The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me
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The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me

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Who needs a ladder when you've got a giraffe with an extending neck?

The Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company certainly doesn't. They don't need a pail, either, because they have a pelican with a bucket-sized beak. With a monkey to do the washing and Billy as their manager, this business is destined for success. Now they have their big break -- a chance to clean all 677 windo...more
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Published February 7th 2006 by HarperCollins (first published 1985)
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MJ Nicholls
Sent to Andrea Messent at Darren and Associates:

Dear Darren & Associates,

It is with some regret that I sit down to write this correspondence. I understand your reluctance to read voluminous missives so I will keep this missive as unchunky as my e-pen allows.

On Sep 4th 2010 I sent to your agency, via recorded delivery, my novel When Bees Attack. I sent this following a verbal agreement between myself and your agent Cariller Cray when I met her at a catered affair for Bernard Share’s eightieth...more
Beatnik  Mary
My review for this book appears on my blog, Cozy Little Book Journal:

Karla (Mossy Love Grotto)
Three entrepreneurial critters team up with a sweet-tooth little boy to wash windows and happen to bust a criminal in the middle of a burglary. Typical Roald Dahl daftery.

The story itself was 3 stars, but Hugh Laurie's narration made it extra fun. There's something about his voice that is perfectly suited to Dahl's nonsense candy names.
Billy, a young boy, comes across an old sweet shop which he dreams about renovating. Peering out the windows he finds a giraffe, pelican and monkey. Who are they, Billy wonders?! They are the world’s best window cleaning company of course! After working for the richest man in England, all of the members of the window cleaning company are rewarded individually; Billy’s reward is the purchase of the sweet shop he so long desired.

Throughout their short adventure the characters sing short, catchy so...more
Dean Barber
'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl tells the tale of a young boy named Billy who, whilst staring at a derelict sweet shop dreams that one day he will own his own which would be 'loaded from top to bottom with Sherbet Suckers, and Caramel Fudge and Russian Toffee and Sugar Snorters and Butter Gumballs and thousands and thousands of other glorious things like that'.

One day he finds that the derelict shop has some new residents by the way of a giraffe, pelican and monkey who just so...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Another short, well illustrated book by Roald Dahl. It's about a kid who after seeing an old closed sweet shop in his neighborhood gets the desire to own it and convert it into the most beautiful sweet shop of his own. One day when he finds out that the house has been bought by a giraffe, a pelican and a monkey , he meets them and they become instant friends. The story goes about how they get to meet a duke and how the boy finally fulfills him dream.

The book is written as if it were a poem. The...more
Niamh Delahunty
This story begins with the introduction of a little boy that lives next to an old shut-down building that used to be a candy shop. Then one day he sees that the building has been cleaned up and now has a sign on it "Ladderless Window Cleaning Company". The cleaning company consists of a pelican, a monkey, and a giraffe. And the little boy is whisked away on a window cleaning adventure that in the end makes all his dreams come true.

This is a cute, short novel and one of my favourites from my own...more
Jeanette  "Astute Crabbist"
This one's pretty tame compared to other Dahl stories. Definitely meant for a younger audience. Nothing evil or creepy or bizarre. Just a sweet story about a giraffe, a pelican, and a monkey who start a window-washing business, and a little boy named Billy who wants to own a candy store. The pelican saves the day for one of their very wealthy customers by catching a thief in his beak. All are richly rewarded for their part in foiling the theft, and Billy gets to fulfill his dream of having a swe...more
A story about a small boy who yearns to restore the old corner shop into a sweet shop, he befriends a giraffe, a Pelican and a monkey, the new owners of the shop and joins their window cleaning business. From there the Giraffe, the Pelly, the money and Bill are immersed into an adventure on their first cleaning assignment involving capturing a jewel thief.
This book is a less known story by Roald Dahl and is a humorous and engaging story, which encouraged children to continue reading with its pec...more
Have you read this delightful story of the Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company? If you haven't, then better snap up this book; so for only a few precious minutes, you can pretend that everything in the world isn't as awful as it seems.

When Billy joins the Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company, he gets a lot more than a new job. First he makes three new friends, then it's time to get to work cleaning all 677 windows of the Duke of Hampshire's house. The Duke is not only the most wealthy man in the co...more
Another novella (around 70 pages) by Roald Dahl with Quentin Blake's humorous illustrations.

