In Pakistan, a woman called Arifa was stoned to death for having a mobile phone.

They have made Arifa stand in a hole in the courtyard.

There she stands submerged to her waist with head hanging.

They’re throwing stones at Arifa

Those stones are striking my body.

Stones are striking my head, forehead, chest and back,

They are throwing stones and laughing aloud, laughing and shouting abuse.

Arifa’s fractured forehead pours out blood, mine also.

Arifa’s eyes have burst, mine also.

Arifa’s nose has been smashed, mine also.

Through Arifa’s torn breasts, her heart has been pierced, mine also.

Are these stones not striking you?

They’re laughing aloud, laughing and stroking their beards.

There are caps, stuck to their heads, they too are shaking with laughter.

They’re laughing and swinging their walking sticks.

From the quiver of their cruel eyes,

Arrows speed to pierce her body,

My body also.

Are these arrows not piercing your body?

(Video: Woman stoned to death for having a relationship)

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