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Kill the Messenger
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Kill the Messenger

3.78 of 5 stars 3.78  ·  rating details  ·  5,401 ratings  ·  295 reviews
With this new thriller, The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers her own message to suspense fans everywhere: Don't turn off the lights, and keep reading if you dare. From the gritty streets of Los Angeles to its most protected enclaves of prestige and power to the ruthless glamour of Hollywood, a killer stalks his prey. A killer so merciless no one in his ...more
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Published July 6th 2004 by Random House Audio (first published 2004)
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Have you ever read a book and thought, "This would make a great movie."? So it goes with Kill The Messenger. Tami Hoag is a fairly new me.......and so far I'm really enjoying her books. I've seen so many Hoag books over the years; seen a shelf full of her work at the library and thought she must be pretty good to have so many best selling books but, still, I never picked up any of her work. Man. What I've been missing. She is a superb writer, quickly drawing you in and keeping you ...more
KILL THE MESSENGER (Suspense/Police Procedural) - VG
Tami Hoag – 25th book
Bantam Books, 2004 – Hardcover
Bike messenger Jace Damon makes one last run of the day and ends up running for his life when the lawyer who gave him the package is murdered. Jace is both the prime suspect of the police and the target for someone who wants that package..
*** I have loved Tami Hoag’s books since her early romantic/suspense novels and she has only gotten better. There are wonderful characters, great suspense, f
My main problems with this book:
- Characters who do not behave the way they seem to believe they should: One of the main characters constantly thinks how he can't trust anyone, etc, but he is constantly doing so.
- A plot that thinks it's clever.
- A plot twist that is without real impact because I didn't care at all about how it affected the characters.
- Characters I didn't get emotionally involved with. At all.
- Another incredibly smart, precocious kid. Ho-hum.
As a girl who likes her books on the more paranormal romancey side… this is obviously not my usual choice… but every once in a while I have to break from the norm and read me a good mystery/suspense… and this is one that any reader should check out… There are several different threads to this tale slowly weaving together but it’s not confusing in the way that some authors might thrown too many characters or too many plot lines at you in such a story… Hoag does a wonderful job of slipping in bits ...more
Blurb taken from the back cover

At the end of a long, hard day bettling Los Angeles traffic, bike messenger Jace Damon is called on to make a pick-up from the office of sleazy defence attorneyLeonard Lowell. Jace is tired, and needs to get home to check up on his little brother who he's single handedly bringing up. He makes the collection, but the delivery adress turns out to be a vacant lot, a car tries to run him down, and Jace only just escapes. He returns to the attorney's office to find that
Tami Hoag seems to be branching out these days. The last few books of hers I've read have abandoned her established mold of setting up a hero and heroine (both of whom have angsty pasts they're trying to overcome, and one or both of whom may be involved in law enforcement) embroiled in solving a nasty, suspenseful crime while they inexorably become embroiled in each other. Her latest, Kill the Messenger, has plenty of nasty, suspenseful crime--but barely a whiff of any romance. There's the sligh ...more
This one is leaning towards 4 1/2 stars for me. Fantastic characters with a twisting plot. There was one point in the story that I was sitting there with my mouth agape in surprise. It's been awhile since I have read any Tami Hoag. This one did not disappoint. I listened to the audio version & as usual, Scott Brick gave it that extra something special for me. I am still new to the whole audio thing but so far, Scott Brick is my favorite reader by a mile. I am going to have to see is there ar ...more
Sara Barton
88 out of 100 points -- Four and a half stars

Plot -- 18 out of 20 points
The storyline has a lot of unpredictable twists and turns that kept me guessing. Behind the hard-driving actions of complicated heroes and villains lurks enough logic and plausibility to keep the high-drama story real. With so many characters sabotaging their own lives and wreaking havoc with others, more than one suspect seems to have motive and means to commit the crimes, even as the body count rises. That heightens the te
Laurie Tomchak
An interesting LA procedural. The ending wasn't entirely earned, but I'd have to reread to see if there was any foreshadowing I missed. An engaging young man is at the center of this story, an orphaned bicycle messenger who is supporting his younger brother by risking his life delivering packages on L.A.'s traffic-clogged streets. He is even more in danger when he stumbles on a murder and a blackmail scheme that has everyone after him: the police, the murderer, the murder victim's daughter. The ...more
Vonnie Hughes
As usual with Tami Hoag I enjoyed this. She does believeable plot twists deftly, unlike some authors whose labor over their ideas practically shouts out.

