Available at his blog. Lots of fun stuff on my favorite parts of writing (including my embarrassing revision habits)

Though anything can inspire the concept, the story and the drive to finish it comes from my characters. Although I write a lot of absurd stuff (I pitched a novel to my wife as "werewolves in space"), it has to be focused on the people living through that concept. It's not just about the big scary werewolf attacking people; it's about the man trapped in a can with a big scary werewolf attacking his friends, with only a ding dong wrapper between him and the vacuum of space, and it's about his friends' claustrophobia as they flee through the confines of the shuttle, their confusion over whether it's right to kill the beast, knowing their friend is still inside it... That monster has to be as real to me as it is to them, or it's just the literary equivalent of a Roger Corman flick- which doesn't sound too bad, actually, but I think without cheesy special effects, Corman just wouldn't be Corman. But I really enjoy getting in their heads. When I'm writing the crisis out, I don't want to stop.
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