The 6yo loved this. A thoroughly enjoyable tale of helping others and being rewarded for good deeds. There's nothing difficult about it and certainly fits into a more expected children's tale - albeit highly original. It has a slight hat tip to Dahl's Chocolate Factory, which nice, and pushing that book up our tbr list.

No female characters, but the male protagonists are fairly gender neutral, so I'm cool...more
Denise Fitzgerald
This is an enchanting story of friendship and dreams that can come true.
Billy is a young boy who dreams of renovating an old wooden house into a wonderful sweet shop when he unexpectedly stumbles upon three new friends, The Giraffe, Pelican and Monkey.They set out on an adventure to clean the Duke of Hampshire's windows at his Mansion. A burglar stands in their way but the Pelican saves the day and the Duke rewards them!

I was intensely hooked from Page 1.
Dahl expertly displays his ability to in...more
Natalie Chalaby
A fabulously exciting story with a happy ending, begins with a little boy called Billy who stumbles across an old derelict sweetshop, which is renovated and transformed by a giraffe, a pelican and a monkey. The illustrations by Quentin Blake marvelously compliment the story. Who would have thought of such a sweet, bizarre and amusing idea of three animals living inside an old sweetshop, who set up a window cleaning company? How utterly imaginative of Roald Dahl!

The story with its small details...more
The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me bercerita tentang Jerapah, Pelikan, dan tokoh Aku. Tapi ada satu karakter lagi yang 'lupa' dimasukkan ke judul, si Monyet. Mereka bertiga adalah tiga sekawan hewan-hewan yang membuka sebuah perusahaan bernama, Perusahaan Pembersih Jendela Tanpa Tangga. Kebayang nggak sih, binatang-binatang yang harusnya masuk ke kebun binatang ini malah jadi tukang bersih-bersih? Tapi, memang begitulah adanya...

Ketiga hewan ini baru saja pindah ke kota tempat Billy tinggal. Merek...more
I imagine myself curled up in a squishy bed surrounded by a trio of tiny-tots. As I read aloud, their attention is captured. The scruffy l’il boy stops tugging his sister’s pigtails. She in turn stops sticking her tongue out and making rude noises. And the third one unglues himself from the fascinating sight of the family-dog licking itself, long enough to get hooked. *Hypothetical Happy Place*.That’s what Dahl’s kiddie-books do to you.

And this banana-yellow covered book is one more of his ludic...more
Petualangan Bill bersama pelikan, jerapah dan kera. Ketiga hewan tersebut membuka perusahaan pembersih kaca setelah membeli gedung tua yang dulunya The Grubber alias toko permen. Pada zaman dahulu toko permen disebut Grubber. Billi sangat ingin kelak mempunyai toko permen.

Billi selalu mengintai toko itu, dengan tulisan DIJUAL. Sampai suatu hari seseorang telah menggantinya dengan tulisan KEJUAL. Pada kunjungan berikutnya Billi membaca tulisan pada gedung itu PERSAHAAN PEMBERSIH JENDELA TANPA TA...more
Peni Astiti
Membayangkan bertetangga dengan jerapah, pelikan juga kera yang membeli bangunan kosong yang tadinya adalah toko permen, jadi aneh rasanya. Tapi di cerita ini, jerapah, pelikan, dan kera bukan sekedar binatang biasa. Ide "Perusahaan Pembersih Jendela Tanpa Tangga" ini lucu juga. Meski rada meriang juga membayangkan bak mandi, wastafel, lemari, bertebaran di udara, lalu... BRUK! Jatuh ke tanah dan hancur berkeping-keping. Tapi jadi terhibur waktu membayangkan rumah Duke Hampshire yang super besar...more
Viviene S.
One of the books that I recovered from our "bodega", I have already read this when I was younger (like Francis: The Poor Man of Assisi) but I decided to read it again not because I forgot how the story goes but because I like the fact that Roald Dahl wrote this and it has been a long time since I have read a book from Roald Dahl.

This book is for children, and if I was to rate it as a child, I would give it 3 stars because of (a) it has a giraffe, a pelican and a monkey as the protagonists (I jus...more
Pernah melihat bapak-bapak pembersih kaca di gedung yang tinggi? Berbekal tali dan elevator, mereka bertaruh nyawa membersihkan kaca jendela gedung-gedung pencakar langit.

