Last night I watched The Book of Eli on Netflix. It was about a man who must walk across the US in a post apocalyptic period in which a great war has ravaged the world, decimating its populations. What's also apparently happened is that books were burned. Lots of them. Especially Bibles and all manners of scripture no matter their religion, since it was religion that sparked the great final conflict in the first place. Go figure.

There is only one more King James Bible left on the planet and our man, Eli who is played by a bad-ass but entirely spiritual Denzel Washington, is the one selected by God to transport that printed "Word of God" to the west, where a group of survivors await him. In the meantime, the world has become mostly illiterate, written words holy or not, being the root of all evil.

It was while watching this movie something funny struck me.
Lately I've been blogging a lot about having run-ins with bookstore owners and readers who choose to ignore change even in the face of change, about the staying power of the Kindle and most E-Readers for that matter. One bookstore owner put her feelings succinctly when she called the Kindle a "toy" and a "fad."...

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The Remains
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message 1: by Mindi (new)

Mindi Rosser Yes - I think the die-hard bookstore advocates will soon become a relic of the past.

message 2: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Zandri I agree...unless they change their model entirely....

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