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Trop n'est pas assez
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Trop n'est pas assez

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  640 ratings  ·  92 reviews
Bericht von der heldenmütigen Reise zweier Punk Mädchen, wie sie bis nach Sizilien gelangten, manchem Unhold begegneten, und was ihnen dabei widerfuhr. Wie sie ganz unten waren und trotzdem immer weiter wollten.

Nach über vierjähriger Arbeit erscheint Anfang Oktober das autobiographische Comic-Epos "Heute ist der letzte Tag vom Rest deines Lebens" von Ulli Lust. Die in Berl
463 pages
Published 2010 by çà et là (first published January 1st 2009)
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Jeff Jackson
***1/2 stars. This starts out as a slightly dull memoir of a teenage punk runaway and the squatting scene in Europe, but the story steadily grows stranger and more compelling as Ulli and a female friend head south from Vienna into the heart of Sicily. The book is well observed throughout and there a few beatific moments where the story dilates beyond the consciousness of the narrator. But what will stick with me are Ulli's numerous encounters with Italian men who willfully refuse to understand t ...more
This book pretty much wraps up everything I love in a good graphic memoir. It's raw, intense, not afraid to be really long (so many graphic memoirs cut themselves short), and captures so many small memorable moments. The characters are well developed, the story is interesting and takes unexpected turns. Coming of age, punk, feminism--it's all in there. I also really love Ulli Lust's illustration style; it matches the content of her story perfectly.

Brilliantly told, heartfelt and searching, this epic tale explores the life of a wanderer looking for adventure only to find more than she bargained for. Perfectly captures the Euro punk scene and Italy in the 80s, Ulli Lust's story is both hilarious and harrowing, touching and repelling-- a rare feat. A highly sexual look at a woman's worth in men's eyes, exploring the fine line between rape, desire, and what shit women have to put up with in that part of the world. Not a rosy look at the past ...more
OMG this cover. Good job, whoever published this first.

I was already in love before I'd ever held the book in my hands, just based on that gorgeous cover (and title). And when it came in on hold at my local library, I was startled at how chunky it is.
A paperback book with over 400 pages and a fecking gorgeous cover. le sigh.

I saved it and I saved it and I saved it, and finally grabbed it when I needed an indulgence.

And, oh - wow.

It's the true memoir of Lust's (as far as I know, that's her rea
Graphic memoirs are in a real danger of becoming an old hat. The genre seemed so groundbreaking in the early 90's when Art Spiegelman finished Maus, or even in 2000 with Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, and there are still some interesting work published under the umbrella "graphic memoir." And it's a good thing that the new comic book releases shelve in our local library calls to me like heroin calls to Iggy Pop, or I might have missed one of them, namely Ulli Lust's Today is the Last Day of the R ...more
Well told story, art feels like its from a journal she kept to record her life then but in a perfect "supports the story" kind of way.
But I didn't relate. At all.
I wish I could use the "I'm old" excuse, but honestly, I never did relate. Even when I was 17. I never understood people who said "I want to see REAL life!"
All of life is real.
I guess they really mean "I want something different" or "I want to know if everyone lives lives like my parents do"
But again, I never felt like that. I could see
Very intense (true) account of two punk girls hitchhike from Vienna to Sicily in the 1980s with lots of not really too casual sex - another excellent graphic novel of this edition. -- What I found missing to give it more points is some reflection in the telling, as it is, it is incredibly direct - like you were inside her mind at the time. That's on the one hand definitely a strength, otoh, idk... I definitely don't want her to dismiss/devalue her lifestyle at that time - I guess what I want is ...more
WOW. Ulli Lust is lucky to be alive, was my first reaction to this graphic memoir. At the age of 16, she's bored with life in Vienna, so she decides on a whim to travel to Italy with a new friend of hers called Edi. With no money, and very little to their name, they dodge border police and finally make their way into their desired country. There, they beg, borrow, and steal to feed themselves and make their way deeper into the country. Eventually, Ulli gets fed up with not only the way she's obj ...more
Rascal Drrmrmrr
I think 3 1/2 stars is more appropriate. Everyone wants to be older, every child wants to be an adult, but to push yourself into these situations seems so scary to me. Forcing yourself to grow up in a new place and you don't want to go home and feel like you failed. I dunno, this was well done but as I'm growing out of my rebellious phase I'm not seeking out those narratives anymore.
This memoir about teen punk girls traveling in Italy in 1984 goes to some dark places. It starts out with a feeling of adventure, but pretty soon the protagonist Ulli is in some awful, uncomfortable sexual assault situations - it's was most upsetting to me to read about the borderline situations, where Ulli didn't really want to have sex with some guy, but then agreed to because if she didn't he would just keep harassing her, and at least if she did then other men would leave her alone while she ...more
Markku Kesti
Jos aiot kirjoittaa elämästäsi, sinun täytyy elää elämä, josta löytyy kirjoitettavaa, sanovat. Ja Ulli Lustin punk-nuoruudesta löytyy kirjoitettavaa. Kovaa kapinoiva itävaltalaistyttö pakenee kotoa kaverinsa kanssa ja ylittää salaa rajan. Kerjätän, ryöstäen ja pummaten vietetty kesä Roomassa ja Sisiliassa opettaa paljon, antaa paljon, mutta myös vie mennessään illuusiot ja haaveet. Tarina olisi kaivannut hieman tiivistämistä. Nyt neljäs tähti jäi jonnekkin etelä-Italiassa harhailevien juonenpätk ...more
Fungus Gnat
In this graphic novel, an Austrian, looking back to 1984 when she was 17, tells of an adventure she had, in which, with no word to her family, she set off for Italy, eventually reaching Palermo in Sicily. Her companion on most of her journey is her new-found friend Edi. The two punk or wanna-be-punk girls complement each other well—Ulli, a free spirit but one who has her feet on the ground, and Edi, a freer spirit who’s up for whatever drugs come her way, as well as sex with whoever will have he ...more
It's been years since this book was gifted to me but I felt inclined to add my review because this book deserves a higher rating than the 3-point-whatever stars it's currently at.

