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I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight
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I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight

3.38 of 5 stars 3.38  ·  rating details  ·  552 ratings  ·  67 reviews
Comedian and activist Margaret Cho's righteous comic rage finds its targets with pinpoint accuracy and is meant not only to entertain but also to champion the civil liberties and raise awareness for the social injustices that are her impassioned causes-among them freedom of expression; gay rights; racial discrimination; and capital punishment. It is this blend of comedy an ...more
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Published December 18th 2007 by Penguin Group (USA) (first published 2005)
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Earl Grey Tea
A few times in this book, Margaret Cho asks why she isn't asked her opinion and only white men in business suits get to share their ideas on the news. After reading this book, I have a feeling of why she isn't invited on the news to speak that often. Most of this book was of her spouting off emotional rants that were not backed by an evidence. She was shooting from the gut.

Two of the most obvious display of this lack of refinement in expressing her opinion were of her rant on George W. Bush and
This is sucking so far. I am a big fan of Margaret Cho, but because she's FUNNY. This book is anything but. She's angry, and I feel like I'm being scolded or yelled at. I even agree with most of what she's saying, but the tone is incredibly off-putting. I intend to finish it, but this is so far the worst book I've read in a long time.

Updated 7/8 -- I finished it last night, and my opinion didn't change much. If you read some of the other reviews, you'll see that there's a division between peopl
This was so disappointing on so many levels which made me even more disappointing as Margaret Cho is usually so funny!

I listened to this while on a road trip and was expecting to laugh my ass off at her comical takes on life, reflections on our culture, and anecdotes of her own crazy life. Instead I got a mean spirited, ranty, poorly supported scolding on various reasons on why she hates everything - namely white people, republicans, and men.

Every thing she was angry at was went like
Jun 20, 2007 Whitney rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
I loved her bit on Ann Coulter. If you read no other part of this book, at least read that part.
This book was pretty hit-or-miss. Even though I am also an ultraliberal, I was annoyed how intolerant Cho is of people with different views. She also contradicts herself at times - for example, at one point she makes the rather extreme statement "If you're not a feminist, you should just kill yourself." But then a few pages later she says how much she loves hip-hop music, and she knows that much of it is horribly violent and mysoginist, but she just doesn't care because it's so wonderful. So the ...more
Feb 27, 2008 W.B. rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone, people with a sense of humor
She's shrill, she's pissed, she's funny as hell.

Okay, so this might be just a notch above bathroom lit.

It's still a great, fun read and she usually cracks me up about three times a page.

I love her stand up persona....I love how she delivers this indictment of the Bush administration with the conviction of Martin Luther King...

"We need to recognize that a government that would deny a gay man the right to a bridal registry is a fascist state!"

January Carroll
I loved this book and read it twice at work on CD. I was expecting it to be a comedic book because I know she's a stand-up comic, but I was wrong. This book has funny moments, but it mostly has a gloves-off look at life. I loved it. I found myself at my desk a couple of times with tears in my eyes. Everything she said about dieting and bellydance was absolutely right. And in some spots she was the voice of my outrage.
Bert Edens
This book, which is mostly comprised of Cho's blog entries leading up to 2004 or 2005, was just as you would expect from Cho: loud and to the point. And that's a good thing :)

If you like Margaret Cho, it's a must read. If you don't, you should read it anyway. You might just come away with your eyes more opened that before.
Holy crap she is funny. And smart, and politically aware, and if you tend to run on the liberal side of the spectrum you should read this book. If you don't mind a lot of swearing, which I obviously don't. I disagreed with her a couple of times, but still loved this book.
Written in 2005, Cho writes about racism, sexism, politics, and having the strength to keep fighting.
the survival guide to making it through to 2008
Nov 17, 2008 Daryl rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone with an open mind
Sometimes, even if you are a comedienne, you have to get angry, get it all out of your system and say exactly what is on your mind...even if its not the usual comedy in your stand up act. Margaret Cho has done that---something we all need to do considering the political climate we have lived under since the hijacking of the White House by Dubya and his cronies. Once Bush # 2 leaves office, this country will be in a horrible state (actually its already in a horrible state!) and all Margaret is do ...more
If nothing else, this book makes for a good bathroom read. Cho covers many subjects, and has the uber-liberal stance you'd expect, which I'm mostly good with. She does unveil many issues that our society would just as soon forget and sweep under the rug, which made it more enlightening than I'm used to for a comedian's textual rant. However, she steps into pseudo-scientific "what the bleep" territory at times, which could easily make a rationalist reader uneasy.

On a personal note, I was truly o
I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight is a collection of comedienne Margaret Cho’s blog essays, and boy does that show. Cho is considered to be a powerfully expressive and genuinely funny stand-up comedienne by many, including me, but I feel that this book doesn’t do her that much justice. It feels like a jumbled, confusing collection with very little humour in it, and there isn’t as much ‘oomph’ and power behind Cho’s statements as there is in her shows.

As always, Cho covers issues that absolutely ne
Listened to this on audio, and oddly enough, as Cho is such a terrific live performer, her reading really fell flat. It seemed as though she were reading someone else's work and not her own. As I was listening, I kept thinking to myself "This would really be so much better as a blog..." In the conclusion, she explains that they do actually come from her blog.

I see that some other reviewers really rated this low because they were expecting 6 discs of her stand-up routine. Having read the back of
I possibly liked this book for the reason many reviewers disliked it: I thoroughly enjoy a humorous rant and there are plenty of those in there. I haven't seen Margaret Cho perform, nor have read any of her other books so I didn't really have any expectations. I came across it at the library while looking for something else and I enjoy her writings online (and admire her activism) so I decided to give it a shot.

