The following is a list of characters that will appear in future Team Girl stories. These do not include Dreamlands characters.

Annie Tuhl
Assistant to Dr. Mabuse

Annis Nin
Underworld hit woman, former protege of Medb

Betty Stivic
Elvira impersonator and Dreamer

Fomorian Queen and Medb's bitterest enemy; sometimes an ally, though usually unwilling

Constance Oda Maeve Hiver
Eile's natural daughter

Sir Differel Van Helsing
Britain's chief monster hunter

Dolores Cadera-Hueso
Denver police detective and sergeant, Major Case Division

Elizabeth Rebecca Mabuse
Mad scientist and nemesis

Elizabeth Sabrina Chica
Sunny's adopted daughter

Fael Cayleen
Female alpha lycanthrope of a Colorado werewolf clan

Flann Chromáin
Irish police inspector

Giovanna Mencia Borgia
500 year old girl vampire (she looks 23) assigned by the Vampire Conclave to keep an eye on Team Girl

John Sjauken
Lutheran pastor, homeless shelter operator, and spiritual adviser

Joyce Luasaigh
Snowshoe Kitty's veterinarian

Fox princess with seven tails

Liadan Fionuir
Tuatha De Danaan princess

Maela Hiver
Sunny's father; a former thief and con woman

Mariam Alina-Fuad
Arab refugee, former protege of Medb

Marseilles Sheraton
Heiress to the Sheraton Hotel fortune, professional celebutante, and criminal mastermind

Medb hErenn
Mentor and surrogate mother

Morgan Leia Ross
Army lieutenant general, in charge of Unit 666 (a black ops research operation), and a former protege of Medb

Neo Ivor Zorndyke
Mad scientist, supervillain, and an archnemesis

Oda Gabrielle Hiver nee Jaeger
Sunny's mother; a former secret agent and assassin

Shasta Taffaday
Archaeologist, treasure hunter, and tomb raider

Snowshoe Kitty
Pet and secret defender

Torain Thegn
Army colonel, adjutant to Lt. Gen. Ross, second in command of Unit 666, and sociopathic rogue

Uallach Ruadhrion
Spokesperson for the Vampire Conclave, recognized Queen of the Vampires, and an enemy of Medb

Wendy Cleasa
Exotic dancer, nurse practioner, and single mother
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