Tapi kali ini Roald Dahl mengajak kita berkenalan dengan seekor Jerapah, burung pelican bernama Pelly dan si Monyet. Ow, dan si pencerita, anak laki-laki bernama Billy.

Mereka diberi tugas untuk membersihkan kaca jendela di rumah Duke, lelaki terkaya di Inggris. Saat membersihkan itulah mereka melihat pencuri yang sedang beraksi...more
От доста време се глася да прочета нещо от Роалд Дал--в последно време има доста голям фурор около името му--но пък все ми се струваше, че е твърде детски автор като за мен. Наскоро обаче 6-годишната ми дъщеря получи тази книжка като подарък и тъй като все още четенето и е непосилна задача, получих възможността да я прочета и аз :) Много ни хареса, особено на нея. Петте звезди всъщност са нейната оценка--което поставя Жирафът, пеликанът и аз на едно ниво с абсолютния и фаворит Пипи Дългото чорап...more
This is my favourite Roald Dahl book. It is about an animal window cleaning company which meets a child. He is a child who likes help out and make friends. The first time I read this book I cried because of the conflict between the animals and the child. The book reflects on friendship in life. You should make the most of your time and your relationships because people may not be around forever. I would encourage people to read this fantastic book because there is much happiness as well as the s...more
Neelam Khan
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Stacy Nyikos
Roald Dahl is my source for fun language. He is a master at creating words that are fun to say and read, like “Devil’s Drenchers” (76), “Glumptious Globgobblers” (75), “Scarlet Scorchdroppers” (74), which are all different kinds of longed-for candy in The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.
This story shares some commonality with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, i.e. young boys and their love for sweets. In this case, the boy, Billy, loves candy and wants more than anything to open a candy store but...more
Holly Berk
"The Giraffe And The Pelly and Me" by Roald Dahl is a fun, imaginative story about the Ladder-Less Window Cleaning Company. The company consists of a giraffe, a pelican, and a monkey with very unique talents, and a little boy named Billy who has a big dream. Together, these unlikely business partners use their talents in an unlikely way and receive a far larger reward than they could have ever imagined. Roald Dahl writes a short, compelling story full of animal singing and following your dreams....more
Ms Kendra
Do you want to read about a magical story that you can't stop reading? If you do,you should read the Roald Dahl's book The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me.

One reason that you should read The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me is the book is interesting because the giraffe can make her neck longer as much as she want! And the Pelly can make his beak shorter so he can carry a man inside! And the candies in the book are magical ones so for example, if you eat devil's drenchers you can blow a fire! It is s...more
This was a cute read aloud to my 5 year old. It was a simple fun story. We loved the characters and their luck. The little tricks each animal could do we're amazing to my son. Great fun!
If I could I would give this book 100 starts but that is impossible because you can only give 5 on here.

This book would have to be my favourite by far of the short stories by Roald Dahl
This book may be only 32 pages long but the story line it self was fantastic and great for little kiddies unlike some other short stories. I will forever re-read this book years to come.
I loved how he used animals as some of he main characters for this story and the illustrations are so fantastic and detailed, gr...more
Интересна беше, но в някои случаи не много забавна.
Dari sekian banyak buku Roald Dahl, mungkin buku tipis inilah yang paling saya gemari. Buku berjudul Si Jerapah dan Si Pelly dan Aku (alias Si Monyet, karena dialog ini dibaca oleh si Monyet) bercerita tentang seorang anak laki-laki bernama Billy yang memiliki jiwa pemberani dan selalu ingin tahu. Tak jauh dari rumahnya ada sebuah gedung tua yang mungkin saja dulu adalah sebuah toko permen. Gedung itu bernama The Grubber. Kondisinya sangat tua dan kusam. Ada tulisan 'DIJUAL' pada muka gedung tsb...more
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Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer and screenwriter of Norwegian descent, who rose to prominence in the 1940's with works for both children and adults, and became one of the world's bestselling authors.

Dahl's first published work, inspired by a meeting with C. S. Forester, was Shot Down Over Libya. Today the story is published as "A Piece of Cake". The story, about his wartime a...more
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