It strikes me as odd reading other reviews that approach the book from a 'whether this entertained me' perspective, or those that judge the narrator, or apply such strong common-sense readings (e.g. the protagonist is 'dumb' and 'should have just gone home') that the reader failed to relate at all to the narrator.

Matti Karjalainen
Ulli Lustin "Tänään on loppuelämäsi viimeinen päivä" (Like, 2013) on omaelämäkerrallinen sarjakuvaromaani punkkaritytöstä, joka lähtee vanhemmilleen kertomatta liftaamaan vastuuntunnottoman ystävänsä kanssa Italiaan. Sisiliaan päästyään kaksikko on joutunut tekemisiin muun muassa mafian kanssa, kokeilemaan erilaisia päihteitä sekä kohtaamaan monenlaisia miehiä. Seksillä ja seksuaalisella väkivallalla on suuri rooli tarinassa.

Sarjakuvaromaani on kerrottu taiten. Lust kuvaa kaunistelematta ja suor
The finding of Judith Shakespeare
Dos anarkas adolescentes e irresponsables se embarcan en una aventura sexualmente vejatoria de principio a fin, llena de abusos sexuales y violaciones que no sirven para nada, desaliñada pero explícitamente expuestas en un tomo inmenso y coñazo en que apenas ocurre nada. Se critica el machismo tradicional y violento, y el porno (cosa sorprendente), pero ellas mismas son dos cabezas de chorlito insufribles que no paran de dejarse tratar como objetos sexuales. Se masca la tragedia desde el princip ...more
Here's my review of this book from

The gist of it: this comes highly recommended.
Heidi Wiechert
This was very dark. The narrator was only 17 and she had the option to go home at any time but kept putting herself in dangerous situations instead. It wasn't the decision that I would have made but she felt tied to the punk lifestyle and the awfulness that came with it. After the multiple abusive "friends" she encountered, I just wanted Ulli to go home to her family. What a terrifying coming-of-age journey through deprivation, drugs, and sex. I was cheering for her the whole trip but couldn't r ...more
Phill Melton
Now, I'm not normally a graphic memoir person, and I'm certainly not one for travel memoirs—please, spare me the platitudes on how travel expanded your mind, on overcoming adversity making you a better person, and finding enlightenment in your own special priviliged-person way—but this…this is different. Maybe there are lessons learned, but they're for after the action is over, and they're not of the "and now I know everything, aren't I special" variety. There's certainly ugliness—okay, no short ...more
Kolme ja puoli tähteä rajulle ja paikoin järkylle road tripille 80-luvun Italiassa. Itävaltalaiset nuoret tytöt, punkkari-Ulli ja kaverinsa Edi päättävät lähteä käytännössä ilman rahaa Italiaan. Sarjakuvaromaanissa kuvataan kaunistelemattomasti rahattomana matkustamista ja tyttöjen raadollista hyväksikäyttöä matkan aikana. Onnekseen Edi on hieman hölmö ja nymfomaniaan taipuvainen, mutta Ulli saa kokea kantapään kautta, että "ystävällisiin" miehiin, kuten ystäviinkään ei aina ole luottaminen. Vau ...more
Dave Riley
Just when you start thinking autobio comics are just an excuse to wallow in a cartoonist's sexual obsessions and slag off at the comics industry --along comes Ulli Lust to turn the genre back to the path trod by great works such as .Persepolis.

