Sorry to disappear for so long! Things have been crazy-busy lately, between my travel schedule, and all the projects I've been juggling lately. Right now I've got five different books nominated for dozens of state, provincial, and regional kids and teen choice awards - SCHOOLED, SWINDLE, THE JUVIE THREE, ZOOBREAK, and POP. And of course, THE 39 CLUES express is still barreling along, picking up speed.

Let me take a minute to get you up to date on what's coming out this year:

39 CLUES Book 11: VESPERS RISING. Leave it to THE 39 CLUES to bring out Book 11 of a ten-book series. VESPERS RISING features novellas by the original four 39 CLUES authors, Rick Riordon, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, and yours truly. Hitting the shelves on April 5th, it will close out the original series and set the stage for the next one, THE 39 CLUES: CAHILLS vs. VESPERS. More on that later.

The TITANIC trilogy. This is the project that has been obsessing me for the past year and a half. I've always been a huge TITANIC buff, so writing a series about kids on the ill-fated maiden voyage has been a dream come true for me. Book 1 - UNSINKABLE - comes out in May.

RE-RELEASES: A couple of my personal favorites are getting a facelift this spring - with brand new covers and the chance to reach a whole new audience. The first will be THE CHICKEN DOESN'T SKATE, the epic tale of a school, a team, a town, and the chicken that brings them all together. Look for it in March. And in May, I'm delighted to welcome back THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING AT MACDONALD HALL, my very first book, which also happens to have been my 7th grade English assignment. Not many 47-year-olds are still talking about what they did at age 12, but I couldn't be more psyched to have this book gracing the shelves of bookstores once again. Hooray!

Thanks for coming back to Keep watching my blog for all the latest on future projects - including Book 1 of THE 39 CLUES: CAHILLS vs. VESPERS, coming at the end of the summer.

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