I'm sure there are a thousand and one DO's and DON'Ts for how to write a novel .. but whoever mentions the importance of music while you write and why is music so important?

Here is the secret to writing a novel... pick your soundtrack.

Momentum. When you're struggling as a writer to put one foot forward followed by another, when there is just zero creative energy. Your metaphorical genius-matches are damp and there is no spark. Your creative-detonator handle is broken and your inspiration-dynamite is useless. What's the answer? Well for me its change the soundtrack to your writing. Find the mood that gives you wings.

Pure and simple music, be it the tempo or rhythm will push a writer up a hill as he or she stares at a blank screen and the momentum will carry the writer down to the rich green pastures on the other side of apathy and writer's block.

So here is My secret TOP TEN soundtracks to writing :

Top Ten High adrenylin fiction:

1. Back in Black ( AC/DC).... In this world of "health and safety" I don't necessarily recommend dancing on your writer's chair but if anything will make it so....then its this classic. It will do the all important job of waking you up. And has a remarkable ability to get me writing and writing and ....you get the idea.

2. Zulu theme (John Barry soundtrack) Awesome slow burner for dramatic scenes.

3. Raiders of the Lost Arc March (John Williams)...Again its a pick-me-up, light and shade, particualrly good for romantic interludes between action scenes.

 4. Flying (E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - John Willaims) ...Its upbeat fluidity will maintain any momentum you  achieve in  your writing.

5. The Hologram/Bianry sunset medley (Starwars John Williams) ..great for inspiring the mood to write sudden but short and poignant inner conflict in the hero.

6. Duel of the Fates (Phantom Menance by John Williams).. for writing cat and mouse face-offs bewteen hero and villain with an added dinension of foreshadowing tragedy.

7. Ain't talkin' Bout Love (Van Halen) ...another "wake up you snoozer anthem" that set on iTunes repeat will lock in a momentum for at least twenty minutes before it begins to irritate or you need another level of inspiration.

8. Baba O'Reily/Won't get fooled again (The Who) ..again another wake up anthem with a tempo/rhythm to get you started when your energy seems to be flagging.

9. The Dinosaur Games Theme (Chris Gordon.) My own sixty seconds of high adrenalin high tempo piece for action sequences and can be heard on the Book Trailer 2 on this blog.

And finally (drum roll please for the snoozers at the back) Number10...

well I've left out the last one for you to fill in. Truth is, we writers are all different and need different kick-starts in the morning or late at night and different music for a hundred different moods and emotion in settings. Each scene should have its own soundtrack. Find your own song that works for you.

So how was that for you? You can check out the results of my Top Ten soundtrack for writing in a free sample of my novel The Dinosaur Games
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