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The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
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The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows #2)

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  40,390 ratings  ·  1,278 reviews
Former-bounty-hunter Rachel Morgan has it pretty good. She's left the corrupt Inderland Runner Service and started her own independent service. She's survived werewolves, shape-changing demons, bad-hair days, and sharing a church with her vampire roommate Ivy. She even has a cute (if human) boyfriend-what more could a witch want?

But living with a reformed vampire isn't all
ebook, 464 pages
Published October 13th 2009 by HarperCollins e-books (first published January 25th 2005)
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Jessica (Rabid Reads)
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

If I still had any doubts about The Hollows when I finished the Dead Witch Walking, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead laid them to rest.

Book 2 begins with Rachel and Jenks in the middle of a run. Several months has passed since the first bookended, and without a death threat hanging over her head, Rachel is free to pursue her new career as an independent runner. Nick is now officially Rachel's boyfriend, and the roommate situation with Ivy seems to have calmed down now th
Robin Wiley
I've read most of the majors in this genre: Stoker, Rice, Harrison, Harris, King, Hamilton, Meyer, Newman, and Kostova. I've seen Blade, Underworld, Buffy, Angel, Van Helsing, 30 Days of Night, Moonlight and Dark Shadows (not saying they are all good, mind you). So, I think I've consumed enough of the vampire genre to have some opinions.

My theory about Twilight. People with little to no experience with the vampire genre LOVE this series. Most readers who have consumed their fair amount of vampir
Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
The second book in the Hollows series is written much better than the haphazard style of Dead Witch Walking. I'm glad I stuck with the series because it's a really unique and interesting one. Firstly, it seems like the author has done with some good editing and slowly interweaves the world building with what is happening at the time, instead of having huge info dumps at random intervals.

Rachel Morgan slowly learns to stand on her own and develop her powers further in this book. As an FIB consul
Robin (Bridge Four)
Rachel Mariana Morgan, you are the character in the movie that I yell at. That I scream at “Don’t go into that empty warehouse! Don’t practice spells you know nothing about! Never talk with Demons!!!” But does she listen NOOOO….No wonder she is always in some sort of crisis.

Rachel isn’t my favorite heroine and normally that would be enough to steer me away from a series but I really enjoy all the other parts of the series. There is enough humor, mystery and other interesting characters to keep m
WOW! Just WOW.

This book was so different from the first one. I loved it, I would have given 5 stars to it if it wasn't for that very, VERY slow beginning. I mean, the first half of the book I wanted to burn up the book because nothing really happened. It took me 4 days to read the first half and 1 to read the next.
About that second half, I enjoyed it so much I couldn't stop reading it, even though I was full with work for college.

What I loved the most about this book was that you see Rachel turn
Okay this book was a better than the first but it really took me a lot longer than is typical for me to get through the first half of the book. I don't know what Kim Harrison is trying to do in her writing but the first half of her books are really tedious and boring. You make it through it and the second half is interesting, exciting, full of suspence. I wish she'd put as much effort in the first half of her books as she does in the second.

Rachel seems to be a more rounded character in this boo
I don't know what exactly it is that Harrison is doing right, but let's exaime. First off I really like the world/universe/dimension (how ever you want to look at it) that she has created. It seems completely plausible in its own way. Plus it mixes in a bit of science with it's fantasy, which is nice. 2. I really enjoy the charecters. They're beleivable and described so well. THe "hero" Rachel Morgan, is that blessed kind that is easy to get addicted to. She has power and connections way beyond ...more
Three stars, but a much stronger three stars than what I gave the first book.

There was a little too much vamp-desire going on, and a few too many word choice issues ("a complimentary desert", "the woman is like a cacti", "then" where it should have been "than", etc) that made me stop and raise an eyebrow, to push this into the "really liked it" territory for me yet, but I did enjoy it a great deal - if after the first book I wasn't entirely sure whether I'd want to continue the series or not, t

Story Rating 4.5 Stars
Character Rating 4.5 Stars
Romance Rating 1.5 Stars
Heat Level 1 Stars
Overall Rating 3 Stars


So…I tried to read this one a few different times, and I could never get myself to finish the sample on my Kindle. Well, I finally broke down because I wanted a good paranormal/fantasy read, and I’m super glad I did.
Was the beginning incredibly slow? Yes.
Was the rest of the book worth the horrible beginning? Heck yeah!

