Welcome to the Spooktacular Book Blog Giveaway Hop!  Here at KC Randall Wrote a book you have the chance to win one of three free t-shirts with quote/art from my book Immortal Awakening or even a free signed copy!  "How do I enter?" you ask. Simple as pie, or easy as cheese if you prefer.  Either way, just use the form below, and you're good to go.  "But how do I win ?" you persist. Most excellent question young padwan.  Here are the ways to enter for a free t-shirt:                 1.Become a member of my site.                 2.Like my KC Randall Author page on Facebook.                 3.Become a fan of my KC Randall Author page on                     Goodreads.                 4.Reccomend my book to someone else on                      Goodreads.                 5.Share by book on Twitter or Myspace. If you choose to do at least four of these things, you will also get one entry for the free signed copy of my book Immortal Awakening.  Other ways to enter the book drawing are:                1.Post a review for my book on Amazon, Goodreads,                     or Barnes and Noble. (one entery per site)          2.Blog about my book.Once you are done sharing the great news about my book with everyone you know, simply fill out this form so I know how many times to put your name "in the hat" and for which prize.  Thanks for visiting and good luck! Click on the Giveaway button at the top to return to the other blogs in the hop, the linky wouldn't work in my blog.
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Published on October 24, 2010 21:01 • 138 views

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