I was up at a reasonable time this morning, talking to Chloe about politics and other fun stuff–she’s home this weekend from college. While talking I’ve been doing some more concept drawing for the next chapter of the Saltwater Witch Comic.http://www.SaltwaterWitch.com

For those who know the story, here’s what Kallixene’s courtyard looks like–big elliptical window into her sitting room, lots of stone and undersea growth, fancy seaborn lighting, with Michael Henderson sound asleep on the ground and Menophon standing guard over him. Not sure that this is going to be “the look” for this chapter, and for all the underwater chapters going forward, but I know I’m close.

About three hours in Art Rage and CS6.


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Published on November 16, 2013 08:57 • 92 views
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message 1: by Howard (new)

Howard Parsons Not quite what I had pictured in my mind but quite interesting nonetheless.

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris Howard Howard wrote: "Not quite what I had pictured in my mind but quite interesting nonetheless."

Thanks! I think this turned out pretty close to what I imagined, but I did a lot more with the look of the "fortified village" in the comic--a cluster of massive floating structures. I didn't even describe any of it in the book.

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