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Swarm (Star Force, #1)
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Swarm (Star Force #1)

3.75  ·  Rating Details ·  5,793 Ratings  ·  285 Reviews
Earth arms marines with alien technology and builds its first battle fleet!

Kyle Riggs is snatched by an alien spacecraft sometime after midnight. The ship is testing everyone it catches and murdering the weak. The good news is that Kyle keeps passing tests and staying alive. The bad news is the aliens who sent this ship are the nicest ones out there....

SWARM is the story
Kindle Edition, 263 pages
Published December 23rd 2010
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Mike (the Paladin)
I read some of the other reviews on this one and I see it got a lot of good ratings. There were a couple however that rated it fairly low and said things like, "simplistic" or "no depth". The main question that came to my mind at that was, "who picks up a book titled Swarm (Star Force 1) looking for a deep philosophical tome?" It's the people who had the same sort of complaint about Monster Hunter International I suppose...what did you expect? We get it, you're too highbrow for the rest of "us" ...more
Kat  Hooper
May 14, 2013 Kat Hooper rated it it was ok
Shelves: audiobook
Originally posted at FanLit.

Professor Kyle Riggs and his kids were asleep in their house when the alien spaceship arrived. It killed the kids, kidnapped Kyle, and put him through a series of grueling tests. Since he was still alive afterward, the ship made Kyle the captain. This has been happening all over Earth. Most of the captured humans have been killed because they couldn’t make it through the rigorous tests, but all the survivors are now piloting spaceships
Phil Johnson
Jan 25, 2013 Phil Johnson rated it it was ok
Well done. The main character just has his children eviscerated by aliens. For the rest of the book, he throws token remorse in their direction, but really spends most of his time trying to get into the pants of the hot/curvy/mostly-naked/restrained woman that ends up falling for him for some reason.

Bonus points for all of the hot-blooded Latina stereotypes! I'm surprised her skin color wasn't compared to food, like flan or something.

I'll give a star for the tech though. Yay nanos!
Maurice Alvarez
May 25, 2013 Maurice Alvarez rated it it was amazing
This was my first exposure to B.V. Larson’s writing, and I was riveted from the start. I read Swarm in two sessions; I just did not want to put it down until I found out how it ended.

The plot is simple, much like the E.E. Smith “Lensman” novels: forces try to one-up each other in a series of combat scenarios, either by tech or tactics while an alien device assists our side. But the first person POV of main protagonist Kyle Riggs works marvelously to get the story to that point, as the reader is
Fred Fenimore
Apr 09, 2014 Fred Fenimore rated it did not like it
Shelves: audible
A Swing and a Miss?

Normally, when I read something with the words swarm and star force in the title, I get all warm and tingly thinking of all the hours I wiled away as a youngster swinging on my hammock reading Doc Smith. I expect to be transported for a couple of hours into a world where all the right people succeed simply by being the squarest of square bricks.

But what I got here was poorly written, badly plotted, sociopathic, uninteresting and much, much less. There is a kind of art to writi
Pam ☼Because Someone Must Be a Thorn☼ Tee
SWARM is a book for when you are in the mood for what they would have called in the old days, 'a testosterone-driven' read. It's a book with aliens, space ships, and invasions much in keeping with the scifi classics.

The story is told in first person. Kyle Riggs is our protagonist and he makes a convincing computer scientist cum war hero. Something along the lines of a Heinlein character; a man of wit who rises to the occasion.

--The concept was great and interesting.
--I particularl
Apr 02, 2014 Banner rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi, alien
Very soon into this book I thought this was going to be a three star. Fast starting adventure with nasty aliens. It has kind of a retro feel of a 1950's b rate movie; there is even a scene with a scantly clad damsel in distressed, that is chained to the wall. But the plot is very tightly written and the story continued to flow without any disjointed sub story lines. The imagination grew as did the story until a ending that was able to surprise without a major cliffhanger.