First, what I didn’t like…
The first 10% of the book.
It was sooooo b
Jane Stewart
Heroine’s recklessness and mistakes get her into trouble which is too close to stupidity for me.

If you like to lose yourself in an urban fantasy world, this is a good one. But I want stories where character and plot are the main draws. Here not much happens to support the plot. The setting has a wide variety of paranormals: witches, vampires, pixies, elves, werewolves, and demons. I like the way they live, work, and interact with each other and humans in current day.

My biggest problem is that I
I'm giving this book 3 1/4 stars - but it didn't start at that level - I had to drag myself through the first third of this book that I definitely consider 2 - 2 1/2 star reading. It's only because I liked the first Hollows book so much that I had the faith to push through so that I could get to the last 2/3 of the book - the last part more than made up for the first.

What I didn't like: Oh God - I hate and deplore the titles of this series - ick - spoofs of movie titles. What is with urban fanta
Deea (Andreea)
*happy sigh* This books makes me happy. One of my favorite endings... And favorite books in the series, period. So much Trent, Kisten AND Al greatness (yes, I am aware of how that sounds). And I LOVE re-reading this at a slower pace and enjoying the ride, especially knowing what I know now...
The Hollows continues to intrigue me. This novel was far more action packed than its predecessor. No wonder since the world building is now in place. IMHO the high ratings are well deserved.

In this installment, Rachel is trying to set herself up as an independent runner, but for the most part failing miserably. She continually gets stiffed by her employers. Nearly broke, she accepts a job as a consultant for the FIB. They're trying to solve missing persons report and a string of ley magic relate
I see now why this series has such a huge following. This book was worlds better than its predecessor. After reading Dead Witch Walking, I was on the fence about whether or not I would continue this series and I'm glad that I moved on to the second book (and will definitely be finishing the entire series!).

Rachel is pulled in as a consultant for the FIB, helping them on a case where witches are being murdered. Naturally, because of her former IS status, she is not only recognized but also meets
Patrick D'Orazio
I was able to read Dead Witch Walking and this book back to back, allowing for a smooth transition into Rachel's second adventure. She is free of her contract now but still seemingly facing death every day from many different sources: Were's who want their property back that she stole, Trent Kalamack, who she suspects is once again the bad guy in her main case, Piscary, one of the oldest and most powerful vamps in the city, her human boyfriend who can't seem to resist the urge to keep summoning ...more
Ashleigh Cartmill
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Tammy ~Witching Hour Reads~
What can I say about The Good the Bad & the Undead, it was fantastic, it had it all, witches, vamps, pixies, demons, action, fight scenes, an amazing sex scene what else could you ask for, I'm a bit biased because witches are my go to books. This second instalment in The Hollows series is worth the read.

Rachel Morgan earth witch, ex IS runner turned bounty hunter is back after surviving a death threat now trying to make the rent while living in a church with her business partner Ivy a livin
Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
I'm enjoying the series itself: the plots are great, writing is even better, and the audio narrator does an excellent job. My issue is that I dislike Rachel so much. Hopefully that will change.
I liked the book okay, and would give this 3 Stars.............. if Rachel just weren't so bloody stupid. She is so darn idiotic and incompetent that it's painful to read at times.
The second book in this series by Kim Harrison is as good as the first one. It’s not easy for an urban fantasy series to have such unusual world-building and to keep reader’s interest all the time. I really have this feeling that there are too many things that I don’t know about the history of the main characters and I can’t wait to find all their secrets!

