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Read the story that started it all. TOO GREAT A TEMPTATION received a rare and coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly and spurred an entire series: The Hawkins Brothers. Right now it's on sale (for a limited time) at Barnes & Noble for only $1.99! That's an 80% discount!

Recently I announced the premature end to the series and received a wealth of support from disappointed fans. Well, after so many requests to continue with the series, I am considering self-publishing the last two books about William & Quincy Hawkins. Please share your thoughts with me about this possible venture. I greatly appreciate your support!


A lord so sinful he is dubbed the "Duke of Rogues," Damian Westmore lives for pleasure-until the day his brother dies at the hands of pirates. Abandoning the libertine life to pursue revenge, Damian finds the criminals he seeks and joins their crew in disguise, waiting for the chance to strike the brigands down. But he never imagined there would be a woman on board-or that the stunning siren would inflame the very passions Damian swore to resist until his brother's death was avenged.

Beautiful, fiery Mirabelle Hawkins longs for the freedom of the high seas-so she stows away on her brother's pirate ship at the first opportunity. But she finds something more exciting than chase and plunder: a bold, handsome, secretive sailor whose touch makes her tremble with desire . . . but whose love is a cutlass that could destroy all she holds dear.

"Benedict has not only picked a fresh setting for her historical, she's brought considerable chemistry to the romance between Hawkins and Westmore, both convincingly detailed characters . . . Fans of historical romance will thoroughly enjoy this fresh take on the genre and likely come back for more of Benedict's work in the future."
- Publishers Weekly, starred review!

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message 1: by Njideka (new)

Njideka Obi After reading your blog about the reason why you had not published the last books of the Hawkins series, I immediately sent an email to Avon Books to reestablish you as an author I think your stories are one of the best and I am always looking forward to them. so I hope Avon takes notice and does reestablish you. but if not, I completely support the idea of you publishing the last two novels and not only that but to continue writing historical romance because you are truly awesome

message 2: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Benedict Thank you, Njideka! I truly appreciate your support. I'll keep you and all my readers posted about any new projects.

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