I wish I could show you the new shipment of the Raw Aquamarine Crystals look like for the giveaway oh here.
I can however, show you on my own site. Go to www.jessicaristerauthor.com under the promotions tab. Scroll all the way down to see these gorgeous crystals.
These crystals have a $20-$50 Value from the size of them.
So, how can you win one of these beautiful crystals?
By buying any version (Kindle or Paperback) of Dual Karma by September 21st.
There is more!!!
There is also one more tumbled version of this crystal you can also win.
If you get Dual Karma send me a message either on here or anywhere in my contact page on my website that you bought it.
Next, tell me where you bought it from.
Amazon and Createspace orders do not need a proof of purchase because they show up automatically.
Purchases made outside (Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, ect...) take eight weeks to show up on my side, so you would need to forward me your email confirmation to jkcaporale@yahoo.com.
If there are any questions or concerns you can message me on any of my contact sites.
Happy Reading
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