Nothing is easy for Rachel in this story. Someone’s killing witches, demons, werewolves and vampires are after her and there are too many myst
Another amazing edition to the Hollow series. This is the second installment in the series and I loved it! The characters are pretty much the same but there's a few new ones also. I'm hooked in The Hollows world. Kim has proven herself to be very well versed in mythology, lore and all different kinds of religion. I love how she writes, and her books have a great amount of action and mystery and a bit a romance. When I picked Dead Witch Walking a while ago, I haven't even heard all the hype befor ...more
Matt Schiariti
This Hollows series is just an enormous amount of fun to read. As I stated in my review of Dead Witch Walking, Harrison has really created a wildly imaginative universe in such as way that it doesn't feel like a fantasy universe...the intermingling of humans and Inderlanders always have elements of dangers and humor in them that really make this series fun to read..couple that with fantastic characters and interesting plot/ongoing subplots and you have something that's really addicting...

a few m
Dana Willhoit
There are parts of this book I'd rate a five, but there are parts I'd rate a "two". I love the magical world the author has created, I love the Rachel Morgan character most of the time, Jenks the Pixie and his family are awesome, and she's generally good at creating suspense.

There are parts of this series that are too repetitive, though. Who else is sick of reading, for the 30th time, about Rachel walking into a room with a vampire in it and turning into a puddle of helpless lust because of her
There's some interesting developments to follow in this book What I loved the most was that you see Rachel turn into a more powerful witch. She is such a loveable hot mess & totally kicks ass. I find Rachel to be very genuine. She makes mistakes, she acts before she thinks but she always has the best intentions...

I really enjoy these charecters. They're very beleivable and described so well that they're easy to picture in your head.

Like Nick, I really wish he would get eaten by a vamp or j
It's always hard to review a book after a reread, at least for me. It's never an easy thing to recall my initial thoughts and feelings without allowing them to be colored with all the subsequent information I've gained from reading the ten books that have come after it. But I will try...

The fact that I even moved on to the second book in this series indicates that something about this series caught my eye early on, intrigued me in some way and pulled me forward to see what would happen next. I c
This book took me longer to finish than I had thought because RL got in the way (first at work, and then some happy planning going on over the weekend).

But I loved all of this book and the last few chapters were nail-bitingly good.

I love how all of the characters are fleshed out and seem to be evolving. I love the way Rachel and Ivy seem to balance each others out, almost as two sides of a coin (or the left and right side of a brain, working together, with Jenks bridging the gap between them). I
Bark's Book Nonsense
This book picks up where the first book ended and because it had been so long since I read book #1 it was a bit disconcerting. My memory isn't that great and I basically remembered nothing about the first book.

This time around witch Rachel starts out by snatching a fish (still not sure where this going), and getting caught up in the drama of living with a vampire who has some trouble keeping her dark side under control.

Later: This was a solid enough installment in the "Dead Witch" series and I d
The Bibliophile's Diary

In the Hollows nothing is what it seems, this is the fist lesson you learn with Rachel Morgan. These books are a seriously guilty pleasure for me. I enjoy them so much I often don't bother looking for flaws. I just have this huge reader's soft spot for bounty hunter type books (which honestly explains the shelf of Stephanie Plum novels downstairs). I read Dead Witch Walking on a whim last month so instead of doing a different review for it I'm just lumping it in with Th
This is the 2nd in a 5-book series I stumbled on at my local used book store (Ophelia's in Fremont). The main character, Rachel Morgan, is a witch in an alternate reality where vampires, werewolves, witches and pixies (Inderlanders) live awkwardly side-by-side with humans, whose population was nearly wiped out by a man-made viral pandemic. Set in modern-day Cincinnati, Rachel is a former bounty hunter now freelance "runner"; her character a cross between Anita Blake and Stephanie Plum. Fun read!
this book was better then the first, it has the kind of gripping suspense, that won't let you stop reading. Kim Harrison is a wonderful story teller and captures the reader from page one. Her characters come to life on the pages, making you love and hate them with a passion. I can't wait to begin book 3.
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Kim Harrison, dark urban fantasy author of the New York Times bestselling Ever After, was born and raised in the upper Midwest. After gaining her bachelors in the sciences, she moved to South Carolina until the lure of snow pulled her back to Michigan When not at her desk, she is most likely to be found landscaping her yard or on the links with her mom.

Kim reaches out to her audience at Facebook h
More about Kim Harrison...
Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows, #3) The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows, #6) For a Few Demons More (The Hollows, #5) A Fistful of Charms (The Hollows, #4)

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