2013 is promising to be a big year, and I am hoping to share several older projects with all of you, as soon as my editor/new-wife/pain-in-my-tail is happy with the lack of typos. I'd like to get at least four out for you this year, the rest may emerge in early 2014. Wish my luck on a very full revising schedule!

Dag: The story of a woman working for the Department of Agriculture who gets entangled in the web of a military-industrial conspiracy, when she'd rather just go home to her foam mattress and a quart of rocky road ice cream. Due April 2013.

Nexus: is about a generational ark spaceship filled with people who will never again see their home world. It's about how they handle internal conflicts as they grapple with their independence, their isolation, and their sponsors interests, while bargaining with new species for mining rights. I'm aiming for July 2013.

The Necromancer's Gambit: A group of magicians based in Portland, Oregon tries to maintain order in the face of a series of murders, and a challenge to the societal authority. Let's say August/September 2013

Banksters: A sociopath climbs the corporate ladder, and enjoys his just rewards. Or, as my father-in-law would say, "Plot, plot, spanky sex." November 2013. Fitting, since this was originally a national-novel-writing-month experiment.

Homeless: A scourge makes every building on the planet uninhabitable, and we see how weak the fabric of society really is.

The Singularity: A physicist investigates a temporal distortion, and how it might be related to a football player's progressive dementia at a remote rehab clinic on the Oregon coast.

Check back soon for more news, and exact release dates!
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