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A Life in Books: Share Your Reading History on Facebook Timeline
Posted by Patrick on February 03, 2012 175283

Now you can showcase your entire reading history—all of your books and reviews—with Goodreads for Facebook Timeline. Our members are already using Goodreads to post what they've read and are currently reading, their reviews, progress updates, and quotes to Timeline. When we launched two weeks ago, Facebook only allowed new books to post, and Goodreads members quickly added more than one and a half million books!

Part of the joy of Goodreads is the ability to look back at what you've read over the years, and now Goodreads for Facebook Timeline allows you to share that experience. Pair your online world with your most meaningful books—from the books you loved as a child to your latest literary obsession. You'll see fun reading statistics for each month and year: How many pages did you read in January? Did you read more books in 2010 or 2011? Watch your read count grow in 2012. It's yet another way to highlight something dear to you, your books.

Goodreads for Facebook Timeline will show you which books you've read each month and year, as well as statistics for your entire reading history.

Remember the books you brought with you on that unforgettable trip?

Match books with the most important moments of your life.

You can post your entire reading history to Timeline in just a few clicks! To get started, click the link below:

Try Goodreads for Facebook Timeline and add your books.

You can also add Timeline whenever you're ready from the apps tab in the "my account" section. You can post all of your books, or customize your Timeline to show only the books you've rated or read by clicking "expand list" on the Add Books page.

To help get you comfortable on Timeline as quickly and as easily as possible, we've created this handy list of Frequently Asked Questions. Also, we welcome your feedback as we continue to develop and improve Goodreads for Facebook Timeline. Your ideas and comments are important to us, so please help us make this the best product we can! Of course, if you have a question and you don't see it answered in our FAQ, feel free to contact us.
Goodreads Transitions to New Data Sources
Posted by Otis on January 30, 2012 1

We're happy to announce that Goodreads has reached a new milestone: We are no longer dependent on Amazon for book information. Ingram, the largest wholesaler of books in the U.S., is our new primary data partner, and our agreement with them will ensure accurate and reliable information for the foreseeable future. In addition to Ingram, we are working with dozens of other open data sources, such as libraries, to find book records from all over the world (see below for a list). This is an exciting moment, and we're confident that this change will be better for the members of Goodreads and long-term success of the site.

What has changed? Not as much as you might think.
Fewer than 2 percent of our 7 million users have books currently affected. However, you may notice some missing cover images. We are still in the process of importing millions of images from several sources, so please be patient—most of those images will be back very soon.

Today, 99 percent of the transition to new data sources is now complete. For the remaining 1 percent of books without new sources, book records may appear blank: listed as "Unknown Title" and "Unknown Author." Once we've found a new source of data for those books, they will be restored. Please be assured that all of your reviews and ratings will continue to be available during the transition.

What can I do right now?
Here's what you can do to help make the switch as smooth as possible:

If you see a blank book record—one listed as "Unknown Title" and "Unknown Author"—and you know what book it is (for example, if you reviewed the book and can recognize it from your review), please report it in the Goodreads Librarians Group or apply to become a Librarian yourself. If you're a librarian and you see a blank book record that you can identify, please feel free to enter new information using one of the approved sources listed in this post.

If you see a book missing a cover, feel free to find a new one on the author's or publisher's Web site and upload it to Goodreads. While many of the missing cover images will be included very soon in our ongoing imports, we also welcome book information from Goodreads members.

Why did we do this?
Quality book information—such as titles, authors, publication dates, and cover images—is the life blood of a site dedicated to book discovery and literary discussion. Since its inception, Goodreads has relied on Amazon's public API for much of this information, and while Amazon data was free, it came with many restrictions. For instance, we couldn't use their information for our mobile apps or link to competing bookstores. If you have any additional questions about the transition, please feel free to contact us.

We'd like to say a big thank you to the many Goodreads Librarians and Goodreads Authors who have worked tirelessly to help with the transition over the past few weeks. Thank you again for continuing to make Goodreads the amazing and unique place it is. We look forward to providing you with the best, most accurate, and most all-encompassing book database in the world for many years to come.

Our sources of data
All Major American Publishers
Many Smaller American Publishers
The Library of Congress
The German National Library
The British National Library
Goodreads Authors
(And growing!)

Authors and Publishers, would you like to be a source?
We are very proud of the enormous community of authors on the site, and keeping your book information accurate has always been a priority of ours. We are most likely already importing a feed of data for your books (either from Ingram or directly from your publisher), but if you would like to confirm this, or offer us a feed of data to ensure that your books will always be available to the millions of readers on Goodreads, please contact us.

Live Video Chat with Kristin Hannah, Today at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT
Posted by Patrick on January 26, 2012 175283

Join us today at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT for a live video chat with author Kristin Hannah. We'll be discussing her new book Home Front, as well as her previous novels and her life as a writer. This is your chance to ask this wildly popular, bestselling author a question and have it answered live on video. Don't miss it!

To watch the chat and join the discussion, click here!