A clear writer, you get absorbed in her books straight away. Kill the Messenger begins with a bike messenger in LA rush hour traffic. Doesn't come much scarier than that.
I’ve been a fan of Tami Hoag for a while, but this book was pretty……. eh. I just didn’t connect with any of the characters. Maybe it’s because this book was written from the pov of the male characters. Anyway, I was disappointed.
Πάνος Τουρλής
Δε μου άρεσε πολύ. Για κάποιον καινούργιο ανάγνωστη ίσως να είναι καλό. Για μένα όμως που Μπελίζω εδώ και χρόνια κι ειδικά της Χόγκ έχω διαβάσει το Μαύρο άλογο που ήταν ό,τι καλύτερο δικό της και γενικά εδώ έχω απαιτήσεις. Ένας αγγελιαφόρος παίρνει ένα δέμα, κάποιος αποπειράται να τον δολοφονήσει, τι έχει το δέμα, ποιος εκβιάζει ποιον και γιατί; Και ο δολοφόνος να σκοτώνει τους πάντες στο πέρασμά του για να ανακαλύψει τον κούριερ. Πολύ καλή ανατροπή η αποκάλυψη του ιθύνοντος νου που συνεργάζεται ...more
I really enjoyed this book. It is an interesting murder mystery and walks that line between between being engaging and not too graphic. A very nice read.
The story was kind of dry in this book and a couple times it was hard to follow.
Bev Taylor
jace damon works as a bike messenger. he is called to lowell's office - a lawyer who deals with the lower end cases. he has to deliver an envelope - simple

but that is not how it turns out - not only is he nearly killed, but the lawyer is also found dead

but why ?

wonderful characters - including jace's kid brother and their adopted chinese family, not to mention all the detectives of all rank. and i have not even started on the bad guys! and some of the dialogue will have u laugh out loud

Heather  * suffering broken screen syndrome*
The name says it all....Kill the Messenger.

J.C. Damon is already having a bad day but it gets much much worse. He gets called on to make his last run of the day but soon a simple pick up and drop off turns into a run for his life. Soon J.C. Is dodging bullets, a black car all on his bike. He soon returns to the shady lawyer who gave him the package just to find out he is dead and now the cops want him for the murder.

Apperently the "package" is worth killing for and the last thing J.C. Wants is t
Barbara ★
One night bike messenger, Jace Damon gets called for a final run and his life is never the same again. Someone tried to kill him and now he's terrified and running. At 19, Jace is responsible for his orphaned brother, Tyler (10) and he doesn't know how to protect Tyler from this danger so he runs to draw the killer away. His dispatcher, Eta Fitzgerald is the funniest person in the story. Her one-liners will have you laughing out loud. I particularly liked this one when Kevin Parker was questioni ...more
Sid Frost
Warning: This is not the type of book I usually read and review. It is packed with vulgar language, probably because that is the language of cops and killers. I guess I'm lucky I finished the book. I listened to the CD edition on a car trip with my wife and thought she might toss it out the window several times. I'm glad she didn't since I had checked it out of the library.

I'm also glad we made it to the end of the book. For me, it was an excellent story with a great deal of suspense. And, under
Jane Stewart
Good murder, mystery and suspense. A bad guy is having trouble catching and killing a bicycle messenger (the hero).

Jace is a bike messenger, about 19 years old. He has been taking care of his younger brother Tyler for six years, ever since his mother died. Jace and Tyler live in a room with the Chen family in Chinatown. They fear the police and social services because they don’t want to be separated into foster homes. At the end of a long day, Jace has one last messenger run. He pick
Jace Damon is a bike messenger in L.A. Its been a long day which started by shoveling ice in a Chinese fish market followed by the hectic and dangerous life of a bike messenger and now he has to make one last run, trying to get the delivery made before the office closes. Almost there he is suddenly nearly run down by a big black limo which chases him down and when he abandons his bike when it is run over, the driver chase him on foot, firing several shots. Jace manages to escape, but at a young ...more
Kill the Messenger - Tami Hoag

This is the second Tami Hoag book I've read. The first -Deeper Than the Dead- was amazing. This one definitely didn't live up to the first one. However, it was still a great book.

