Just tried to view a vampire film called Vampire Diary (No not that one!)made like a video documentary and it way more like blair witch project and would have been more exciting if the Blair was Tony Blair!

It is not a vampire film it is an art film. Fine as a arts film but I can not take it when a vampire which is out hunting every night and then when she drains the blood of a friend asks a human girlfriend to help her get rid of the body to which they find he is not dead and the vampire suggests they call a doctor (not as a joke) but the human girl says no they should kill the friend (er ... why?) the vampire then gets out a gun and shots him, I hate to think where she was hiding the gun and what was she doing with a gun when trying to get a dead body into the trunk of a car? at that point I turned it off.

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Published on November 11, 2010 04:00 • 165 views • Tags: film, nicholas-reardon, vampire, vampires

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