Quotable Goodreads: 2011's Most-Loved Quotes [INFOGRAPHIC]
Posted by Patrick on January 25, 2012 175283

How many of us have an old dog-eared copy of our favorite book, with unforgettable passages underlined and starred? I can't count how many times I've turned to my wife and said, "I just have to read you this sentence." Quotes are a major way we remember what we've read. They are so important that some of us even tattoo them onto our bodies. Naturally, sharing quotes is a favorite activity on Goodreads, where members liked more than 5 million quotes in 2011!

The Goodreads quotes archive contains hundreds of thousands of quotations and canvasses thousands of books and authors. Readers can save the quotes that mean the most to them and share them with friends. Our collection of quotes is diverse in nature, but the most-loved quotes deal with big ideas—wisdom, beauty, courage, defiance, adventure (through reading, no less!), love, and fear.

In 2011, we also launched our Quote of the Day feature. Every day we email subscribers a new carefully chosen quote. (Click the "subscribe" button on the right side of this page to get in on the action!) We also post the daily quote to our Facebook fan page and Twitter. Here are the top five most-popular Quote of the Day selections on Facebook in 2011:

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book."
Groucho Marx

"Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation."
Walter Cronkite

"Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"
Lucy Maud Montgomery

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them."
Lemony Snicket

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always."
Mahatma Gandhi

Some deal with humor, some with gravitas, and it probably surprises no one that many of our most-popular quotes are about books and reading. What else would you expect from a site full of bookworms?

Do you have a favorite quote from a book? What's the quote you'd be most likely to get tattooed on your body?
Introducing Goodreads for Facebook Timeline
Posted by Otis on January 18, 2012 1

British playwright Alan Bennett once said, "A bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes; a personality is stamped on a library just as a shoe is shaped by the foot." At Goodreads, we completely agree. That's why we're excited to announce a new Goodreads app for Facebook Timeline.

Timeline—Facebook's redesigned profile—lets you easily track all of the things that are important to you across time. Goodreads members already share more than 12 million books a month with each other, and now with the Goodreads app for Timeline it's easy to share your books with all your Facebook friends, some of whom may not be Goodreads members—yet!

For book lovers, your Facebook Timeline is incomplete without sharing what you're reading. If you connect your Facebook account to Goodreads, you can share the books you're currently reading, as well as your new reviews, progress updates, and quotes, on your Timeline. It's a great way to share the books you love with everyone—regardless of whether you got the book from your library or you read it on your ereader.

Goodreads for Facebook Timeline displays your progress through the books you read.

The Facebook News Feed and Ticker create serendipity—such as showing you when two of your friends were reading the same article or listening to the same band. Now, with Goodreads for Timeline, you'll learn when two friends are reading the same book at the same time. Who knows, maybe you'll end up starting a new book club.

We also know how important it is to keep track of your reading. Facebook Timeline will help with this by creating interesting statistics on what you've read. The Goodreads summary will show which authors you've read the most each month and year, and also give you a roundup of your monthly books and pages read!

Timeline provides a summary of your monthly reading activity.

Starting today, you can add the books you're reading to your Timeline. In the future, you may be able to go back in time to add all the books from your Goodreads shelves that you've already read, so you can display your favorite books from all the important moments in your life. That would have made Louis L'Amour very happy: "Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you."

Adding Goodreads to your Timeline will give you a yearly report on the books and authors you love.

To add Goodreads to your Timeline click on this button:

You can also add Timeline from the apps tab in the "my account" section.

Here at Goodreads, we want to help people read more and discover great books, and we're happy to offer yet another way to do this with Goodreads for Facebook Timeline. As Chad Harbach wrote in his recent bestseller The Art of Fielding, "So much of one's life was spent reading; it made sense not to do it alone."

Live Video Chat with Amanda Hocking--POSTPONED!
Posted by Patrick on January 11, 2012 175283

Join us today at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT for a half-hour live video chat with Amanda Hocking. The New York Times called Hocking a "26-year-old self-publishing wunderkind" when her series of self-published novels became surprise bestsellers. Now St. Martin's Press is publishing her Trylle series in beautiful paperback editions. Don't miss this chat, as we'll be discussing the first in the series, Switched, as well as Hocking's enormous success.

Unfortunately, Amanda is a little bit under the weather and will not be able to chat with us today. We're hoping to reschedule for sometime soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.
How Goodreads Can Help You Read More Books in 2012
Posted by Patrick on January 04, 2012 175283

Drink less coffee. Volunteer more. Join a gym. Every year we make resolutions that we think will make us better people—more considerate, more well-rounded (or, in the words of Radiohead, "Fitter, happier, more productive."). While we can't help you lose weight or spend more time with your family, we can help with one common New Year's resolution—to read more. Here are three simple ways Goodreads can keep you on pace to finish more books in 2012!

1. Set a concrete goal with the 2012 Reading Challenge. The idea is simple: Choose how many books you'd like to read this year. Maybe you want to read 20 books. Or 30. Or 100, if you're really ambitious. Once you've created your goal, we'll track the books you read and let you know if you're ahead of pace or falling behind. You can comment on your challenge and see your friends' goals. Last year, more than 150,000 people took the challenge, and on average, they aimed to read 65 books—that's more than one book per week! 2012 is shaping up to be an even bigger year, with more than 50,000 people already challenging themselves to read more than 3.7 million books!

