Lots of big news this week. Ghost Dust, a collection containing 15 short stories, and Dag, my first full-length novel are now available.

Check nicolaswilson.com for an updated list of e-tailers carrying my books. Dag hasn't quite made it to Kobo, B & N, etc.

Stay tuned this week for a pile of authorly conversations, while I run down the last of my social energy. I'll probably be pretty cloistered on Nexus for the next few months.

Dag on Amazon
Dag on Smashwords

Ghost Dust on Amazon
Ghost Dust on Smashwords
Ghost Dust on Kobo

Dag is $.99 through April 26th, so grab it while it's cheap! Ghost Dust is as free as I can make it. Feel free to tell Amazon there's lower prices elsewhere, or to grab it from Smashwords or Kobo instead.
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Published on April 22, 2013 10:15 • 99 views • Tags: amazon, arbor-day, dag, earth-day, ghost-dust, new-release, smashwords

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