I have always thought that both writing and the publishing process becomes more easy each time around. This, of course, was a rather assumptive thought. This thought had about as much truth to it as Paula Abdul's alcoholism. Though it is claimed to be nonexistent, the proof shines through and through and it is seen as one big fat lie.

After your first novel, you feel like you can do anything, like you are unstoppable. In some sense you are. Look at what you have just accomplished. You have poured out your heart and soul and spent countless hours writing, countless hours editing and re-editing. With all the time spent on it, it really is a shame we aren't paid by the hour, as well! After my first book that is exactly how I felt - invicible. I wrote my second, "Hello, My Love" soon after and once I wrapped it up I was hungry for more. So I did a third.

Then, oddly enough, I took a break from writing for close to a year. I had the ultimate case of writer's block. What should I write? I've already covered the story about the partying teenager, the romantic comedy, and the thriller about internet predators. What's next from there? And more importantly, why should there be a next thing? It all just sat in a plastic three-ring binder on a shelf when I was done anyways. Was my self-pride and feeling of being invincible mislead? Sure, I wrote three novels but, then again, what did I have to show for it? They weren't published. No one had read them. All they were were three sad manuscripts.

One day I woke up with a start. Out of nowhere I decided one thing: I'm going to make this happen. I deserved to make this happen. Not stopping there, it wasn't GOING to happen unless I did something about it! If I had to wait around for a fantastic agent that wasn't in it for the money or to take advantage of a seventeen-year-old, chances were, I'd be waiting for a very, very long time. I did some research. I found a self-publisher. I signed a contract that night.

Two months later and what do I know? My book, my baby, my hardwork, my pride and joy, "Hello, My Love" was sitting in my hands neatly bound with my author photo on the back. That had to have been the proudest moment of my life. Now I understand the overwhelming feeling of love that comes forth when a mother first sees her child. Sure, that may be a horrible comparison as I'm not going to physically have kids myself (or as far as I know) and I didn't go through sixteen hours of labor.

I started writing the sequel. Of course, I had the inspiration to write - I knew I was going to get published. I knew that whatever I would be writing from this point out, people would read. I had the stamina and the self-motivation to whip out a novel in six months. Now, here I am again. Back in the saddle. Back at bat. I'm going through the publishing process all over again.

Let me just say, it isn't easy. Just because it has been done once before does not, by any means, imply that the second, third, or even fifth time around is going to be a walk in the park.

So I am formally announcing, in this blog, that "Hello, My Love 2: First Love Deserves a Second Chance" is now in production and is due out next month, June 2009. Trust me, it wasn't easy but it sure as hell feels good.
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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Chase Congratulations Chase! I knew you could do it! I'm finding that the second book is just as difficult as the first, if not more. But you peservered and accomplished that difficult task! You should be proud :) I'm looking forward to reading your next installment.

message 2: by Chase (new)

Chase Brooks Jennifer wrote: "Congratulations Chase! I knew you could do it! I'm finding that the second book is just as difficult as the first, if not more. But you peservered and accomplished that difficult task! You shou..."

message 3: by Elaine (new)

Elaine I'v been published by publishing hourses 6 times, but after my last horrific experience, precede by 5 unsatisfactory ones, I, too, am going POD with my next3 books. I'm ready to sign with Booksurge, but before I do, I'd like to know whom you used and if your sales are satisfactory. I'm most concerned with publicizing the books(s).

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