can't give as m
3.5 Stars

For some reason I struggled a little with this book. I liked the beginning, it kind of dragged for me in the middle, but then somewhere, somehow, I feel in love with this book by the end.

Timeless is an elegant, exquisitely written book with such a brilliant concept. Alexandra Monir does such a fascinating job of transporting her readers and entwining the story through time. It's a slow moving piece, but I think it was written to be read that way, to collect the right atmosphere for the
Oh my gosh that was a truly magical story! So beautiful and romantic - I loved this book!

Michele is 16 and granddaughter of the super rich Windsor family in New York. When she has to move in with them she finds a key and suddenly her journey though Time begins.

Michele is living her family history through visiting her female ancestors when they are around the same age as she is. Only they can see Michele and she discovers so much about her family that she finally begins to warm up for them. And
Erica (daydreamer)
After an unsuspecting tragedy, Michele has to move to New York to live with her grandparents. Here, Michele finds the diary of her great-great-aunt, and with a key that her father gave her, she is transported, via the diary, through time, to 1910 where she meets her aunt, and then Philip, the boy she’s dreamt about for years. She travels back to this time several times, falling quickly in love with Philip, and they believe that they are destined to be together. As the story progresses, Michele t ...more
Mr. Muesli
Aug 23, 2012 Mr. Muesli rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No one, really.
Recommended to Mr. Muesli by: People on the internet.

It was beyond surprise for me to find a lot of people liking this book. And it rather made me shocked that this book got published. For the ones reading this review, I am sorry for the harsh comment. If you like this book and didn't agree with me, it's fine. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

Summary; Michele Windsor lives a beautiful life, with loving mother and perfect friends, until tragedy came; her mother died. She is then dragged to New York to live with her long lost grandparents in
Ugh, I don't honestly understand what all the hype about this one is about. Even if I try to imagine myself as a teenager reading this, I still think I would have been let down.

First, I'll say that I can forgive a lot of bad writing if the story is fantastic/exciting/creative (don't hate me for saying so, Potter fans, but JK Rowling had this effect on me - her world was just so COMPLETE, even if I had to slog through endless pages that should have ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak)
(I'm going to see how many obnoxiously annoying nicknames I can make out of 'Michele' in the duration of this review.)

I have no idea what to think.

While I can't say that I really enjoyed reading this book, I can't really find any faults with it, either. The writing was good, not very repetitive. The cover is gorgeous (though that's not how I imagined Michele at all). And the plot, besides the fact that a large portion of it came right out of Dead Beautiful was fairly unique.


I am annoyed
As long as it has a happy ending I'm all for it.

This looks like one of the impossible "star-crossed" romances. Such difficult situations do bring up strong feelings but I'm not one of those people who enjoy pointless angst.

That doesn't mean the story has to be all flowers and sunshine but an ending with a nice solid solution that leaves the heroine with a hopeful outlook on her life would be appreciated.

I would love to read this book then.
hmmm how do I start.... this book was ok. I liked the whole time travel aspect of the book but that's about it. First I would like to say that the history and description of old New York was well done without being boring and the songs mentioned throughout the story I did look up and enjoyed. That being said the author lacked tact and finesse in her writing. For a good portion of the book the dialogue between the characters was kind of awkward as Monir tried to explain what was going on for the ...more
Oh Man, I loved this! I had such a good time. un-put-downable

"What if the person you're meant to be with lives in another time?"

OH YEAH, Timetravel ladies and gentlemen! The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is one of my all time favorites, so I fell for this one like a moth to a flame!

Is it just me or does the girl on the cover look like Jason Stackhouse from Trueblood, ex-girlfriend

So this is basically about Michele, whom mother has just recently died and left custody of her daughter to her estranged parents, whom just happen t
I'm going to give this book a compliment that I'm discovering is really no compliment at all: It had potential.

So what do I mean by that? Well, that the book had potential but the author was too lazy to see to it. It reminded me of the pretty purple lighter in my car that's full of butane and sparks when I click it but for some reason never creates a flame. But hey, it was cheaply made in China, what do I really expect?

