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Ten Million Thank Yous!

Posted by Otis Chandler on August 13, 2012
I've got exciting news to announce today: Goodreads now has 10 million members! To put this in perspective, it took four and a half years to reach 5 million members and only another 15 months to double that number. Today, six books are added on Goodreads per second.

We've come a long way since Elizabeth and I built Goodreads from our living room, motivated by the belief that there was a better way to discover and discuss good books—and that we could build it.

When we first launched in January of 2007 we waited until we hit what then seemed like a magical number of 100,000 members before we hired our first employee and secured angel funding. Since then, the vibrant Goodreads community and company has continued to blossom. We now have a team of 30, we've just moved into bigger, fancier offices in San Francisco, and we've launched an array of new products, including our super-awesome and successful Recommendations Engine.

What have you been up to, you 10 million Goodreaders?

Well, you've shelved more than 360 million books!

You've also been chatting about books. There are more than 20,000 book clubs on the site—from virtual groups to small, in-person book clubs. Here are the five largest:

And here are the top 10 all-time most-reviewed books on Goodreads:

On a personal note, I'd like to thank each and every one of our members for being part of our success. Thank you for choosing to spend time with us on Goodreads: sharing your love of reading, discovering new ideas, and telling your friends about your experience. We love your passion, your smart, thoughtful, and creative reviews, and your belief that reading books makes the world a better place.

Thank you also for all the feedback, ideas, and suggestions. We evaluate each and every one. Our To Do list is impressively long and the team is working insanely hard, but there are lots more good things to come!

With thanks from all the Goodreads team,

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message 183: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Love this site,thanks so much for it!!!

message 182: by Ali (new)

Ali lots of LOVE all the way from Bahrain!
BEST social site EVER after tumblr ^_^"

message 181: by Duane (new)

Duane Simolke Thank you, Goodreads! A friend suggested your site to me, and it quickly became one of my favorites.

Duane Simolke Lubbock, Texas

message 180: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda I was looking for a place to read reader reviews besides Amazon, and stumbled upon Goodreads in my google search. I've been here since 2009, and I enjoy this site and the friends from around the globe I've made here. Thank You and Congrats!!

message 179: by Dominique (new)

Dominique Yep! Proud to be on Goodreads!

message 178: by Maddie (new)

Maddie My dentist was the one that told me about Goodreads :D

Khadija Kübra ℂ⋆ Thankyou for creating this website.
It has made my life more interesting and acceptable ever since I've made an account. :)

message 176: by Dana (new)

Dana Lee Congratulations and 10million thank yous back. Goodreads has helped make me into an avid reader and group member!

message 175: by Blima (new)

Blima Congrats and thank you. I love Goodreads and tell everyone I know about the best website for books.
Keep up the Great Work.

Michelle the Romance Witch Thank you for this awesome website. I honestly just stumbled across it a few years ago and was instantly hooked. I brag about the site all the time and depend on it greatly. I keep tracking of my reading progress, series, and most importantly rating of favorites. I never start a new series without checking it out of GR before buying! I guarantee i will still be around when you hit 50 million members!

Beth ~Mrs.SheldonCooper~ Thank you! I love Goodreads so much! It's great to share my thoughts of books with so many other people that care. Congrats and keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ Congratulations & Thank YOU guys for making this site the best place to share our love for books ♥♥♥♥

message 171: by Kath (new)

Kath Goodreads has helped me get back to reading for fun after taking online courses. For my summer break I set a goal of completing my reading goal (of 52 books) before we return to work. With the help of a few children's books and over 30 others I was able to take many adventures that allowed my summer vacation to be very relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you and may your success continue.

Kathleen Hughes

message 170: by AyЯa (new)

AyЯa Acuña Thank you goodreads for putting up this place for us readers. congratulations! cheers!

message 169: by Jill (new)

Jill Thank you!!! I love Goodreads and keep sharing it with other school librarians! In October, I will be presenting how to use Goodreads in your school library at a Library conference (NEMA) in the Omaha area. Any insights from your crew would be awesome!

message 168: by Mariam (new)

Mariam dahab thank you : )

message 167: by Catherine (last edited Aug 13, 2012 04:38PM) (new)

Catherine Goodreads is like Facebook for books, which has got to be better than plain Facebook (I wouldn't know, I'm not a Facebook member). Thank you for making a fantastic site! I'm proud to be one of the 10 million Goodreaders!

message 166: by Karen (new)

Karen Klein I don't know what I would do without Goodreads!!!! I spend more time on this site every day than any other. THANK YOU!

message 165: by Fatlazicat (new)

Fatlazicat I am SO grateful for Goodreads! I visit your site every day and have discovered, devoured and enjoyed so many wonderful novels that I probably would never have found if not for this site. I love it! Thank you and congratulations!

message 164: by Michael (new)

Michael Phillips Nice work team. Thanks for giving us PR folk another tool to work with as well.

message 163: by Dee-Ann (new)

Dee-Ann Thankyou, this has been a great way to meet people who have something in common (ie they read) but at the same time lead very different lives.

message 162: by Céline :) (new)

Céline :) Wow! 10 million members! That's awesome :)
I swear Goodreads is one of the best things that have happened to me! :P

Krista the Bald Avenger Thank YOU Goodreads! Congratulations on a fabulous accomplishment!

Goodreads is such a lovely place to be and I love having my own virtual library. My FAVORITE parts of Goodreads are the friending and chatting with authors (!!!) and First Reads.

