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I first heard of this gem in my hangout down below with other fellow Erik lovers. It was just a quick blurb before we went on to our fantasizing of all things Phantom. LOL! It was then I decided to purchase "The Phantom's Redemption," and I'm so glad I did.....

I have read a few other Phantom stories....versions of what happens to Erik after he walks through that shattered mirror. However, none of those versions have captured my heart...until Anne's ....

Without giving too much away....I was enthralled from the first page until the last. I laughed, cried, gasped out loud, yelled at her characters and shook with real pain after it ended. Not because it was an unhappy ending....but for this story ending at all. I wanted it to go on forever.

Anne's love for Erik is evident in every page. However, it's her stunning descriptions and her style of writing that hooked me. Her use of real historic events as backdrop to Erik's story, in addition to characters of real depth and real emotion was such a pleasure to read. Her love of Erik, animals, faith and romance were all interwoven flawlessly into a rich tapestry of storytelling. There is a character named Michael who I absolutely fell in love with! I actually heard his booming voice and knew what he smelled like. That is the magic of a gifted writer.

Her story is gorgeous and filled with rich, heart stopping imagery. She created a true family dynasty and wonderful characters surounding the core characters. But it's the little moments that I loved the most. Anne, there is a small passage where Erik is getting the bridal suite ready and you described how he always loved to be surrounded by light....despite him living in darkness. How he loved the candles all around him.....and how it brought him comfort when he was all alone. I wept at that scene because I knew that about him, too. Or how he loved to brush his lady's hair every night....or their gallops into the open land together where they found their "secret place" to be alone. I heard the horses hooves and I heard their laughter.

She also brought out his kindness and gentleness...all traits I saw in him from the beginning. I told Anne how mine and the heroine's name in the book are very similar, so it was very easy for me to love her. Kids, this woman will brand herself into your heart and stay there a long time.

All of us who fell under Erik's spell want to see him warm and safe....and above all....loved. Well, Anne does that....in spades. She made Erik come alive for me in a very real way. She also tied up every loose end (at least for me) in a very believable fashion.

I loved this book and I will read it many more times. Her version of Erik is just beautiful.
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