Recommended for pure en
A sci-fi fantasy in which a college professor meets aliens and rises to command a fleet of spaceships and nano-technology super soldiers. because, smart beats brawn? Our hero seems to be the only intelligent man on planet Earth, forced to personally solve every problem when the planet is faced with not one but two rival alien invasions. (Oh, and he accidentally ends up with a hot naked college coed in bondage, too. One of the many perks of commanding an all-powerful alien-built starship.) Minima ...more
Juliana Rodrigues
I found this book on an Audible promotion and got intrigued, so I bought it and started to listening it right away. I was not disappointed!

Swarm is a fast pace military science fiction, where the main plot is the human survival from a alien invasion. The first point of view gave sense of reality to most of fighting scenes, and the plot was intriguing and full of additional material that kept me listening to it.

The text has humor too, Kyle pulled as a good main character and survivor.

The narrator
Feb 24, 2015 Pam rated it did not like it
Shelves: fiction, scifi
Meh. Apparently there is one intelligent person in the entire world who has to do everything himself, from computer programming (sort of) to weapon engineering to field combat and command to alien language analysis, if he wants to save the world from alien robots. Everyone else is cannon fodder, except Sandra, the hot naked college student, who's here for sex. And none of them have any personality.
Ed Tinkertoy
Nov 15, 2014 Ed Tinkertoy rated it it was ok
Before I read this book I saw a review of it that someone posted that said the book had very little science in it. That is exactly what I found. Good science fiction to me is an extension of real science and is believable. This book did not meet that test for me. The story reads like some kid who had a fantasy and made up things as he went along to make a story. The story has a LOT of holes, like where did the alien ships come from and why, and then where did the adversary Macro ships come from, ...more
Oct 05, 2013 Sean rated it it was ok
Shelves: science-fiction
Swarm is an interesting read, quickly morphing from one sort of alien incursion story to another, I found it far from satisfying. While some attempt is made to justify the technologies involved, they really are what the author needs to drive the story in the direction he wants.

The ships tasked, like the one that kidnap our main character, with defending the Earth from the invading 'Macros' seem to be ideally designed to kill their pilots and fail in their task, as they have no coherent tactics a
Sarena Straus
Feb 22, 2013 Sarena Straus rated it it was amazing
Shelves: sci-fi
I picked up Swarm based soley on a recommendation and reviews on and I'm so glad I did. This book is fantastic, fast moving, well written (really well narrated if you do Audible) and incredibly creative. The novel starts with a bang when Kyle Riggs' children are snatched up by an alien spacecraft and dropped to their deaths moments later. Needless to say, Kyle is pissed and grabs a rifle (he's a farmer/computer science professor, so the rifle is on hand) before the arm reaches down t ...more
M Hamed
Dec 01, 2015 M Hamed rated it did not like it
Shelves: 2015, space-opera
glorified fan fiction with no depth and very limited view

ex (a small one ):an entire army caught off guard with no recon or any front lines
Feb 08, 2014 Paul rated it really liked it
Shelves: science-fiction
Light and fun. Lot's of action.
Dec 07, 2014 Berend rated it it was ok
The book starts out like an action movie and pretty much continues like one. Several times during the reading I had to stop and curse. Or just lay it down in disgust. Reflecting afterwards, I felt kind of dirty: perhaps Swarm is a guilty pleasure of somekind. But not the guilty pleasure you share easily.

Let's talk about the book. Action? Lots of it. Suspension of disbelief required? Off the charts. No, really, I mean it: sometimes you have to open your mind so wide that your brains fall out to
Feb 10, 2014 Avihu rated it did not like it
Complete and utter garbage. This book feels like a sci-fi novelisation of the recent GI Joe movies. Complete nonsense for the sake of cheap and fast action. No character development. No reasonable plot. Just a description of explosions and idiotic decision making to distract the reader from the absence of the plot. Nevertheless, there prominent references to other classics: Rama, Terminator and War of the Worlds are some that I spotted immediately.

After bashing the book generally, I will dive de
Janos Honkonen
Feb 09, 2014 Janos Honkonen rated it it was ok
B. V. Larson is one of those super prolific self publishers that are doing well on Amazon. Swarm is the first book in Star Force series, and it left me massively torn. On one hand, the book was entertaining. It was pretty pure pulp-military-scifi with giant robots and space battles and souped up space marines, and the basic premise of an alien invasion works well.