I still very much so miss swap. Though looking at the real stacks of books around here, my husband does not ;)

Thanks for being a place I like to call home :)

message 160: by Lady (new)


message 159: by Victoria (new)

Victoria I love Goodreads!!! Congratulations and thank you from Boston :)

message 158: by LS (new)

LS Thank YOU, actually, for existing in the first place. Yey! Congratulations!

message 157: by Estebanm (new)

Estebanm Hey, friends, it's awesome be a part of Goodreads. All the gratitude is for you and your amazing support in our readings and books to search.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

message 156: by Vina (new)

Vina Selamat telah mencapai 10juta member!!! (Indonesian)
Congratulation for reach 10million member!!!

Melanie (aka Serial Reader) Congratulations to you and thanks so much for the wonderful work you've done for all of us!
Best to you!

message 154: by Marian (new)

Marian Thank you for giving me a place to embrace my love of books!!!

message 153: by Bookiemom (new)

Bookiemom LG Thank you so much for building this site! I love it!!! There are so many books I have wanted to read in the past and forgot to write the names of them down and I would always forget about them! Thanks to you, that is no longer a problem!!! I tell my daughter that goodreads is my facebook!! Congratulations!!

message 152: by Elle (new)

Elle Thornton To Goodreads founding twosome and wonderful staff: You've created something truly remarkable and unmatched anywhere in the entire universe. I am so lucky to've found the site! And now you're stuck with me. :)

message 151: by Rakel (new)

Rakel thank you very much! and congratulations! :) :)

message 150: by Caleb (last edited Aug 13, 2012 05:10PM) (new)

Caleb Mason Congratulations Otis and team. Isn't it interesting to see the reviews' balance between the great classics and the transitory "light" novels of our day. Does anyone really think any of those new novels will make it over into the classics section, let alone be read five years from now? Creating works of art that hold up from generation to generation is the major challenge and astonishing accomplishment of the few.

message 149: by Reina (new)

Reina AWW thanks! And congrats ;D
Goodreads is such a great place to keep track of all the books I've read and my thoughts on them, and also to read reviews and discover new books and of course discuss!!!
Fun staff photo, and it was interesting learning the top ten books reviewed. I've reviewed the top six!!!

عطـر النون Thank you . congratulations my lovely place and wonderful hard work . Thank you for all family GOODREADS .

message 147: by Mustafa (new)

Mustafa Wemoun congratulations

message 146: by Tahani (new)

Tahani Goodreads is the best and the most useful website on the Internet!!! Thank You because you made reading more fun than ever! Goodreads really made me read more books than before.

I love you guys <3

message 145: by Mohamed (new)

Mohamed Abdelsttar woooooooooooooooooooooow congratulations :)

Goodreads is the site that changed my life :)

message 144: by Lula (new)

Lula I haven't been for so long in here, but I already love this website and feel it is like my home. I love reading and in here I found a place to keep track of my readings and, of course, finding new books to read.
So thank you for bringing this to my life and let this keep going on for a lot more years <3

message 143: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence Thank you GR and congratulations for your success. I've met so many new friends that love books and reading as much as I do. I wish you nothing but the best in the future. :)

message 142: by Christina (new)

Christina Thank you for this great site! This site really helps me keep track of my reading and my ever-growing "to read" list! I love learning about new books through this site, and it's always great to read reviews from real readers. Thanks and Congratulations!

message 141: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Thank you for connecting me with other people who believe that books can change people who can then, in turn, change the world. For giving me access to more books than even my very good public library and excellent local book stores could. For giving me a place to share my voice and another way to share the books that "worked for me." Keep up the splendid work and here's to another 10 million.

message 140: by Yassie (new)

Yassie love goodreads found alot of intresting books and books i have never even heard of and in school my essays have been really good beacuse of books and this site. And found friends that have the same teast in books and can share my thoughts and read other pepoles reviews. Iveen if im not sure with the books i read is gonna be good i can always read pepoles reviews and what they thought of the book.

message 139: by Theresa ♫ (new)

Theresa ♫ 10 MILLION! That's CRAZY!!

Crazily awesome. I'm positively, absolutely, awesomely, extremely, and irrevocably HAPPY to be a part of Goodreads, even though I'm only 1/10,000,000.
Well, I'm only 1/6,000,000,000 of the population in this world, so actually...I FEEL MORE POWERFUL ON GOODREADS!

So thanks for bringing this awesomeness into the world. Where else can I rant about books, huh?

You put a smile ALL OVER MY FACE!!!! I gotta thank you for that, too. :)
Keep it up! There's no way this site is ever going down, is there?

message 138: by Ajitabh (new)

Ajitabh Pandey Thank you and congratulations on your success. I am proud to be a part of it.

message 137: by Lee (new)

Lee Thank you for having the vison of a site like this.
When I found Goodreads in '08 and that I could list/shelve all my books... you had me hooked.
Comgrats on 6 1/2+ years of growing in to the best book site on the web.

message 136: by Rawan (new)

Rawan  Almohimeed Awwwwww congratulations this is just awesome !! And thanks to you, i'm blessed to find this site ! Keep the good work up <3 !

KindleRomance Reviews Thank you and congratulations! I have met so many amazing people, read so many incredible books, and it's all due to GR! Love the picture!

message 134: by Jerome (new)

Jerome Goodreads is awesome. Thanks everybody and congrats!

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