To create a 2012 Reading Challenge of your own, click here!

2. Get recommendations to grow your to-read list. If you love books about sports, food writing, paranormal fantasy, or any imaginable genre, Goodreads can help you find incredible recommendations for more great books to read. Simply rate at least 20 books, and we'll recommend other titles we think you'll like. Create a shelf, such as "campus-novels" or "dystopic-coming-of-age" to get recommendations tailored to those books specifically. Or ask the Goodreads community of more than 6.5 million to suggest a great book!

3. Join a book club. Sometimes it's easier to read a book if you know there's going to be a great discussion at the end. Book clubs are terrific ways to stay motivated and keep on schedule with your reading. There are more than 17,000 book clubs on Goodreads, reading all kinds of books. Are you a sci-fi freak? Then check out The Sword and Laser. Looking for a book club that's local to your city? Use our groups near me feature to find just the right group. Book clubs on Goodreads are currently reading almost 10,000 books!

Let us help you make 2012 the year you read more books!
Add Goodreads to Your Ereader This Holiday Season: How to find our apps on your favorite devices
Posted by Patrick on December 22, 2011 175283

If you're one of those lucky people opening a shiny new Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, iPad, or different ereader tablet device this holiday season, you are in for a special treat (well, besides the ability to take your entire library with you wherever you go): Did you know that you can use Goodreads on your ereader, tablet, or smart phone?

If not, you may want to join the more than 450,000 people who have installed our iPhone/iPad app, or the 160,000 users of our relatively new Android app, which was released in May. Best of all, both of these apps are completely free!

Installing the Goodreads app is quick and easy. Simply follow these instructions to get Goodreads on your device:

Barnes & Noble Nook Color/Tablet: Touch the '^' symbol at the bottom of your home screen, then choose "apps". Search for Goodreads and click "Install." Launch the app, and you will see the main menu, which will allow you to navigate to the app's various sections, such as "Updates," "My Books," and "Search." To add books, update your progress, and many other activities, you'll need to sign in to the app. There are "Sign In" and "Sign Up" links at the bottom of the main menu. You can log in using your Goodreads information or log in with Facebook.

Amazon Kindle Fire: Simply tap "Apps" on your home screen, then tap "Store." Search for Goodreads and click "Install." Launch the app, and you will see the main menu, which will allow you to navigate to the app's various sections, such as "Updates," "My Books," and "Search." To add books, update your progress, and many other activities, you'll need to sign in to the app. There are "Sign In" and "Sign Up" links at the bottom of the main menu. You can log in using your Goodreads information or log in with Facebook.

iPad: Tap the "Apps Store" and search for Goodreads. Install the app, then log in using your Goodreads account or sign in with Facebook. Our iPad and iPhone app also includes access to Listopia lists and a browse-by-genre section.

Other Android Tablets, such as the Motorola Xoom, ViewSonic gTablet, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab: Launch the "Market" app, then tap on the search icon. Search for Goodreads and tap "Download." Launch the app, and you will see the main menu, which will allow you to navigate to the app's various sections, such as "Updates," "My Books," and "Search." To add books, update your progress, and many other activities, you'll need to sign in to the app. There are "Sign In" and "Sign Up" links at the bottom of the main menu. You can log in using your Goodreads information or log in with Facebook.

iPhone & Android phone users: You can download the Goodreads app by accessing the app store on your phone. Don't forget to check out the barcode scanner, one of our most popular features. Goodreads members have scanned more than a million books with their phones!

Once you're logged in to your new Goodreads app, you can enjoy many of the features you know and love on our site. Discover new books by seeing what your friends are reading, keep up with your book club through the 'groups' feature, and track your progress through your book with reading status updates. It's your access to Goodreads wherever you may read!
Breaking Down The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [Infographic]
Posted by Patrick on December 20, 2011 175283

For a book originally titled Men Who Hate Women, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has more than its share of female fans. In concert with this week's movie release, we decided to break down the demographic stats for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to see what men and women thought of the book. After all, questions remain whether the film adaption -- directed by David Fincher and starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara -- will attract those legions of female fans that many say are responsible for the book's enormous sales figures.

Interestingly, while the word cloud demonstrates that men seem to focus more on the names in the book (notice how much larger 'Blomkvist,' 'Salander,' and even 'Larsson' appear on the male side), women were much more likely to mention 'Daniel Craig' or 'Rooney Mara,' suggesting that perhaps women are more eager for the adaptation than men.

Will you be heading to the theater during the holidays?
Live Video Chat with Cassandra Clare, Today at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT!
Posted by Patrick on December 16, 2011 175283

Join us today at 8 pm ET/6 pm PT for a live video chat with author Cassandra Clare. Cassandra is the incredibly popular author of the series The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Today we'll be discussing her latest book Clockwork Prince.

Don't miss your chance to chat with the winner of Best Goodreads Author, Cassandra Clare!

To watch the chat or join the discussion, click here.