Hello to Readers ...
I'm gearing up for the launch of "Let the Great World Spin" (coming from Random House, June 23) and invite you all to visit my website colummccann.com where I'm going to be posting tour dates and so on.
Quite honestly, I'm nervous and charged at the same time.
I'll spend most of July in the U.S, then in France in August, Ireland and England in early September, France again and then in Germany in late September.
Perhaps I will see some of the GoodReads readers somewhere along the way.
Cheers for now --
Slainte --
Colum McCann
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Published on June 02, 2009 10:14 • 1,561 views

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message 6: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Colum, I love HOW you write! I have given four of your books five stars. That says something since I am very restrictive with my stars. My favorite was Songdogs.

What are you working on now after TransAtlantic? Give us a long one this time, please!

I love that your books are available as audios and not just to the Americans. We Europeans love your writing too. I like the Irish accent of your narrators.

message 5: by Oren (new)

Oren Hey Colum,

Just finished reading Let the Great World Spin, I really loved it. I'll have to check out your other titles.

You might want to update your blog/bio here on Goodreads, it's pretty out of date.



message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Bates I read this book early this year and marvel at the author's mastery of English and plotting. What a terrific book.

message 3: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Kamprath Colum wrote: "Tracy
It's wonderful to hear from you! Ah, those days at Miracle Farm: cowboy cookies, yes, and evenings on the porch, Jeff and Terry teaching me my life. I was on the Diane Rehm show the other ..."

Yes, I heard you were on the NPR show... Will called here very excited and was trying to get Jeff who just happened to be up in the Dallas area on work so they got together last night and had dinner. I was actually looking for a link to that program to see if I could hear Will talking to you. He told Jeff he called and talked to you. Travis calls here often as well. It is a blessing to hear they are doing so well.

I have some fond memories of our time at Miracle Farm also. I learned a lot... seems like our life was kind of in a bubble of sorts.

Hey... Chris is married!!!!! Can you believe it? He just had his one year anniversary. He married his high school sweetheart seven weeks after I had major brain surgery!! Pretty weird. Jeff was quite the writer too at that time. He had a blog going for me. That's about as famous as I've gotten ;0) Enough for me!!

I know you are probably busy - thanks so much for the reply. I have some good pictures from way back when you were a young one! Weird to see you as a "grown-up" but then I wonder if maybe you are just looking the part. ;0) Take care - Tracy

message 2: by Colum (new)

Colum McCann Tracy
It's wonderful to hear from you! Ah, those days at Miracle Farm: cowboy cookies, yes, and evenings on the porch, Jeff and Terry teaching me my life. I was on the Diane Rehm show the other day when I got a phone call from young Will, do you remember him? He was in the first wilderness program. And I hear from Travis all the time too - he's operating a tugboat on the Mississippi ...
Best wishes to you and your family ... Allison and I have three now in fact ... the oldest Isabella is 12 ...
I don't check this site as often as I should, but I was so happy to log on this morning and get your message
Cheers for now

message 1: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Kamprath Hey Colum!!!! Remember changing your first dirty diaper at Miracle Farm and all the cowboy cookies you ate? My fondest memory is you singing "Two Little Boys" to Christopher and Matthew. I tell them about it from time to time and about you "living on the moon". We have a little girl (16) now? How about a song for her?

Good to see you are doing so well. Would love to hear from you ... and I might even bring out the old mixer just for you. (I don't bake much anymore!!) Hope this finds you. Take care. Love to you and Allison, Tracy Kamprath

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