Jace is a bike messenger that gets called for one last run of the night. This run, however, changes his life forever.

The person he's supposed to be delivering the package to tries to kill him before Jace can even dismount his bike. Jace manages to get away but won't go to the police because
This novel jumps into the action with a seedy lawyer's murder and the unsuspecting bicycle messenger a witness, still carrying his delivery package and no one to deliver it to - except the police, and no way that is happening. No way will Jace Damon jeopardize his life or the life of his ward and younger brother Tyler. Or the kindly Chens, who have generously taken them into their home in Chinatown. So, who to trust? Kill the Messenger carries its weight throughout the first two-thirds of the bo ...more
Bonnie Randall
'....Madame Chen turned on him, "Do you think me a fool, Detective Kyle? I am an intelligent woman in two languages. You are a bully in only one."...' Hello? Who doesn't think a cut-down like this *rocks*?

The strongest component of Kill The Messenger was protag Jace Damon and the circle of characters the author deems his 'patchwork family'. His situation is desperate, poignant, and the stakes keep amping up over and over - even though much of what he fears he will lose is only in his mind. Love
Nineteen-year-old Jace Damon has had a hard life. His mother died when he was 13, and since then he has been struggling to raise his younger brother, while staying beneath the radar of Child Protective Services. With the help of an understanding Chinese lady, Madam Chan, the two have been living in L.A.'s Chinatown, where Jace works as a bike messenger. One dark and rainy night, Jace agrees to do a last delivery. He picks up a package from a shady lawyer, but when he gets to the delivery address ...more
Krista (One Love) (Critical)
Despite the common consensus, I liked this. I've only read 2 books by TH, but I liked this one much better. The second I picked it up, I couldn't stop reading. I liked both Kev and Jace--Kev a little more though. I felt really bad for Kev--I wanted him to get with Andy, though that never happens. I loved Andy, and she and Kev would have been cute together--I don't know what he saw in Diane.

It's not that this book is good, really, but that it's REALLY suspenseful and makes you want to keep readi
The phrase "cut to the chase" takes on new meaning in Tami Hoag's thriller, Kill the Messenger. Jace Damon is an L.A. bike messenger, scrambling to raise his younger brother, Tyler, following the death of their mother. Taken in by the kind owner of a fish market in China Town, the Damon's live under the radar, trying to avoid attracting the notice of family services. One dismal, rainy evening, Jace picks up a parcel from a sleazy lawyer, to deliver in a derelict neighborhood. Jace is assaulted a ...more
This is a good thriller from Hoag which covers the tale of bike messenger and orphan Jace Damon. He is almost killed when doing a late night delivery, when he returns to the lawyer who gave himm the package he finds the lawyer dead and the policy looking for him. Not trusting the policy he goes on the run trying to protect his little brother. On the law enforcement side disgraced cop Kev Parker is investigating the case. He wonders why the hotshot Robbery Homicide division is looking into the ca ...more
Tara Hall
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I really don't know Tami Hoag's style but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked the characters, in fact Kevin reminded me of Lucas Davenport in the John Sandford books. The storyline about Jace and his younger brother was sad and at the same time moving as Jace tried to protect styler to the best of his ability. Very action packed and a surprise ending for me. I liked at the end how Kevin played all the possible suspects over in his mind before he/she was finally reveled. I don't know if this ...more
Robert Woodruff
Not my usual genre but was given to me along with another one of the same type for Christmas so I thought I would go ahead and read it.

It was a quick read and an OK story. Nothing profound. Way more profanity than called for.

(view spoiler)

The author leaves some things unexplained that should have been explained unless they plan to bring the ch
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag began her professional career writing for Bantam’s Loveswept line of romance novels. In 1988 her first novel, The Trouble With J.J. was published.

With fifteen consecutive New York Times bestsellers to her credit, Hoag has more than 35 million books in print, published in more than twenty languages worldwide. Her first thriller, Night Sins, was made i
More about Tami Hoag...
Ashes to Ashes (Kovac/Liska, #1) Secrets to the Grave (Oak Knoll, #2) Deeper Than the Dead (Oak Knoll, #1) Guilty as Sin  (Deer Lake #2) Prior Bad Acts (Kovac/Liska, #3)

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