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Blood Of A Leo (Solomon's Pride #1)
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Blood Of A Leo (Solomon's Pride #1)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  885 ratings  ·  64 reviews
Leo Adams was kidnapped and forced to serve as an unwilling blood donor for a coalition of vampires. One day, he manages to escape it...and straight into the lion-shifter Maddox's life.

Maddox is unsure of what has fallen into his arms, but he knows one thing. He will fight to the death to keep Leo safe.
ebook, 1st Edition, 158 pages
Published January 22nd 2011 by Silver Publishing (first published January 21st 2011)
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Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
This was a good book. I liked how it started off with being able to see what Leo has gone through during his stay with vampires. How his life has been so horrible since he was kidnapped by them. We get some background information on Leo. Like who his old master was and what happened to him, who his new master is and some of his new master's friends. It was entertaining to read about (especially for someone who likes reading about such cruelties ^_^)

I really liked Leo. He's a broken man (view spo
Veronica /  V
If you check the rating for this story you will see it rates from 1 star to 5 stars, this shows you that some people love it and some didn't like it at all.
My humble opinion is: You need to read it and decide for yourself.
For me this story was great.
Even though, at the beginning of the story I was a little bit concerned about the violence, I thought it was going to be one of those cruel /violent stories I'm not fond of at all.
I'm glad it was just the beginning, I realised it needed to be that
Jade Archer
Okay, more like 2.5 stars for me because I know how much work writing this would have been, and I think it has a lot of potential.

A quick overview : paranormal/shifter MM romance about a human, Leo, that escapes from brutal, highly abusive vamps only to literally run into his lion shifter mate, Maddox. Trouble is, Leo's vamp "owner/master" wants him back.

Technically, this one had a lot of problems. There were pretty significant editing misses. Rather large plot/story telling holes which could h
Nerine Petros
Blood of a Leo is the first book of the Solomon's Pride series. It is one of the few shifter novels I have read that portrays the shifter human as a separate entity, or personality, to that of its shifted animal. Dawn writes about a mixture of shifters, from lion to leopard, together in a pride under one Sorena (or Alpha). The use of a few unique phrases throughout gives the story an individual flair, with each word being clear of description when it's used, so I never felt left behind as a read ...more
3.5 stars
Leo Adams is a blood-donor (a 'mild' term for a human who simply is a blood slave for vampires) and his time serving the vampires has not been easy. His previous Master also used as a boy-toy and his new master, Mika, is not a gentle kind either. Not only Leo must gives blood but his Master also uses him as trial for new drugs. During a night out, when Mika is meeting with his dealer, a hell breaks loose and Leo is able to run away ... and lands in the arms of Maddox, a lion-shifter who
Jimmy Hanson
Honestly, I had a hard time hanging in until the end. The characters were interesting but there were too many thrown in at once - and continuously, throughout the novel - that it was hard to keep up. The insta-mate, and almost-insta-love thing happens here but not to any great or believable degree, and the sudden 'shock' of Leo realizing Maddox loves him - and of Maddox realizing that omg, Leo loves him back! - is so over-used I was almost embarrassed to read it.

Shallow, and cliche seem to be th
The books started really well. There was a plot. There was action. The story was definitely going somewhere. After Leo's escape, however, everything stalled. Including editing. I had hard time following the story because instead of being consumed by the progress of a new relationship, I was consumed by untangling one twisted sentence after another, figuring out who did what to whom and why. Leo transformed into a "precious bundle" and a lion's lapdog, the plot turned into PWP and I completely lo ...more
Stormy Glenn
Okay, I loved this one. I want my own cat shifter now...I about fell out of my chair at this statement " much he understood about his mate's other half; the disturbing thing though, was that he'd learnt it all from the nature channel." I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face. I dunno, struck me funny. I knowthere is a sequal in the works. Can't wait till it gets here.
I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

Leo was kidnapped and used as a blood slave and experimental drug tester. When something went wrong at a "business" meeting, Leo was able to escape and ran right into a brick wall.

That brick wall happened to be Maddox and he knows he can't leave the human and hospitals would ask too many questions. They take him back to the Pride house.

Things settle a bit, but Maddox knows Leo is his mate. After all the trauma Leo has been through Maddox can't hurt him
Great start to a new series! \
My only question is "How soon till the next one?" (Need to read about Jace!)
Entertaining, but tropey and lacking logic at many places.

There's worse books, but better too.
I was hoping that I'd enjoy this more then I did but there were some huge reasons that I didn't.

For one, the plot was pretty weak and took a backseat to the sex in the story. Also, despite how much Leo depended on his friends who were also in captivity, he forgot about them almost completely once he was rescued!! And, if that wasn't bad enough, once they confront the ones who held him and go to the compound with the illusion of saving his friends and others... he forgets about his friends comple
This was one of those serial books that relies heavily on formula to carry it through. Take one tiny but smart guy, have him be tortured by the bad guys, then throw him into the arms of the big sexy shifter and watch him yell 'mate!'. Going into this knowing what to expect, I enjoyed this for what it was. I liked the characters, which is saying something, and though a few things were iffy-like saying 'acquired' when the author meant 'inquired' and beasty sex, overall I thought this was well writ ...more
3 - 3.5 stars. This is an enjoyable shifter romance. Easily on a par with Stephanie Hecht's shifter romances. The beginning was promising with a suspenseful and gruesome description of the incarceration and escape of Leo but then it devolved somewhat into an 'insta-love' type relationship between the H/h. The evil vampires were well written. I thought the sex scenes were good particularly how Maddox acted when he was in that growly 'MINE' frame of mind. (I liked how Maddox was a bit embarrassed ...more
This is one that you have to be in the mood for. Overall, I'd have to say that I enjoyed the story, but found some of the writing, language, and dialogue to border, and sometimes cross, the too sweet threshold. Was it her intent to write an exaggerated romance or is she a new author who will only get better with more experience? Since her 3rd installment of this series is what caught my attention, I am looking forward to finding out.