While TITLDOTROYL ticks the boxes of time(early eighties), place (Vienna and Italy) and style (Punk) it also happens to have a great story to tell -- a story of a journey that would be standalone in any medium. But because it is sequential graphics there
Simply great. I was utterly enthralled by this, probably because I had similar adventures myself. Similar, that is, except that my penniless hitchhiking was (1) in the USA (2) in the 1960s and (3) I'm male. But there's the same reckless compulsion to escape conventional middle class expectations and discover the "real" world which turns out to be just as unreal as any other style of life. What I love in this book is what I see as naked honesty about her failures combined with only a half-awarene ...more
Peter Panic
I realized it is easier for me to write reviews of books long after I have read them. It gives me a chance to see if they pass the test of staying relevant afterwards, because I know how engrossed I can be in any story line as I read it.
And while I enjoyed Ulli Lust's travels, I don't think I walked away with anything relevant. I wasn't dying for a part 2. I'm happy she survived her ordeal and am proud that she took a chance and did something out of the ordinary. Hell, I even yearned for a time
An uncomfortable book. It reminded me a lot of On the Road and other Beat novels but with significantly more graphic depictions of sex, rape, and drugs (other than perhaps William S. Burroughs). Unflinching and uncompromising, Ulli draws you into her story, but what you find there is not the exciting romp through Europe that she thought she would have.
Sasha Boersma
I've become a bit weary of biographies told in graphic novel form... They're kinda all the same. This one, is so massively different! Punk girl in 80s Vienna takes off to Italy for 2 months, living on the streets. The unraveling of the story is different - very "it is what it is", not brooding or self-pitying. It ends a bit abruptly - I'm curious about life after the adventure, but I guess the author had to end it somewhere.
Delia Batalla
A graphic novel of the adventures of two teenage Austrian girls (the author is one of them) in Italy in the 1980s. With little or no money, it's a daily struggle to eat and find shelter. And being foreigners they can become victims of the people around them. A little gritty at times (life on the streets is not pretty), but it is essentially the diary of the author in her "wild" younger years and lessons learned.
With all the hype I thought it was a disappointment -- the story lines are disjointed, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, just reporting what happened, and sooo depressing. (view spoiler) Less punk rock and more downer road trip.
Punk rocker Ulli travels to Italy with free spirited Edi sans cash or passport. Making her way on her wits alone, she is plagued by the sexual advances of every man she encounters.

While I liked this memoir about a 17 year old punk touring Italy with no money in the early 1980s I must warn potential readers that it gave me TERRIBLE nightmares.

Itävaltalaisten punkkarityttöjen road trip Italiaan on kuvattu rehellisen tuntuisesti ja ilman jälkiviisastelua. Tarina vetää hyvin ja tihenee loppua kohti. Seksiä, huumeita ja järjestäytynyttä rikollisuutta, mutta myös naisen aseman pohdintaa. Karmea tarina, josta toivoo, että "perustuu tositapahtumiin" ei pidä ihan pilkulleen paikkaansa.
Really absorbing autiobo comix about two teenaged Vienna punk girls who sneak across the border into Italy in 1984 and travel around the country without passports or a lire to their name, eventually ending up in Mafia-controlled Palermo. There is some intense and potentially triggering stuff in this book, be warned. I really liked Ulli's sketchy, slightly cramped panels and the green undertones provide a striking contrast. The loyalty that Ulli shows to her unreliable friend Edi is exasperating ...more
via NYPL - A mixed bag, it's the memoir of Lust and a friend running away to Italy (from Austria) as teenage punks in the early 80s. Lots of good in it, most of it tragic and infuriating - notably how nearly every man in Italy is a potential (or actual) rapist and showing how poorly women are treated in general. Those sequences are powerfully done, emotional and haunting. The only real problem is, the book is 450 pages and probably close to 200 pages are pretty standard "youthful misadventures i ...more
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Ulli Lust was born in 1967 in Vienna, Austria. Her cartooning work has mainly comprised comics reportages; Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life is her first graphic novel, and her first work to be translated into English. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
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