As an author, especially one sharing such a personal story, it is so nice to see how others respond to your story and how it has helped them out in some small way.

I was surprised and thrilled to see that Shattered Reality was mentioned as a favorite of another book bloggers...check out the review! Thanks so much to Farrah for her confidence in our story to share it with so many (you've just got to love her attitude towards reading and her beautiful smile :).

Each month, Pump Up Your Book Promotion chooses one blog host who has hosted our clients during their virtual book tours to win our Blog Host of the Month Award. This month’s Blog Host of the Month Award goes to Farrah Kennedy of The Book Faery Reviews!

What’s your most memorable post?

There are actually a couple…My favorites are definitely the interviews and the interactions with the authors off my blog. I got the chance to interview famous historical romance author Amelia Grey and excited that she’ll be coming back as a guest post this coming fall. Cheryl Brooks, paranormal romance author was a hoot and I’m still trying to convince her to write a sex commentary for her Cat Star Chronicles! lol And I was very touched with Kimberly Elliott’s book Shattered Reality which touched close to me and help me understand some things.

After checking out the story at Pump Up the Volume, you'll definitely want to check out Farrah's blog The Book Faery Reviews. to see if you can find a new book for your summer reading list!

Today, it's raining here, so it's a perfect day for an excuse to do nothing but read! Enjoy your Monday, whatever your weather is and make it a safe one!
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