Like my lighter and its pretty purple exterior, this novel wasn't without a
Lauren (Sugar & Snark)
I have found that it takes a really amazing writer to to justice to the "time travel"genre, there is just a certain finesse needed to do it right. Which is why when done well it is one of my favourite genres but when it isn't, it really falls flat. This book just came across as juvenile. I realise it is for a young adult audience but somehow I feel the adult was lost along the way. The characters are severely under developed and unrealistic. The fact that not one of them seems anything but mildl ...more
I REALLY wanted to like this book. It had a lot of elements that I'd usually enjoy -- time travel, the 1910s era, a bit of mystery... but there were a couple of things that really ruined it for me.

- The voice that the author used drove me a little crazy. The descriptions were too detailed (do we really need to know what every single character was wearing?); the dialogue sounded scripted; and there were so many references to specific brands I started to wonder if the book had corporate sponsorshi
Oct 07, 2011 Parvathy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: YA,time travel lovers
Recommended to Parvathy by: goodreads
It shocks me that I loved this book immensely but never managed to write a review for this book until now. The reason, I was at loss of words. I didn't know how to express myself when it came to this book. Have you ever loved a book so much from the very first line you read. That's how much I liked this one. The story was original and captivating. The whole time travel thing was thoroughly entertaining and was kind of a change from the usual brand of unrequited love stories. And things had this ...more
Alyssa hoffmaster
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Let’s see. What do I say about a book so amazing. I can’t put this book into words it was just so incredible. Imagine being able to time travel. *sigh*

Michele has been having dreams about this boy that has the most beautiful sapphire eyes. She is attracted to him, but never saw him in her entire life. In the same dreams she has been having since she was a little kid.

This book was filled with so many twists and mystery, I couldn’t keep my eyes from flying over every word, s
Keary Taylor
I had some really high expectations for Timeless. The description alone made me buy the book and the cover is lovely. I don’t normally get into historical romance or time travel stuff but for some reason I just really wanted to read this.

As I started reading it I actually looked up reviews on it. They were pretty much all really good. Everyone loved it and fell in love with the story.

I’m sad to say that I didn’t quite feel the same as everyone else. I’ll break it down for you in the good and th
Oh. My. God. This book was absolutely flipping FANTASTIC. You don't really see alot of time travel-y novels in the YA universe. I just loved everything about this book.

The main characters. I love it when you have characters that are artistic in some way, specificly musical. I love love love it when song lyrics are incorperated into novels. And did you know that the author actually wrote and recorded the songs from the book?! An you can actually buy them on iTunes!

The atmosphere. The main charate
Three hours ago I came from my sister´s engagement´s party and I was so happy. I took this book just to kill my time before I fall asleep, and than it all happend...I got so hooked up that I literally devoured it! Last hundred pages I cried so badly that I feel ashamed by myself.
There are just not enough words for how good this book really is. It´s kind of Alice in Wonderland meets Time Travelers Wife meets history.
I´m so happy that Michele and Philip got their chanse for Happily Ever After, and
Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi
Is it me or fate or some mysterious force, but I started this year with good books, so I hope things will stay that way! :)

I haven't read much books about time traveling so it's always refreshing when I find one. This book has a really nice plot and I must say characters (you already know which one). Perhaps it's not the best book you'll find around, but still you'll enjoy in the story.
Especially good part of this book is the ending, so somewhere deep inside of me I know that the second book w
Morgan Renae
Wow. Just, wow. Timeless was great for many reasons:

+ Michele was such an awesome main character. She was honest, sweet, loving, caring, and exactly the kind of person I'd want to be friends with. Philip was great, too!

+ I loved their romance of past vs. present, it was such a different, unique concept for me! Plus, they bonded over music. Music is universal and can withstand time, so it seemed like the perfect thing thing for them to share.

+ The time-travel! This book has made me realize how am
From the Blog:

Can you put a time limit on love? According to this book, no. Michele's had dreams about a young man since she was a little girl and never understood why she felt so much love for this stranger. When

Michele finds the beautiful chain with the key, she is transported back in time to her ancestors. From 1910, to the roaring 20's, and through the World War Michele is there.

Monir paints such a vivid picture for the reader while describing old NYC. I live in NY so the landmarks and stree
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Author and recording artist Alexandra Monir broke onto the scene in her early twenties with the release of her popular debut YA novel, the paranormal romance TIMELESS (Delacorte Press/Random House). The book caught on quickly, landing on the Barnes & Noble Bestsellers chart and being named one of Amazon's "Best Books of the Month." The sequel, TIMEKEEPER, was published in 2013. Both books in t ...more
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