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The Best Books of 2011: Announcing the Goodreads Choice Award Winners!

Posted by Jessica Donaghy on December 06, 2011
Congratulations to our winners in 22 categories from poetry to paranormal romance »

Voting has concluded for the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards, the only major book awards chosen by readers, for readers. Thank you to everyone who voted, and a big round of applause for our winners!

In a result that reinforces the crossover power of Young Adult titles, Divergent, the debut novel by Veronica Roth, won Favorite Book of 2011. The critically-acclaimed 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, a 900-page masterpiece of mystical realism won Best Fiction of 2011. Definitely not in the loser category is the winner of Best NonfictionThe Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth by Alexandra Robbins, which demonstrates how outcasts thrive after high school. Our other big winners include The Paris Wife, Steve Jobs, Two Kisses for Maddy, and many more—see all the winners here!

We had a tremendous voting turnout for 2011, the third year we've run the Goodreads Choice Awards (view 2009 and 2010 results). Thanks for sharing your passion for your favorite books. However, we're guessing you haven't read every single book among our 440 nominees, so view the full results to see the vote breakdown for 20 nominees across 22 categories. Discover tons of new books to add to your to-read shelf and find great holiday gift ideas for every kind of reader on your shopping list!

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See the full results »

Finally, we're thrilled to share this video from 2011's big winner, Goodreads Author Veronica Roth, newly decorated with both Favorite Book of 2011 and Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction for Divergent, her debut novel. That's right; the first-time novelist beat out heavy hitters like George R.R. Martin and Tina Fey. Kudos to Veronica for a huge year—first book published, movie deal, and now two Goodreads Choice Awards!

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message 51: by Craig (new)

Craig Randall wrote: "I think one is either the sort who gives weight to popularity contests or no. The results here do nothing to dissuade me from being happy in my position among the latter, while not really having an..."

I agree. I think of the Goodread's best book list like the People's Choice Award. I don't always agree with the winners but it is still interesting to see how the community voted

Aaron (Typographical Era)  What does each winner get? Can we see the awards?

message 53: by Carole (new)

Carole Smokin Seventeen????? There are some great mysteries out there but the Plum books barely qaulify as a mystery anymore & are no longer great reads. How could this book win since the reviews from Goodreads contrubitors are not good. I just don't get it.

message 54: by Dee (new)

Dee people voted for it...even if they don't review it, people may have liked it...

personally, I thought The Paris Wife was the worst book I attempted to read this year - I lasted 4 chapters and the intro before I gave up on it...but there are others who loved it

message 55: by Addy (new)

Addy OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE MY DIVERGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 56: by Addy (new)

Addy Brenda wrote: "Divergent is an awesome book! Congrats Veronica!!"


message 57: by Azra (new)

Azra aww Forever didn't win. *sigh*
At least Where She Went won. yay!
I don't know, but Divergent and Delirium were both awesome in their own ways.

Yay to vampire academy winning best graphic novel. haven't read it yet, but looks good!

message 58: by Azra (new)

Azra why is everyone taking this voting thing personal! come on! be happy for the results mofos!!!!! ^-^

message 59: by May (new)

May Adam 'Archer' wrote: "Wait... Whoa... Cassandra Clare won best goodreads author??? Do we award plagiarists now?"

who did she plagiarize?

message 60: by Arti (new)

Arti Son of Neptune! WHOOT!

message 61: by Destini (new)

Destini So Many People Commented Gues I'm Out. !PEACE!

message 62: by NMNL7 (new)

NMNL7 what! Lover unleashed best romance!!
What about Kiss of Snow or fifty shades of grey!!! They are waaaaayyyyy better!
REaders, where were you!!!!

message 63: by Dee (new)

Dee not voting...if they don't vote, then books won't win...

message 64: by Sophie (last edited Dec 08, 2011 09:17AM) (new)

Sophie I loved the first three books of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments. They totally rock and are among my favorite books of all time! But the fourth book was a huge disappointment in my opinion. I think Julie Kagawa and her Iron Fey series should have gotten more credit. I think she deserved more the title of GoodReads author and the Iron Knight deserved more the title of the "Best YA fantasy and science fiction".