It wasn't terribly heavy reading but that's okay, I need a break from that sometimes.
I have always liked Margaret Cho ("I'm the one that I want" was one of her best comedy acts and books. However, I felt this book was too much bitching and raving and not enough humor. Interesting, Margaret who is an extreme left libral (ain't nothin' wrong with that) is very intolerant of anyone who does not share her exact same views (got a big problem with that). If I had to sum this book up in one sentence I felt that Margaret believes "If you don't openly accept your child/neighbor/friend wh ...more
There are some real gems in this collection of essays, but there was also a good deal of underdeveloped or rant-like fluff that wasn't particularly interesting to me, even though I agree with most of Cho's politics. My favorite line in the whole collection was about gay marriage and how detractors try to get people all riled up about gay people getting married and living in their neighborhoods, "as if a newly married gay couple would choose to live in a trailer park." Cho has essays here on ever ...more
I love me some Margaret Cho, but not so much this book. I personally agree with almost everything she says here and enjoy her exercising her mind and voicing her frustrations with being a woman of color. However, I hated how this book was formatted. It's basically a bunch of blog entries made into a book. Also, while I did agree with most of what she has to say, when I did disagree with her I couldn't help but kind of shake my head at her ignorance. Here she is striving and fighting against igno ...more
i was disappointed by this book but only because i had really really high expectations for it. for some reason, i expected more political analysis but instead got ranting which isn't necessarily a bad thing when it's margaret cho doing it.

overall, the book is more of margaret reflecting on her personal life more than anything else. the part i enjoyed the most was the entry about how her mom drew her a treasure map of where all her jewelery was hidden. oh asian mothers.

i also learned from this
Some good bits interspersed between rantings. Was expecting more from a book read by the author -- less recitation, I suppose, and more conversationalistic style. Do not read/listen to unless you are liberal or have an open mind about such things as most of the ranting is aimed at close-minded conservatives but does not seem to distinguish them from open-minded conservatives at all. This book was culled from the authors blogs, which I assume is why there is so much ranting and less story-telling ...more
Melanie Biehle
Let me start off by saying I LOVE Margaret Cho. I've seen her perform live. I went to her reading and book signing for "I'm the One That I Want" (which I loved). I watched every episode of The Cho Show, either cracking up at Margaret's antics or feeling emotionally moved.

I did not like this book. I was bored by it. I couldn't even finish it. Maybe the topics were just more political than I wanted. But I still heart Margaret Cho and look forward to watching and reading her future work.
I love Margaret Cho. I do. I've seen her live once, and I'd love to go see her again. How can you (well, I) not love someone who passes on the gospel: Pro-choice does not mean pro-death. This is a book that makes me want to be more of an activist than I am, and it seriously gave me chills. I do take issue with her idea that everyone born of a woman must be a feminist, and that no feminist should ever hate another woman for any reason... But I have this need to share her work with others.
If you've seen her perform and know how she brings it on the stage, then you should certainly read the book because you'll have this little Cho voice in your head the entire time. It's like a private performance, well at least it was for me. I love her rants and find her hilarious. She says the things I only wish I had the nerve to say, so she's my just put it out there roll model. She's a queen of the stage and seeing her live is an experience you'll never forget, ever!
While I agree with some of her political views, reading this book is like reading a rant. It would probably be a lot more enjoyable in audio-book format. She has a lot of opinions but these are not well thought-out and researched arguments, and for me it doesn't work so well. It also feels really choppy. Still interesting stuff, and a rant about Ann Coulter is still amusing when read because I feel rants about Ann Coulter (anything negative, that is) are amusing in any form.
At first I was disappointed in it as I thought it was going to be all comedy. But when you think of it as a political book that has some funny parts, you really dig the book. I was just expecting work that was similar to her past routines. I am such a fan of hers - partially because of her comedy, partially because of her honesty about herself and what she sees and partially because she is flawed and open about it. Keep on rockin' the free world, Ms. Cho!
Ugh! This book was disappointingly terrible. Cho whinges on and on about her frustration and anger at the unjust world. I am a liberal lesbian feminist so she should be preaching to the choir when it comes to me. Unfortunately she came off as a cutesy self-centered sanctimonious ignoramus...or as she might say, "ignant person" Worst of all, it was not funny! Please let me read Chelsea Handler or Tina Fey or anyone who can actually make me laugh. Hated it!
Shannon Black
I liked this book a lot. It felt like a transcription of her spoken word pieces with super long, run on sentences. I read it like that and was able to feel the effect of hearing her speak it on stage. It was a bit outdated since it was published with Bush still in office and the West Memphis Three still behind bars... but it was nice to see the rage I felt back then permanently saved. Never forget how you felt when Bush was re-elected.
I think Margaret Cho is hilarious and I respect everything that she stands for but I really didn't take much from this book. I feel like it is just sort of her way of ranting and I'm guessing that her audience probably already shares her views. Maybe if I had read this in high school it would have been eye opening for me but as an adult it didn't really change my opinions of anything although I completely respect her point of view.
I am a huge Margaret Cho fan, but this book was the first thing of hers I did not really like. I only got through about half of it. I would have stopped sooner but I had nothing else to read. This book is not particularly funny, and it is very preachy. It is kind of silly its so preachy, because anyone reading her book doesn't need to be told this stuff. Preachin' to the choir Margaret! Love you anyway.
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Margaret Cho is an American comedian, fashion designer and actress. Cho is known for her stage performances, recordings, and concert movies. Her shows are a mixture of her comedy stylings with strong political and cultural commentary. Apart from these shows she has also directed and appeared in music videos, and started her own clothing line. She has frequently supported gay rights and identifies ...more
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