Hawkers bio mentions that she was born in Norway. Not knowing i
The start of this series is really hot and promising. The plot is ongoing and the first couple is really sweet and awesome together. They are just adorable!
I liked Leo and Maddox a lot and for my liking it was to short. What I enjoyed the most is the feeling of truth and innocence in Leo. I mean the characters didn't keep their thoughts in their mind, and this way we didn't get silly plots which could have happened if the characters wouldn't talk with each other. So this openness between mates w
Could have been better. I don't know is this was because it was so short or because of Leo. Why did he have to keep appearing so WEAK in situations where MADDOX always has to come and rescue him with his damn crying about everything. I really hate effeminate characters!

My respect kept diminishing for him and he so quickly forgot his friends as soon as he was rescued! everything suddenly because about MADDOX again! WTH!

Other than that, everything else was okay. That head vampire dude wasn't scary
4.5 Stars

This is my new favourite shifter book!!!!!!

Everyone must read it :-)
I like this book, fun to read, even though some scenes are hard and cruel.
Michi Rosa
A dark begining, but turns out to be a lovely romance story!
S2 Maddox!
Hc Lynn
Now that I finally got around to reading this I'm happy to say it was NOT a waste of time! The beginning is on the dark side, portraying vampires as evil, heartless bastards from Leo's (and our) point of view. Seeing as he actually gets an opportunity to escape he takes it and runs, and ends up falling into the hands of Maddox and his twin. Very quickly Maddox realizes what the little man is to him but do to his abuse at the hands of vampires he will have to take it slow.

I would like to get more
J.R. Loveless
The basic premise of the story is about a young man named Leo who's kidnapped and held as a blood slave by a group of vampires. While in their grasp, he's brutalized, raped, and drugged. He escapes the vampires during a moment of confusion and ends up with a lion shifter named Maddox, who turns out to be his mate.

Though the recent influx of shifter and vampire stories since Twilight hit has been a bit on the annoying side, the story was well written and flowed well. I do like the fact that she
Ro Dubose
Human Leo Adams realizes he has a chance to escape the drug addict vampire who has kept Leo captive for months. Unfortunately, the vampire drug he was forcibly injected with is deadly to humans. Half dead, Leo stumbles into the alley behind the nightclub and falls unconscious into the arms of lion shifter Maddox.

Blood of a Leo is the first book in the Solomon's Pride Series. The plot is a vampire versus shifters action-adventure blended with shifter mating as well as a dash of humor. The charac
Well, it could have been really good. I like a traumatized MC and the fact that he was an addict (even though we ever really got to see any struggle to become clean) should make it even harder on this poor guy. But, he finds his mate and everything is good and rosy. The POV kept switching back and forth in a way that had me pretty confused at times but...
Great start to the story. Leo's suffering and struggle. It seemed there was a set up for Leo being something more, something special both due to his blood and survivability, but, at least in this book, nothing came of it. The relationship became to insta-everything for me. And the baby pet names were distracting and incongruent with the characters.
Kerry  sullivan
This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookworm

Now I have to say this book is just one big yum from start to finish. OK so the start made my skin crawl but I think that was the point and it made the love story all the more interesting. Leo treatment in the beginning of the book does kind of set the tone for the series, with the vampires painted as cruel and blood hungry and the shifter as dominant but fair. We get to see quite a few of the shifters and I have to say I am looking forward to Sol
Leo is young, and has been the involuntary, tortured blood donor for vampires for months, stolen right off the street. When his sadistic master dies, he is immediately taken by another, who turns out to be nearly as sadistic and is a drug addict who prefers his drugs filtered through his donor, Leo. On a drug run at a club, he tosses Leo in a bid to escape a police raid. Leo runs out, overdosed on a drug not meant for humans that was forced on him. He runs into lion shifter Maddox, his mate. The ...more
Alex Alden
The writing quality is incredibly poor. Lots of repetition and over-tell, and so many d'uh moments when a character speaks.

There is also a distinct lack of research. For a story which starts with medical issues (blood loss and a drug overdose), it was surprisingly factually incorrect. You can't drain someone of blood to the point of unconsciousness and then drain them again a few hours later. That equals death, no matter how you look at it.

If you're not picky on writing quality, sure, give this
A story about a cat shifter and his mate, it's a sweet, fast read. I did feel that Leo gave in to Maddox pretty quickly considering what he had just been through as a "blood bag" for a group of vampires and his past with his previous master, but it's standard in shifter-mate relationships so I attributed it to that. Maddox was protective, possessive and caring and he was just what Leo needed. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Zane and Casey. I had a look on the authors website ...more
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Dawn H. Hawkes was born in the beautiful country of Norway. Having been buried in fairy-tales from the moment she knew what one was, it has always had a special place in her heart. With a strong belief that there is someone out there for everyone and it's just a matter of finding that special someone, she's incorporated this into her stories.

She's a fan of almost anything mythological and thinks t
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“It just occurred to Leo how much he understood about his mate's other half; the disturbing thing though, was that he'd learnt it all from the nature channel.” 5 likes
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