Just my opinion

Also, i wanted to mention that Fifty Shades of Grey is the BEST ROMANCE of the year, hands down. (Shouty capitals)

message 65: by Trisha (new)

Trisha I if would have known it was that close between 'Shadow Fever' and 'Discovery of Witches' I would have changed my original voting (Pale Demon) to Discovery of Witches, even though I have never read Discovery of Witches. I dont think Shadow Fever is the appropriate winner but when the author bribes her fans to vote what is to be expected in fairness? :)

message 66: by Erika (new)

Erika Adam 'Archer' wrote: "Wait... Whoa... Cassandra Clare won best goodreads author??? Do we award plagiarists now?"

I know, right?!

message 67: by Erika (new)

Erika Adeline wrote: "Adam 'Archer' wrote: "Most people here probably don't know about Cassandra Cla(i)re's shenanigans in the HP fandom before she became a published author.... Well, if anyone's curious, you can always look her up on Fan History. ;)

On topic, I'm very happy that ADWD won in the Best Fantasy category."

so, if she worked with Rowling, that makes it ok to rip off ideas of HP?!?

message 68: by Searock (new)

Searock Trisha wrote: "I if would have known it was that close between 'Shadow Fever' and 'Discovery of Witches' I would have changed my original voting (Pale Demon) to Discovery of Witches, even though I have never read..."

Because voting for a book you never read is soooo much better than encouraging your own fans to vote (that is sarcasm!). I have never read either book, but I had to state that some of these commenters that are throwing out accusations with zero (!) reference to proof or evidence is at least as irresponsible/inappropriate as they are accusing others of being.

Katharine (Ventureadlaxre) It would be good if you had to have read a book (read dates and a star rating picked) to then be able to vote for it on here.

message 70: by Mel (new)

Mel Congrats to Veronica Roth :).. Looking forward to reading Divergent.

message 71: by David (new)

David And how is it possible that there is only one or two translations from non-english-speaking writers?

Sorry, guys, but you are losing most of good literature being writen in the world!! It is very sad.

message 72: by Megan (new)

Megan Fermo Adam 'Archer' wrote: "Wait... Whoa... Cassandra Clare won best goodreads author??? Do we award plagiarists now?" Apparently we do. Its horrible.

message 73: by คгเค (new)

คгเค Yay! City of Fallen Angels!

Congrats, Cassandra Clare!

message 74: by Riley (new)

Riley Redgate Good to see Son of Neptune, and I can't begrudge Rick Riordan his utter awesomeness - but I have to say, I really wish A Monster Calls had won. It deserves more publicity. Possibly the best book I've read this year.

message 75: by Dianne (new)

Dianne Hazel wrote: "Melodie wrote: "Just goes to show how different people's tastes are. I found DIVERGENT to be just okay. Thought DELIRIUM was a far superior book. I do agree with WHERE SHE WENT for best YA fiction..."

me too. I already read delirium and divergent. I was more moved by the concept of delirium whereas divergent seems to be lacking something

message 76: by Liyanna (new)

Liyanna I thought Divergent was as good as Delirium. But my vote went to Divergent, because it was just a tad more OMG.

Surprised about Murakami though. 1q84 was sooo freaky.

message 77: by Adeline (new)

Adeline Erika wrote: "so, if she worked with Rowling, that makes it ok to rip off ideas of HP?!?"

I'm not sure why you ask that. I merely pointed out that most people have no clue why Adam Archer called Cassandra Clare a plagiarist because they obviously don't know anything about what she once did in the HP fandom. For example, I doubt many know that "Mortal Instruments" was once the title of her now-deleted fanfiction. Or that she managed to get banned from Fanfiction.Net in 2001 because she supposedly plagarized Pamela Dean. Or anything about Laptopgate. Therefore one shouldn't be surprised if anyone here votes for a "plagiarist". (Personally, I'd be more offended that those people don't have better tastes.)

Aaron (Typographical Era)  When can we see what the actual awards look like though?

Book Addictions by Christina Adam 'Archer' wrote: "Wait... Whoa... Cassandra Clare won best goodreads author??? Do we award plagiarists now?"

Explain yourself......

message 80: by Megan (new)

Megan Fermo Book Addictions by Christina wrote: "Adam 'Archer' wrote: "Wait... Whoa... Cassandra Clare won best goodreads author??? Do we award plagiarists now?"

Explain yourself......"

Star Wars + Harry Potter + Buffy the Vampire Slayer = TMI.

Also, Cassandra Clare has a rich plaigiarists' history with her fanfiction. Look it up. She's a disgrace to writers everywhere.

message 81: by Adam (new)

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