Finally, after many months, Kris and I both did more lectures for the WMG Publishing Lecture Series.

She did a very long one, fourteen different videos, called Research. It basically talks about how to research and keep writing fiction at the same time. And how to research as a fiction writer vs. a nonfiction writer. And she has a whole bunch of tricks and shortcuts to making your story seemed well-researched without actually spending a month doing the research. This is a good lecture for any writer who needs to do research or fears it.

And I decided (since I get questions just about every day) to do a lecture on Pen Names. It runs ten videos and I talk about all the varied aspects of pen names in this 2013 publishing world. And how to make the decision, copyright issues, getting paid, and so much more. Ten videos that run from six minutes to ten minutes each. With luck, it will make writing under a pen name decision clear for you.

Also, tonight and tomorrow, anyone who has signed up for a past lecture should get the new passwords automatically e-mailed to them now. If you have paid for and listened to a lecture before, and don’t get the new July passwords in an e-mail from me by Monday, let me know. When you sign up for a lecture, you can go back to it and listen as often as you want. You just need the password, so now the new passwords will be sent to you regularly.

Anyhow, there are now seven lectures in the series and we’ll be adding more later this summer. If you want information on how to sign up to listen to a lecture, go the “Lecture Tab” above.

The Lectures:
#1… Heinlein’s Rules… Dean Wesley Smith 15 videos… $75.00
#2… Read Like a Writer… Kristine Kathryn Rusch… 8 videos… $50.00
#3… How to Write a Short Story: The Basics… Kristine Kathryn Rusch…. 7 videos… $50.00
#4… Writer’s Block and Procrastination… Dean Wesley Smith… 8 videos… $50.00
#5… Carving Time Out for Your Writing… Dean Wesley Smith…. 8 videos… $50.00
#6… How to Research for Fiction Writers… Kristine Kathryn Rusch…. 14 videos… $75.00
#7… Pen Names: Help With the Decision… Dean Wesley Smith…. 10 videos… $50.00
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