That was the good part. The bad - well, if I'm buying self published scifi, I'm not expecting to see massively nuanced characterizatio
David Jolley
Mar 13, 2016 David Jolley rated it really liked it
These books are about 80% combat... the entire story could have been told in about 6 books with plenty of combat to go around. It can become a drag. After book 9 Larson teams up with a co-author for adventure with main characters son... so far, those are much better. The first nine books lack any noteworthy amount of intrigue.
Jul 29, 2013 Alex rated it really liked it
Light but entertaining. This book is what I would call Science Pulp Fiction. It's pulpy, filled with action and short, you can read it in one sitting. The characters are pretty thin, the women are "hot with tanned legs" and in constant need of rescuing, there are overwhelming odds to overcome and bad guys to kill.

Although most of these things would normally be pretty negative for a good book, here they're positives as long as you know what you're getting into. This is a Sunday afternoon popcorn
May 06, 2014 Triopticon rated it liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jesse Kona
Aug 14, 2015 Jesse Kona rated it did not like it
I really should have known better than to read this book. It wasn't written for me.

This is a testosterone heavy alien invasion story, and it never pretends to be anything else.
Aug 03, 2015 Adam rated it really liked it
Fast paced and thrilling.

Annoying that it finishes on a cliffhanger, but Larson's gotta make you want to buy the next one - and he does that well!
Dec 05, 2014 Vijai rated it liked it
Look, I get it, this is sci-fi and unreal shit happens BUT what should not happen is a douchebag protagonist. Either that happened or there's one superbly retarded alien master race in this book.

"Well, hello there alien species! what did you say? want a fuckton of human soldiers every year? Sure, come next year. What? Who am I? the unintended captain of this one man ship of course and yeah I SPEAK FOR ALL OF HUMANITY."
Nov 06, 2014 Roger rated it really liked it
RATING: 3.76 rounded up to 4.0

SUMMARY: AI controlled alien ships start swarming Earth. Each ship pulls a person into the ship and subjects him to a series of tests to determine if he is qualified to command the ship. Failing the test results in death. Passing results in semi-command, there are limits to what the ship will let you do, of a fantastic ship. The down side, other than dying if you don't pass the test, is you have to use the ships to fight off a invasion by a different set of robots i
Mike Nemeth
Jun 13, 2014 Mike Nemeth rated it really liked it
B.V. Larson is a bit of a throwback, the kind of writer who introduces a strong character and then subjects the poor guy to tragedy so heart-rending a lesser individual would simply lie down and die like a dog. Not Kyle Riggs. His two wonderful kids get killed in the opening scenes of Larson's "Swarm." And Riggs avoids death at the hands of some evil, unknown force only through shear anger. He's not defeated. He's angry. And he wants payback. What Riggs discovers is a computer-driven ship that w ...more
B.O. Riggs
Feb 21, 2014 B.O. Riggs rated it liked it
This is one of those books that a guilty pleasure… Like porn… Without the careful thought provoking writing or the attention to craft. Its science fiction at its most… adequate? And as one reviews stated: You read a book entitled Star Force and you get what you get.

Well after b*tching about “The Warded Man” about how there was too much character development we now have a book with almost no character development whatsoever…

A big fleet of space ships with robots on board only slightly less intel
Steven Brandt (Audiobook-Heaven)
I have to say that Swarm is one of the most unusual science fiction stories I have read.

Unknown to backwoods planet Earth, there is a super-advanced race of beings slowly making their way across the universe, destroying everything in their path. This race will soon become known as the Macros and they are now on a direct course for Earth. Lucky for Earth there is another race out there who has made it their sworn duty to battle the Macros, or at least to help their victims defend themselves. Th
Sep 08, 2016 Xeddicus rated it liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Steve Warren
Feb 26, 2015 Steve Warren rated it it was amazing
This book is amazing, and the series is holding up so far! After I listened to Swarm, which I got on sale during one of Audible's $4.99 special offers, I looked into the author and the series - incredibly, he's written 11 of these so far. My first thought was, when does the series start to suck - I'm not a fan of the series concept in general, and 11 just seems like way too much. I'm happy to say, all three books so far have been fantastic, and I can imagine where BV Larson might be going with i ...more
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