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Site Maintenance and Downtime Tonight, Starting around 6 pm PT

Posted by Patrick on April 12, 2012 175283

We have scheduled significant upgrades to occur between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM PDT, and there will be some outages during this time. Beginning at 5 PM PDT, the site will be down intermittently and could possibly be down for an extended period of time. We're hoping the outage will be less than 30 minutes, but it could be as long as a few hours, depending on how things go.

We will be on hand working to resolve any issues that arise after we re-enable the site, but please be aware that further outages may occur as we release updates to fix unanticipated problems. After the site is back, please let us know if you encounter any problems using the site.

During this process, we will be posting status updates on Twitter and remaining as responsive as possible.

The updates will pave the way for some significant performance improvements which have become a little overdue. So there may be a little rough patch at first, but it should lead to serious improvements in your Goodreads experience. Thanks for your patience!
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message 51: by Margaret (new)

Margaret So I've poked around my shelves and there are all sorts of things moved from this exclusive shelf to that as well as multiple duplicates on completely random books. I feel like years of organization is gone.

message 52: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan Margaret,

I have no idea what's going on. Let me consult with the other developers. So sorry about it!

message 53: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing. So far the onl problem i am having is that my notifications wont go away. by that i will be alerted to a notification though I do not have any notifications. Thank you for your work

message 54: by rivka (new)

rivka The comments page issue is a bug, and it's being worked on. Sorry about that!

message 55: by Jamiesuzanne (new)

Jamiesuzanne Is this why the books I added on Monday still aren't on my list??

message 56: by rivka (new)

rivka Books must have a read-date to show up on your challenge list.

message 57: by Ангѣлъ (new)

Ангѣлъ Hi guys,

After the upgrade the search in Cyrillic (e.g. for books and authors) does not return any matches. For example, searching for this author Асен Босев ( does not found him. I did not have this search problem before - everything matching the search criteria was shown. Please take a look, because this might also concern the Asian alphabets.

Take Care,

message 58: by rivka (new)

rivka Angel, it does in fact involve all the non-"standard" characters. We are working on fixing it.

message 59: by Ангѣлъ (new)

Ангѣлъ rivka wrote: "We are working on fixing it."

You'll definitely find the best solution! :)

message 60: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Did this new maintenance happen to affect the trivia section of Goodreads? It doesn't seem to be working.

message 61: by rivka (new)

rivka Ashley, what browser are you using? Some users have reported issues with IE8 and the trivia pages since the update. We hope to be able to look into that issue soon.

message 62: by Ashley (new)

Ashley IE8 is the browser I'm using. Perhaps I'll have to change browsers for a little bit :) Thank you!

message 63: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Lucas I've left this comment on another thread ("Add a Goodreads Tab to your Facebook Fan Page"):

"I'd successfully set up the Goodreads tab on my Facebook page about a week ago -- timeline and all -- and it was working fine for a few days; loved it!
"[Since the upgrades] it is wonky, not allowing one to scroll down through the content (e.g., reviews).
"Now, I simply get an error message when I click on the Goodreads tab."

I know that you said on that other thread (on 4/16/2012) that you were looking into this, Daniel - I just want to be sure it stays on Goodreads' radar, as it still isn't working.

Thanks again!

message 64: by Margaret (new)

Margaret FYI. I'm not a fan of the fact that I can no longer see the details of books I own on the book page when I glance. Wish I didn't have to do the extra click of "edit" to see what's what.

message 65: by Margaret (new)

Margaret I've been adding some new books, and when I got to add a copy details it goes to a blank page and is constantly trying to load and never does for several minutes. The only thing I see is a status that is on the bottom that says "Read". Not sure what that is or if it helps.

FYI - Firefox on an iMac.

message 66: by rivka (new)

rivka Margaret, we had a report of that for users who were adding an additional copy. Is this the first copy or second copy of the book you are trying to add an owned copy of?

message 67: by Rita (new)

Rita Monticelli Hi, I'm not able to add an external blog (using both RSS or Atom feed) to my author profile. It keeps on giving me this response:
"page unavailable

An unexpected error occurred. We will investigate this problem as soon as possible — please check back soon!"

Please fix it.

message 68: by rivka (new)

rivka Rita, there's a bug right now with author blogs updating that may be causing that issue as well. I'll add it to the ticket.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

message 69: by Susan (new)

Susan Still not getting email notifications when posts are updated, a new post has been added, a friend request is waiting, or a new email is in my inbox! (sigh)

message 70: by Margaret (new)

Margaret @Rivka it is an additional

message 71: by p_r_a_x_i_s (new)

p_r_a_x_i_s Since the upgrade, I've not received any new shelf based recommendations.

message 72: by rivka (new)

rivka Margaret, then it's the same bug. Sorry about that. We do have an open ticket for it, but it's not the highest priority at the moment.

message 73: by The Lonely Angel (new)

The Lonely Angel Goodreads keeps freezing up on me. Maybe it is my computer. hmmmm...

message 74: by Alex (new)

Alex Akira Hi,
I know you guys have been working on the site. I have a self promo ad for my book that has been up and running for a week and am getting no clicks. This is highly unusual, my last book ad did well.

I'm wondering if this is a glitch that you are working on or are these the true stats?
If you are working on this, should I pause the ad until you notify me that all is up and running?
Alex A Akira
The Book is:
Dojo Boys: Dragon & Crow Volume One

message 75: by Lori (new)

Lori Otto My external blog hasn't been updating since this update. The last post it displayed was from April 12.

message 77: by Lori (new)

Lori Otto rivka wrote: "Lori, that is a bug we are working on."


message 78: by Brian (new)

Brian Lori wrote: "My external blog hasn't been updating since this update. The last post it displayed was from April 12."

We've fixed the bug and are working through our author blogs. It'll take a while to update them all, so please be patient, but it should be updated with 24 hours. Let us know if not.

message 79: by Brian (new)

Brian and just an update on updating the read-at date on my books. the worst bug is fixed (you can update just year or just year and month without an error), but you still ahve to refresh the page to see the change take effect.

message 80: by Lori (new)

Lori Otto Brian wrote: "Lori wrote: "My external blog hasn't been updating since this update. The last post it displayed was from April 12."

We've fixed the bug and are working through our author blogs. It'll take a whi..."

It's working! Thanks, Brian!

message 81: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Lucas Hi,
Any update on getting the Goodreads tab on Facebook fan pages working again? All I get is an error message when I click on the Goodreads tab I'd previously installed. It was working well before the upgrades.

Thanks -

message 82: by Rita (new)

Rita Monticelli I still cannot add the RSS feed of my blog to my profile. I'm still getting the unexpected error page.

message 83: by rivka (new)

rivka Rita, what is the URL of the blog feed you are trying to add?

message 84: by Rita (new)

Rita Monticelli rivka wrote: "Rita, what is the URL of the blog feed you are trying to add?"

I've tried both, but it doesn't work.

message 85: by rivka (new)

rivka I was able to reproduce the error. I'll see what we can do about fixing that.

message 86: by Rita (new)

Rita Monticelli rivka wrote: "I was able to reproduce the error. I'll see what we can do about fixing that."

Thank you very much! :)

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